Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

You want to explore the Balkan Peninsula but don’t know what places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovinainfo-icon?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small Eastern European country situated on the Balkan Peninsula. Until 1992, the country was part of Yugoslavia. The region is mostly mountainous, with a small coastline at the Adriatic Sea. Here live Muslims, Catholics, and Orthodox, in a mix that wasn't always peaceful. Two entities are still differentiated by ethnic, religious, and political issues: Croat-Muslims and Serbs.

Despite its recent painful history, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country to drive in. The mountains are spectacular, the narrow, curvy roads will increase your level of adrenaline, and the natural parks deserve a special visit. Here is a list of places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Famous bridge in Mostar

Mostar is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city was heavily bombed during the recent war and it is still trying to regain its glory and peace. First on the reconstruction list was an Ottoman bridge, built in the 16th century. The Old Bridge (Stari Most) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an attraction point for tourists and divers. You can often see members of the Mostar Diving Club jumping off the bridge in the Neretva River. The custom says that the divers should receive some money from the people who watched them jump. You can find out the entire history of the bridge from the Old Bridge Museum.

Mostar is also famous for having the most beautiful house from the Ottoman period in the Balkans. It is called Muslibegovica House and was built in the 18th century. You can see the life as it used to be in Ottomans' times, admire their architectural style and a museum exhibition. More than that, you can try traditional sweets and drinks, and even spend a night in Muslibegovica House. Part of the residential complex is transformed into a hotel.

You can still see the wounds of the war in Mostar. The front-line was passing through the middle of the city. Bombed out buildings are still standing to remember us to enjoy life and peace.


Medjugorje from the mountain

On the list of places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a special one. Medjugorje became famous worldwide in 1981 when six children claimed to see the Virgin Mary. Some believed them, some were skeptical, but the name of the city got into the papers and mass-media. The place became a Catholic pilgrimage site.

The name of the city means “between mountains” and the beautiful landscape confirms it. But today, Medjugorje is mainly known for religious reasons.


Sarajevo landscape

The list of places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina could not miss Sarajevo, the capital and the largest city in the country. Sarajevo has a very interesting story. Here, the Roman Empire split, leaving behind a multiethnic community. Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, and Muslims lived here for centuries, sometimes in peace, sometimes in war. Today, a cosmopolite city waits for its visitors, offering a friendly welcoming, a special Balkan and not so Balkan air, and very long stories. In 1914, on the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo, the Archduke of the Austrian Hungarian Empire Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. This was the beginning of World War I. History lessons are all over this city.

A visit to the Old Town is a must. Mosques, churches, synagogues, and cathedrals come together naturally in a European capital. Oriental-style shops and cozy boutiques, cafes and art galleries, mix architecture and cuisine are the best offers of the city. Pay a visit to Monica Ham, a 16th century Ottoman inn, the only one preserved. Try a Turkish sand-coffee and admire the art of craft artists which combines so many influences and traditions.

For a panoramic view over the city, climb the hills surrounding it or visit the Yellow Fortress. Oh, not to forget - did you know you can ski in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Well, it was a very surprising fact to us too, so don't forget to check this ski guide covering Jahorina ski resort.

Kravice Waterfall

Places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

If your holiday plans are possible only in spring, there is a place where you must go. Kravice Waterfall is at its fullest and the landscape around it has the purest green. Only 40 km away from Mostar, Kravice Waterfall is a tufa cascade on the river Trebižat. It is 25 meters high and surrounds a beautiful lake. At Kravice Waterfall you are free to swim (the water is cold, but who cares?), to enjoy a coffee at a local café, to have a picnic, to go camping, to eat local fish based food, to remember your childhood in a rope swing, and to forget about anything else.

Places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although a recent war devastated this region, there are many beautiful places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The history of the Balkans in complicated, the mix of ethnic communities is not easy to manage. But the landscape is amazing, the people are friendly, and their traditions and cultures are picturesque and full of life. A true traveler never judges, just observes and is thankful for what is shared with him or her.

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