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Monday, June 18, 2018

Moldovainfo-icon is a  country with a very long and tumultuous history, located in Eastern Europeinfo-icon. This is why the Moldavian people are a mix of ethnic groups, political groups, and cultures. When the history sticks you to a country or another, when you are conquered, freed, influenced, and demolished, it is hard to maintain a straight line in your development. The Moldavian people have very old roots, and they are really trying to regain them, to be the proud and happy people they once were.

Today, the Moldavian people are composed by Moldavians, Ukrainians, Russians, Gagauzians, Bulgarians, Germans, and others. They speak the Moldavian language, but many of them also speak Russian. They try to be modern and Europeans, especially the young ones, so try to talk to them in English. 

People say Moldavian people have beautiful women. You can see them on the street, but you can also see them on fashion catwalks, in magazines and commercials. They have a thing about taking care of themselves, never look sloppy, and the genes really help them. 

Culture in Moldova 

Moldova is a land of traditions, and Moldavian people seem to always be happy.

Moldova is not a touristic destination, where millions of people rush every year. That is why this is still a very authentic country. Especially in the countryside.  People live a simple and spiritual life, in deep connection with their land, orchards, and vineyards. They are deeply religious people (Orthodox Christians), and in many villages, the church is the biggest and the most beautiful building. 

Moldavian people are known for their hospitality and warm spirit. They are generous people, even though they are sometimes really poor. They have good food and excellent wine, and they like to enjoy life. True storytellers and jokers, they live their simple life making fun of troubles. 

You can understand them better if you visit a history museum and drink a glass of wine afterward. To really understand what this country is all about, try a candy called 'Bucuria” (the joy). 

Moldova is a land of traditions. Although every ethnic group has its own holidays, they somehow manage to be grateful and in a party spirit every time. It must be the wine. If you plan a journey near the winter holidays, you'll see carol singers, many traditional foods, and a spirit of general happiness. Traditional music and dances, as well as costumes,  are still living in Moldova. Also, with such beautiful girls, who wouldn't dance?

Nature and Geography of Moldova

Moldavian landscape is full of vineyards, and vine is abundant there.

Moldova has the shape of a bunch of grapes. Its territory is mainly made of steppes, hills, and plains. Do you guess what best grows here? Grapes, of course, and fruit trees. So, even if the landscape is not much of a view, you can always stop at a vineyard and have a taste of local wines. 

Moldavian wines are recognized worldwide and the first product on the export list of Moldova. After you drink a couple of glasses of wine, the landscape will look even better.

The climate in Moldova is typically continental. It has dry and hot summers and icy winters. Snow and blizzard aren't strangers around here. It isn't exactly like in Siberia, but the cold winds of Russiainfo-icon are getting here during the winter.

Traveling in Moldova

Visit Orhei for a glimpse of old Moldova.

Chisinau is the capital and the only major city of Moldova. You can get here by plane, train or car. Chisinau is a green city because of its many parks and forests. Actually, it is the third greenest city in Europeinfo-icon. Its parks are measured in hectares, and some of them are wild forests surrounded by urban life. Go to Chisinau City Museum and climb the former water tower to have a panoramic view of the city.

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Chisinau is a new city, reconstructed after the major earthquake in 1977. This had a defining influence of the city's architecture. Chisinau is currently preserving a Soviet architectural style, but new and modern buildings are starting to get over. 

If you want to have a peek at the old Moldova, go to Orhei. The Moldavian countryside is living in another age. You can see ancient archaeological sites, places where monks used to live, traditional vineyards, all blessed with very warm people.

In places where history hit hard, people are trying to live their lives the best they can. Happiness is the same anywhere in the world. But it seems that Moldavian people are among the ones who found it. It might be their jolly nature, their generosity, or their spiritual connection. It might be their incredible art of delivering excellent food and exceptional wine in harsh conditions. Nobody knows what drives this country to a good life, but the truth is the Moldavian people are always smiling. It might be something in their food, so try some pies (with cheese, apples, potatoes, cabbage at least), some “sarmale,” and most of all some wine.

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