Nantucket First-Time Visit: Essential Places and Tips

Friday, June 10, 2022

Summer is fast approaching, and that means that it is holiday time. There are several destinations to visit this warm season, among them being Nantucket. It is an island located off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The island is the place to be if you are an adventurer and want to discover new attractions.

Which areas should I visit, and what should I expect? Many people touring Nantucket have these questions as they seek to know their way through the island. We bring you some tips to follow as a first-time visitor, which also addresses the question.

How to Reach Nantucket

There are two ways to reach Nantucket, via air or sea. Each of the means of travel is an adventure in itself. Air travel is fast, and you get a beautiful aerial view of your destination. Using a ferry from the mainland to the island is also an excellent move, as you get to experience the calm demeanor of the sea. 

Go for a preferred mode of transportation, where you should factor in budget, urgency, and flexibility. 

Accommodation Plans

You should have plans for accommodation before setting off. The best way to stay in Nantucket is to go for vacation rentals. They are entire homes you rent for your stay and benefit from their homely touch.

Vacation homes are ideal if your family is on a tight budget. Some homes come as complete packages, meaning you get utilities such as a gym and a swimming pool. 

When picking such a home, you consider the price, rooms, services offered, and how long you want to stay. 

Where to Go in Nantucket

As previously mentioned, Nantucket is home to many attractions, and one visit is not enough to satisfy your curiosity. You should have an idea of the places to visit and whether they are open when you are around. 

Some places, like nature conservancies, may be closed during certain months for breeding purposes. With such info, you know where to go without the disappointment of a closed sign.

The following are top attractions in Nantucket that you should check out.

  • The whaling museum
  • Cisco Brewers
  • Brant Point Lighthouse
  • Coskata-Coatue wildlife refuge
  • The Nantucket Atheneum

Do I Need a Guide When Visiting Nantucket?

If new in a place, you may have difficulty locating key sites and facilities. You may opt for the services of a guide in Nantucket to take you around the island. The downside is that their services might be pretty pricey. A solution to bank on is to use navigation apps to find your way. Get an accurate app and save some cash for other activities.

Surfing in Nantucket

Nantucket is a surfing hotspot. You will meet many surfers on the beach waiting for the next big wave for an adrenaline-inducing moment. As an avid surfer, you will have the greatest time of your life on this island. 

If you are a newbie, you can also have fun by enrolling in one of the many surfing schools in Nantucket. Surfing stores will provide you with the utilities you need to surf.

Relaxing at the Beaches

Nantucket being an island, has many beaches that you can visit and spend your time. They are scenic, with an excellent mashup of the beaches' sandy white color, with the ocean's bluish hue.

You can picnic on the beaches with your family or go solo for sun-basking. Popular beaches on this island are Madaket, Great Point, Jetties, Surfside, and Ladies Beach.

Capturing Nantucket's Serenity

You need to carry a camera to document the amazing things this island has to offer. You will love the various imposing structures in Nantucket if you are a photographer or artist. The lighthouses, a crucial part of Nantucket's history, can be your muse. Take several snaps and expand your portfolio.

The same applies if you draw or paint. The calmness on the beaches allows you to set your canvas and capture the skies and the endless ocean.

Final Say

Nantucket is full of surprises and requires many visits to exhaust all of them. This piece gives you a hint of what to expect and do when visiting Nantucket. You will love every moment spent on this island, seeing the many things it has to offer.

Plan ahead and bring your family over to Nantucket over the summer for a fulfilling vacation.