Building Your Own Personal Travel Blog for Free

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Have you ever thought about creating your personal travel blog for free? Many people from different industries start with personal blogs as they want to make their name a brand in a business world. If you’re a traveler, then starting a travel blog will be a perfect idea to share your trip experiences with family and friends. Blogs are the ideal platform for sharing your story even further as we’re living in a globalized world where every information is accessible through the Internet. Also, if you take blogging seriously enough and put a real effort in producing an interesting and engaging content, you can expect to earn money from it too. In this article, I will explain to you how to build your own personal blog for free. It’s not hard, and even people without any technical knowledge can succeed.

Choose the Right Blogging Platform and Name

There are a variety of free platforms for blogging available to choose, but I would include only two here: Wix and Wordpress. In my opinion, these two present the highest-quality and offer all the features and tools one blogging platforms should have. Also, you can use free or paid versions of these platforms. A free version has few limitations, but still, you can build an attractive blog for free there. The interesting thing is that there are no hidden costs in creating a personal travel blog on these platforms and you’ll get a hosting and domain for free. The only downside is that you’ll get a subdomain name which will tell readers it’s a free site. If you’re providing your readers with engaging content at a steady rate, then you don’t need to worry about anything. If you’re planning to build a personal blog, then the blog should be focused on you and your daily activities. Blogs are ideal for sharing many ideas and thoughts without sticking to one topic which will give you more space to write about different things. Only if you have the intention to become more professional, I highly recommend you to invest in technology. My own blog is running on the Drupal 7 CMS, a highly customizable software that allows for more complex content management than any free tools.

Pick Theme Design

Once you set up a free personal blog and chose the name, you’re all set up for the next step. You need to pick a theme for your blog that will make you're looking good from a design standpoint. No matter which platform you chose, each platform offers many exciting and stylistic themes. For personal blogs, I recommend you to go for simplicity. The one-page design will do the job more than fine as it will increase user experience and readers won’t have a hard time to navigate through the content. When picking the right theme for your blog, keep in mind that you don’t want to bomb readers with so many things that can distract them from your content. Simple menu with few pages that contain crucial information about you is everything you need for a great start.

personal blog theme

Write Compelling Content

Blogging platform and design are essential things, but the most crucial element that will determine the success of your blog is the content. Many people are mentioning that the content is the king, which I can’t agree more. Blogging, at its core, is a medium for sharing a compelling story with targeted people. If you fail to attract and entertain readers, how can you expect people are reading and following your journey? It’s even harder to make people interested in your personal blog as it’s revolved around you. People need a good reason to read about individual’s life, so you better have amazing stories to share. If you’re a passionate traveler, then you don’t need to worry about that part as people are naturally attracted to traveling stories. It’s hard to run out the ideas as travelers face new things each day which is enough to write an exciting content on a daily basis. Before you start with content writing, you should know the basics of SEO and editing. That way, your content will look good and be easy to read. SEO can help to attract interested readers around the world.

Promote Your Story

Once you start with content writing, you should plan to present that content to the masses. How to do it effectively? The answer lies in social media. More than half of total population use at least one social media network to connect with people. Social media is enormous today which is an excellent opportunity for bloggers to promote their content. You should definitely create your personal accounts on most prominent social networks and start connecting with people in your industry. If you’re a traveler, then check out the most influenced travel bloggers and reach them out. Whenever you publish new content, don’t be shy and share it on social media accounts. It will definitely take you some time to build a popular social media account. Social media isn’t only an excellent way to promote your personal blog, but also to connect with like-minded and positive people that can inspire you and give you ideas.

Now you have all steps to build your own personal travel blog for free. Even if you’re not proficient in using these technologies, many tutorials will help you to set up everything. Setting up a free blog won’t take you much time and energy. If you see a potential in your blog, you can upgrade it to the paid version, so you can start monetizing it and making money. Start your free personal blog today and share your story with millions of like-minded people!