How To Find The Right Yacht Chartering Company In Maldives

Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Maldivesinfo-icon is a stunning group of islands in the Indian Ocean that is gradually becoming a popular luxury yacht charter destination. Maldives yacht charters take place during the winter in the northern hemisphere, at the same time as the Caribbean, and offer a unique and exotic alternative to this popular destination.

The Maldives offers yacht charter vacationers a lovely temperature, beautiful beaches, and incredible coves and lagoons. The Maldives is an archipelago of 1,190 coral islands in the Indian Ocean. As a result, the scenery and natural beauty are superb, allowing for a wide range of leisure activities and adventures. A luxury Maldives yacht charters rental is the ideal way to explore this paradise.

The Maldives archipelago is made up of 26 atoll groups that have formed naturally. They are a rainbow of rich emerald green tropical vegetation and pure soft white dunes that span over the equatorial belt. On a Maldives yacht charter, you'll see every shade of aqua and turquoise imaginable, as well as a world of stunning coral gardens.

Chartering a catamaran in the Maldives allows you to hop from island to island at your leisure, traverse the reefs, or choose a beach to anchor. For three-cabin catamarans, yacht charter fees in the Maldives range from $8,700 to $22,000 per week. The cost of a motor yacht varies based on the supplier you choose. You may rent a catamaran for as little as $2,300 per day for sixteen people, or as much as $7,000 per day for eight people or more, and as much as $53,000 per week for eight people.

Key Benefits Of Having Right Maldives Yacht Charter

  • They are particularly stable due to the wide beam, which reduces seasickness.
  • They are also quite spacious because to the wide beam.
  • Fuel usage is really low.
  • From the flybridge, you can get a bird's eye perspective of the entire ship.
  • Water is close by and easy to get to.
  • Wide sun decks (particularly the trampoline!) allow for more comfortable sitting on the deck than a traditional sail yacht.
  • There are fewer stairs between the cockpit and the galley, and there is less gap between the two.
  • Cabins are separated from one another in the hulls, providing more private and roomy sleeping quarters. Cabins are typically doubles, so they're ideal for couples.
  • In shallow water, it's easier to manage, which means you can anchor closer to the beach than other boats!
  • When anchored, the salon acts as a natural wind blocker, allowing you to enjoy the back deck even on windy days.

Once you've decided on the Indian Ocean and Mauritius as your vacation destination, picking where to go is mostly a matter of personal preference. The possibilities are limitless, and they're all stunning. You have the option of visiting the Round, Serpents, and Gabriel Islands, or exploring the beautiful Blue Bay Marine Park. You can also go sailing in Turtle Bay and the Marne Lagoon.