Bahrain - The Memorable Experience of Culture and Heritage

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Bahrain is a small island nation in Asiainfo-icon, comprising of 83 islands around the main landmass. This country between Saudi Arabia and Qatarinfo-icon is a prominent tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. It is famous for great archeological wonders, excellent shopping facilities, and cultural festivals.

Best Time to Visit Bahrain

The peak tourist season in Bahrain is from November to March, as the weather remains most pleasant during the winter here. The mild coolness and nominal rainfall are the main reasons for choosing this time for traveling to this country, in contrast to the scorching heat of summer.

Travel Insurance For Bahrain

Tourists should buy travel insurance plans before flying to Bahrain, from reputed insurance companies. It is more essential now due to the present pandemic situation worldwide. People need to go through all the features of each plan and select the one that suits all criteria for a tourist.   

How to travel to Bahrain

Plenty of flights are available from various cities in the world to Bahrain International Airport, which is run by reputed airlines. One can buy tickets for a DXB to Bahrain flight from Emirates Airlines, Gulf Air, Flydubai, Omaninfo-icon Air, Qatar Airways, or Sri Lankan Airways. Tourists from neighboring countries, like Saudi Arabia, can travel by road, railway, or cruise to reach Bahrain. 

Getting Into Bahrain

Tourists can take buses or rental cars from nearby countries to get into Bahrain. They can also hire cars or motorcycles to move around in this country. Plenty of buses run in between the cities of Bahrain from morning till night every day. There are also boats available for traveling to different islands of this nation. 

Religious Respect in Bahrain

Though Islam is the prime religion of Bahrain, people are allowed religious freedom as per the constitution of this country. Tourists are free to practice their religious customs while visiting here. However, there are certain limitations for performing religious functions publicly in this country.

Language And Currency In Bahrain

The official language of Bahrain is modern Arabic while English is widely spoken by all local people, which is an advantage for foreign tourists. Bahraini dinar (BHD) is the currency used for financial transactions in Bahrain. 

Cultural highlights of Bahrain and the unique taste of their people

The culture prevailing in Bahrain is the same as the rest of the Arab world. Hence, local people wear conservative dresses, like white robes for men and long, black cloaks called abayas for women. Horse riding, hunting or falconry, soccer games, and poetry writing are the popular pastimes of people here. Tourists enjoy quality time in cafes and souks of Bahrain, tasting local delicacies and buying local artifacts. 

Tourist places to visit in Bahrain

Manama is the capital city of Bahrain, which houses prominent tourist attractions, like Bahrain National Museum, Beit Al Quran, Bahrain National Theatre, and Al Fatih Mosque, and Sheikh Isa Bin Ali House. Riffa Fort, Hawar Island, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq, and Al Jasra are famous tourist spots in Bahrain, due to their historical importance or scenic beauty. The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park, Wahooo! Waterpark and Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park are places for entertainment that tourists can enjoy.

Street Food & Markets In Bahrain

Pita bread, Hummus, Shawarma, egg pizza, fruit juice, and tea are available in the street food stalls all over Bahrain. Various restaurants and cafes are there in this country, where tourists can enjoy delicious local cuisines. Souq Al Manama in Manama city, Souq Waqif in Hamad Town, Al Jasra Handicrafts Center, Isa City Market, and Al Qaysariya Market are the most famous marketplaces in Bahrain.

What to wear in Bahrain

Tourists are not asked to wear the conservative local attires of Bahrain. However, they should keep their shoulders and knees covered with loosely-fitted clothes. People are also expected to wear decent clothes on public beaches and marketplaces. Women should wear dresses covering from head to feet while visiting mosques here while men should wear full-sleeved shirts and full trousers at this time. Men need to wear a turban and women should use scarves to cover their heads before entering a mosque.  

Etiquette and Customs in Bahrain

Bahraini people show friendly gestures towards foreigners. They always greet each other, on meeting after some time. They shake hands with tourists and speak with them with a smile. It is customary for local men to kiss on the cheeks of their male friends while women hug their close female relatives on meeting them. If tourists are invited to any local person’s house, they should carry a small gift of chocolates or sweets, as a token of respect. 

It is a stay up late culture in Bahrain

There are several bars, clubs, and pubs that remain open throughout the night in Bahrain. Tourists enjoy music in karaoke bars and dance halls, as artists perform live music concerts at these places. Pubs, like JJ’s Irish Restaurant and The Warbler, are the favorite spots that offer entertainment to foreigners.  

Historical places in Bahrain

Bahrain Fort of the 6th century is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the historical value of archeological artifacts unearthed from this site. Dilmun Burial Mounds is another UNESCO World Heritage site of Bahrain, which is known to be an ancient cemetery of this region. Bu Maher Fort, Ain Umm Sujoor, Barbar Temple, and Diraz Temple are other famous historical places that tourists like to visit in Bahrain. Khamis Mosque is the oldest mosque of this country, built many centuries ago. 

Where to Stay In Bahrain

Numerous luxury and budget hotels are available in Juffair, Seef district, and Amwaj Islands. However, many tourists prefer to stay in 5-stat hotels of Manama, close to the airport and marketplaces.  There are also family-run hotels and 1-star hotels in the suburban areas, where accommodation is available at a much cheaper cost. 

Tourists need to check online the costs of flight tickets and hotel accommodations before booking as a part of their tour preparations. They also need to read all the useful information about Bahrain that will help them to enjoy a memorable trip here.