Things You Didn't Know About Norwegian People

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Imagine the most beautiful place in the world, and then realized that the Norwegian people are the ones that get to enjoy it every single day, jealous, right?

Well, you should be, in my experience as a veteran traveler, I’ve witnessed firsthand just how unbelievable a place Norwayinfo-icon is and how happy the people who live there are.

I just don’t think it's possible to venture here and not fall in love with it. If the breathtaking views of mountains, fjords, landscapes, and exciting cities weren't enough, maybe the fact that Norway is the homeland of the Norse God Thor will do the trick. No? Luckily, I wrote this article as a backup plan.

Norwegian People - The Happiest People in the World!

Norwegian people are extremely friendly

Although the Danes are the happiest people in the world, the Norwegian people aren’t far behind. They’re a peaceful bunch whose culture is an outdoorsy lifestyle, from the 24 hour sunny days of summer to the month-long darkness of winter, the Norwegians live to be outside.

They pride themselves on being healthy, filling their lungs with that fresh Norwegian air, and fueling their bodies with the cleanest water and healthiest of food.

Not to mention, the Norwegian people are known to be very direct with everyone, never beating around the bush and telling you exactly as it is. However, that’s the Norwegians, they love to share, and they love nothing more than sharing to strangers about their wonderful homeland.

Especially insults pointed at their neighbors the Swedes. In addition, they love to hear stories from visitors from all parts of their world and don’t be shocked if they proudly use their English (86% speak English) to communicate back with you.

Also, the Norwegians are unbelievable trustworthy people, especially to strangers. They will even give the keys to their cabin for you to use if you use the honor system and clean up after yourself and sign in and out of the guest book.

Norwegian Nature & Geography

Norway is a country with breathtaking nature one each step.

Out of all the Scandinavian countries, Norway is by far has the most beautiful country. It’s the land of extremes – snow-capped mountains ending along some of the most breathtaking fjords that carve their way through the lush green rolling landscapes and dense woodlands.

Norway is home to incredible views anywhere you venture, from the high cliffs and lookout spots along the shores and to the North overlooking the majestic Sea, to the long winding roads that sway in and out of tunnels opening to picturesque landscapes and chills along your spine.

Interestingly enough, the geography of Norway made it perfect for the use of alternative energy resources, specifically water. Norway runs 99% of the country on Hydroelectric power, making it one of the greenest countries on the planet.

Norwegian Culture

Norwegian culture is very rich in rituals and stories.

I always thought it was funny how people react to other people's cultures; culture shock is a remarkable thing because you get to experience an entirely new way of life that had tragically alluded you. For this reason alone, coming to Norway and seeing how the Norwegians live life is something you cannot miss!

For starters, the Norwegian people are as proud as you can be and are unwaveringly patriotic. Very few countries could exceed the togetherness community that they have embraced.  If that wasn’t enough, the job market in Norway is one of the best in the world (the richest country in the world) where pensions are in astonishing sums, to everyone including homemakers.

Also, the Norwegian people are crazy about their sports. Football, handball, running, cycling, swimming, hiking, skiing, extreme sports, you name it they do it. They love to be and stay active, just as much as they like their alcohol. In Norway, they have very strict alcohol laws (but only 18 years old to buy) with very few stores.

As a result, their tradition of Helgefylla was born. Think of it as the Norwegian version of Spring Break in the United States, lots of drinking, partying, open-minded choices (Norwegians are sexually open-minded and have the most one-night stands), and bringing out the outgoing personalities of its people. All of this on every single weekend.

Here are some fun little interesting cultural facts about Norway you’ll sure to enjoy. The best cheese in Norway is not yellow or white; it's brown. The Norwegians showed the Japanese how to use Salmon in Sushi creations (Norwegians are famous for their Salmon dishes).

Most Norwegians, including doctors, believe that every disease is cured simply with vigorous exercise, eating Tran (cod liver oil) and ibuprofen!

Ideas For Traveling Around Norway

No matter what type of traveler you are, you will definitely enjoy your stay in Norway.

Adventure by boat along the skyscraper-like cliffs off the coast up to the far north to Gjesværstappan to witness millions of different birds inhabiting the cliffs. While you're up in the north, don’t forget to visit the North Cape, home of the edge of the Earth, the furthest northern point in Europeinfo-icon.

Hike, climb, or fish for giant King crabs. If you get here for summer, get ready to see the Midnight Sun, a unique phenomenon where the summer sun never sets and turns the night sky and ocean below gold.

Summer is also the time when fellasferien happens when the entire country takes their vacation (including doctors), and the country is empty until August, be aware.

Perhaps your journey along the coast can take a detour into one of the beautiful Fjords. Take in the unbelievable views as your twist and turn through cliffs, mountains, forests, and rolling green pastures.

With thousands of colorful fishing villages throughout Norway and the Fjords, feel free to hop out and continue on foot hiking trails with lookouts, like Preacher’s Pulpit (a plateau as the edge of a cliff high above a fjord) that open up to breathtaking views. Did you know that Norway is a popular destination for whale watching? Be sure to go for spectacular whale watching in Tromso!

Luckily for you, Norway is full of fun activities, exciting cities, and historical sites like the legendary middle age era Stave Churches, (wooden handmade churches that combine art and architecture, 28 left in existence) Urnes Stave Church is one which surely will amaze you.

City life is just as exciting as walking in the woods, cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Lofoten, Tromsø, and Trondheim, will have you smiling and enjoying life, just like the Norwegian people.

Take Oslo for example. This city has everything from rural landscapes to the big city hustle and bustle. Kayak through the town along its many channels, window shop your way through each store and street, and of course don’t forget to gorge yourself on some of the finest cuisines in the world.

Next, why not journey to Norway's most colorful city, Bergen. With bright colored houses lining the waterfront, and activities from rafting, sailing, skiing, and paragliding over the city, Bergen has it all and then some. Lastly, the place everyone must see in their Norwegian travels is Lofoten.

In my opinion, Lofoten is a unique Scandinavian place for many reasons. Mostly from its picturesque views and landscapes, including the world largest deep water coral reef.

Are you still waiting to visit Norway?

Do you still want to visit Norway?

If you don’t have a plane ticket and a passport in your hand you're missing the experience of a lifetime. Believe me, when I say I haven’t oversold Norway in the slightest, in fact, there’s so much left out that I might have undersold it. Get going – take in the Norwegian culture first hand from the Norwegian people, they’ll open their arms to you and show you how to enjoy life like a true Nord. 

Don't forget to check out the places to visit in this beautiful country when creating a traveling plan!

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