Fascinating Facts About Liechtenstein People

Friday, December 15, 2017

Big things always come in little packages – nothing could hit the nail on the head quite like one of Europeinfo-icon’s most hidden countries, Liechtensteininfo-icon & Liechtenstein people. Yes, it’s real, and although it’s the sixth smallest country in the world, true Liechtensteiners will tell you to your face that their country is anything but small.

Here, size doesn’t matter, the only thing that does is its people – neighbors, friends, the Prince, Liechtensteiners may be few in numbers with only a little over 37,000 in total population, but never come up short on respect for one another.

Life here may seem like the more backwoods country style, but Liechtenstein is a modern industrious country that has more businesses than people. Why that? Well, if you could place your business in the presence of picturesque views of the Alpine wilderness and waves of green landscapes full of flowered fields you do the same thing.

Liechtenstein People

Amazing Liechtenstein people

A country would be nothing but space if not for its amazing people. History, culture, architecture, all things that prove the individuality and uniqueness of the individuals who inhabit their land. As you may have guessed, Liechtensteiners are not different; they’re the kind of people you dream of being your neighbors.

A small town structured people, where everyone knows everyone and respect are given not earned. Take myself for example, sure I'm not native to this land, and they knew that just from how I spoke, but they didn’t shun me and avoid me. It felt as though they treated me like someone they knew for years, guiding me from making silly mistakes like almost getting on a bus to Austriainfo-icon instead of Vaduz.

I was surprising pleased with how friendly, and helpful Liechtensteiner is to not only each other but to strangers alike. You can catch them casually and sometimes mockingly joke with each other back and forth creating roars of laughter between friends. They are not worried about being vocal, even in public places.

It may seem like they're rude, but they're honest. Also, one thing I learned the hard way was never bring up religion, regardless if it matches their Catholic and Christian roots. Liechtenstein people are devoutly religious and always follow their sacraments to the letter.

Liechtenstein Culture

Liechtenstein culture is very rich and has many traditions

Some might have guessed that the national language of Liechtenstein is German, yet if you speak German, you will find yourself most times scratching your head. This style of German is a hybrid dialect that roots itself in a cross between the German and Swiss dialects. Creating a strangely uniquely sounding language that at times sounds completely made up.

However, language isn’t the only thing that makes this country special. You will find not only one of the world's lowest crime rates but also one of the world's lowest unemployment rates. It's common to find the people here never lock their doors or windows, as the threat of crime is near extinct.

People typically don’t rush to the job market here nor do they rush to marriage. Maybe it’s the long-life expectancy or the low unemployment rates, but Liechtenstein people finish their education first and don’t start looking for settle down until their late 20’s or early 30’s.

It’s a very socially driven culture where joining clubs, sports teams, and classes are a way of life to bond and have fun with people you’ve known for years. Pride and unity are huge characteristics of these people, especially for their beloved Prince, who once a year invites the entire country to his castle for celebrations of togetherness.

Liechtenstein Nature & Geography

Liechtenstein People

The tiny country of Liechtenstein is mainly full of picturesque views of the mesmerizing Alps. Liechtenstein is landlocked (meaning land without a coastline) between Switzerlandinfo-icon and Austria, high in the Alps with breathtaking valleys, waves of flowered fields, and crystal clear lakes placed perfectly among rolling fields of green landscapes.

The winter is chilling, with temperate below -15 C, while summer temperature is very mild between 20-28 C daily.

Traveling Liechtenstein

Travel through this beautiful country and wander around!

I was ready and excited for my first adventure to the enchanting land of Liechtenstein. However, make sure you understand how exactly to get there, or you’ll end up missing it altogether. Not a joke on the country’s size, but the fact that despite have a railroad that weaves throughout the country, there’s no train station, and that means no stops. Flying into a neighboring country is your only option.

Once you're here, expect to create your adventure because you'll be unlucky to discover that with a population of 37,000, cities and towns are not very large. For a lot of you this is a bit of a bummer, and yet it should challenge you to bring chaos into the light. My advice if you feel there’s not enough excitement regarding city life, drink a Red Bull and see how much you can do in a day without stopping.

Hike your way to the enchanting town of Vaduz, the capital city and home to Liechtenstein's Prince Hans-Adam II. Take a bike and peddle your way to the top of the city to Schloss Vaduz, the Prince’s Castle. Stroll into one of the countries fantastic restaurants and dine on excellent cuisine and treats like 'Käsknöpfle mit Apfelmus' (a doughy treat from heaven, pasta style with cheese and applesauce), rible Liechtenstein’s most traditional dish, similar to oatmeal). Finish your day along the beautiful Rhine River and take insight along the way at one of the many lookout points.

If you're looking for some traveling ideas in Liechtenstein, I traveled around the country and here you can find some ideas that will make your experience richer!

Winter is the perfect time to strap on some skis and head up to Malbun, Liechtenstein premiere ski resort that will seem just like skiing in a winter wonderland. Also, don’t forget to visit one of Europe’s most Iconic Museums, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, in Vaduz.

A Little Slice of Heaven in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein people have a high standard of living; they value religion, education, or social groups, much higher than the rest of the world. They're the kind of people we can only dream of being neighbors with, just as the Swiss. A few years ago, the Swiss army ventured accidentally into Liechtenstein with their weapons and scurried back across the border and apologized.

All the while the people of Liechtenstein never even noticed. They respect people the right way, and low crime rates just add to their downright kind nature. Liechtenstein may be one of the smallest countries in the world, but it packed quite the experience and adventure for any traveler looking to meet amazing people and see majestic sights within the Alps.

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