Montenegrin People

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Montenegrin people have a long and tumultuous history. From the Slavs that put the first brick to their society, to the Ottomans that came with new traditions and a different religion, and to the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 20th century, every step they made was difficult and questioned. Since 2006, Montenegrin people have found its national identity in a free country, Montenegroinfo-icon.

In a country blessed with stunning landscapes, live Orthodox, Catholics, and Muslims. They all make the Montenegrin people. You'll see how they manage to live together in peace, respecting traditions and beliefs. What strikes you in this country is the solidarity. Despite their differences, the Montenegrins have a strong education of helping their relatives and friends. This extends to tourists and foreigners. A cult of hospitality and generosity lives in every village.

It's easy to see that life wasn't easy for the Montenegrin people. Poverty is everywhere, and the road to democracy is still rough. Not everything is as you expected to be. 

Due to their stunning landscape, they attract many tourists and succeed to make a very good impression. Especially Kotor, the historic city in a bay of the Adriatic Sea, becomes a very popular summer destination.

Often, you'll see them in coffee shops, enjoying a very strong Turkish coffee. It isn't lunchtime or evening. They take a break whenever they feel like it and spend every moment they can spare talking, debating, storytelling. Oh, they really like to enjoy this spoken part of life.

Culture in Montenegro

Montenegrin people enjoying the view over Kotor.

This part of the world has always been a meeting point for empires and cultures. There are many ancient influences in Montenegro. Roman Empire, Serbian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Venice, Austrians and Hungarians, they all came here and didn't go without leaving a mark. 

That is why taking time to admire the architecture in Kotor or Budva will always be interesting. Besides, a country where Christians and Muslims live together for so long has a unique culture, rich and powerful wisdom.

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Due to their history, the Montenegrins have a cult for humanity and courage (Čojstvo i Junaštvo). They don't miss funerals by any reason, and they have a law that forces newlyweds to plant an olive tree. 

They also love to dance and sing their traditional songs, sometimes really epic works. Being religious people, weddings and funerals involve going to church and really big social events. And a lot of talking, of course.

Today, the Montenegrin people are known for their contribution to arts, mostly in painting and performing arts. Expect to encounter many museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites, and so on.

Nature and Geography of Montenegro

The turquoise Lake Biograd in Montenegro shows the beautiful nature of Montenegro.

The geography of Montenegro is written in its name. “The Black Mountain” is a mountainous country with a beautiful coastline at the Adriatic Sea. 

With 48 peaks over 2,000 meters and five national parks, Montenegro is an excellent destination for mountain lovers, hikers, and adventure. A karst region can be found at more than 1,000 meters above sea level. 

Lakes and canyons, rivers perfect for rafting, caves, and beaches, what else could you wish for? Maybe a good map.

It's no wonder that Montenegro has immense biodiversity, with the highest index of species per area unit in Europeinfo-icon. Here live 1,200 species of freshwater algae, more than 350 species of marine mollusks, more than 500 species of birds, and countless species of plants and trees. 

Even without being a specialist, you can tell that nature was indeed generous with the Montenegrin people.

The country has Mediterranean climate on the coast and alpine weather in the mountains. The summers are less hot, and you can always hide from the sun in the mountains. In winter, you should have your ski equipment with you, because there are some very popular winter sports resorts.

Travel Ideas

Tara Canyon is the deepest water canyon in Europe and a place that you absolutely must experience while in Montenegro.

Come to Montenegro to have a nature experience. Visit the natural parks, enjoy the mountain paths, climb to the highest peaks. Don't miss Tara Canyon with its turquoise water and waterfalls.

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For those who love time traveling, visit Kotor, the capital of Montenegro. The city was once a fortress and a very popular one due to its perfect coast position. A lot of tourists come to Kotor, especially in the summer. You can see it is a popular beach resort. Its old city is declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you'll encounter many palaces, cathedrals, and museums.

All about Montenegro and the Montenegrin People

Montenegrin People were polished over many centuries. They were born in the mountains, learned Eastern and Western habits, combined a lot of cultures, and built their own identity. Today, they have good and bad from both parts. They make excellent Turkish coffee, love to have people over, and have endless discussions about everything. Tourism in Montenegro is like visiting some distant relatives. You have to make time to spend with them, not only for your trips.

Montenegro is a beautiful country, rich in history and traditions. Its blessed landscape is the dream of every nature lover. Add generous and courageous people, ready to take you on the adventure of your lifetime, and you'll have a full picture of this place

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