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Monday, March 5, 2018

Switzerlandinfo-icon is a beauty from so many points of view. The places to visit in Switzerland are addictive. It is impossible to visit this country only once. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but it is a member of the Schengen area and due to its popularity among tourists you should not worry about travel conditions. With one of the highest living standards in the world, Switzerland designs the perfect life.

Besides beautiful places, you have to get to know traditions, foods, the urban culture, the Swiss way of life. It is not only cheese and chocolate, financial power, clocks, and cows. It is a unique spirit. A tendency to peace, to nature, to helping others. You shouldn't be surprised that Switzerland was neutral during the World War II or that Red Cross was born here. The Swiss have a special way of doing things.

Dreiländereck Basel

Basel docks

Would you like to visit three countries at once? Put Dreiländereck Basel on the list of places to visit in Switzerland and you will step on Swiss, French, and German land.  Dreiländereck means three countries' corner and Basel is its major city.

The history of Basel began more than 2,000 years ago with the Celts and continued with the Romans. In the 15th century, the University was founded and Basel became a meeting point for scholars. Today, the city is a financial, economic, and cultural hub.

Take a long walk through the old town. Visit the Basel's Cathedral (Münster), a splendid Gothic and Romanesque building started in the 11th century. Don't miss the Rathaus which is actually a Renaissance palace. Be sure you stop at the Gates to the Walled City, remaining parts from the 14th-century fortifications.

The walk will take you to the Rhine, its long promenade, and its splendid landscape.

Basel has more than 20 museums, covering art, architecture, cartoons, doll houses, electronic art, ethnography, history, paper, and more.

If you're getting bored in Basel and don't know what to do next, head over to the list of awesome things to do in Basel and spice up your itinerary.


Bern is a very beautiful city with awesome architecture

The Swiss capital cannot be missed from the list of places to visit in Switzerland. Bern is not the usual crowded and agitated capital, but a small town on a peninsula. It has an old town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, fountains, clock towers, museums, and parks.

It also has the Bundeshaus, the Swiss House of Parliaments, where you can do a free guided tour. Bundeshaus has an impressive green dome and was built in the 19th century. On the inside, there are many lessons on Swiss history: images of the coats of arms of Switzerland's cantons, of the four regions and their economic activities, the statue of the modern founders of the country, and many others. If you're ever in Bern, don't forget to visit famous chocolate factories that produce mouth-watering chocolate. Bern is known as the city with one of the best chocolate factories in Switzerland.

Visit Bern's Cathedral and its bell tower. Look for the Alps. The view is like a postcard here. Climb to Gurten Park (by funicular, bike or foot) to see the mountains and the city from 858 m above the sea level. Visit the Rose Garden and Barenpark, and try to count how many fountains you can admire.


Breathtaking view over Walensee

Walensee or Lake Walen is situated in “Heidiland”, a holiday region in the East of Switzerland. Surrounded by steep cliffs, the lake is a dream for winter sports and hiking. Several little towns populate this area, offering exquisite experiences.

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For example, Quinten has almost a Mediterranean climate and grows kiwi, figs, and grapes. Also, it is a car-free town. Amden is a spa town, a massive hiking area in the summer, and a family ski resort in the winter. If you plan a spring journey, look for the Seerenbach Falls, a cascade of three waterfalls near the Betlis of the Amden. Also, if you want to challenge yourself and try a real challenge, heading to the Swiss Alps is a thing to do. There are many trails in the Alps, but the most popular and challenging is the Mt. Blanc trail. Read an interesting and detailed guide to the Tour du Mont Blanc and enjoy stunning views. 

Seerenbach Falls has a total length of over 500 m.


Lausanne lake

Lausanne is another beautiful place on the list of places to visit in Switzerland. Situated on the Lake Geneva, Lausanne is part of the Swiss Riviera. Besides glamorous landscape, Lausanne offers a lot of museums, including an Olympic Museum (that's no surprise considering it is the home of the International Olympic Committee).

Several museums are hosted by the Palais de Rumine, an Italian Renaissance-style building.

The old town is dedicated to pedestrians. Lausanne Cathedral reigns over the town and is considered one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Europeinfo-icon. Also, don't miss Palud square. Besides architecture and lifestyle, Lausanne is a heaven for bikers, swimmers, all types of nature lovers. Ask for Ouchy, a port, walk and bike route, that will fill a sunny day.



Arosa is another holiday resort, situated at an altitude of 1,800m. It's been a popular destination since the 19th century. Hiking during summer or skiing during winter, Arosa got them all. 225 km of slopes is the offer for snow sports enthusiasts. Add 140 km of hiking and walking trails, add snowshoe hiking, sledging, cross-country skiing, curling and Bavarian curling.

From the highest peak in the area, you can overlook 400 mountain peaks and have lunch in a fancy restaurant. And if this is not enough, in the winter you can watch horse racing on snow. Yes, they thought of everything. Nothing was neglected in order to offer the best holiday of your life.

Lago Maggiore

Lake Maggiore during a daylight

Lago Maggiore is an exotic destination on the list of places to visit in Switzerland. Shared with Italyinfo-icon, Lago Maggiore is an oasis between the mountains, with a special Mediterranean climate. Imagine Mediterranean vegetation in an Alpine landscape and you've just imagined heaven.

The region is known for splendid weather, wine, food specialties, and an atmosphere of luxury. And just a few kilometers away you can climb 3,000 m high peaks. Two major cities are standing out: Ascona and Locarno. Both are beautiful, cultural, perfectly designed to make you happy.

Switzerland is a dream come true for any traveler. The landscape is incredible, the people know what a good life means, the towns are designed with respect to both nature and people. A country full of culture, mindfulness, and spirit, Switzerland will make you fall in love at the first sight.

Discover more beauties Switzerland has to offer following my personal journey!

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