Places to Visit in Botswana

Saturday, September 16, 2017

So you think about traveling in Africainfo-icon but don’t know what places to visit in Botswanainfo-icon?

Botswana located in the southern part of Africa is known as home to the famous Kalahari Desert but has a lot more to offer too. It has a very small population of just over 2 million yet the land area is 580,000 sq km and is also landlocked. It is also rich in mineral sources with the main one being diamonds. With so many places to visit in Botswana, come with us as we highlight of some of the best.

Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta

This Unesco Heritage delta which is actually one of the seven natural wonders of Africa is situated in the Kalahari basin and is as a result of the Okavango River. A mix of wildlife found here is the Lechwe antelope, cheetahs, hyenas, lions, rhinos, zebras, baboons and wild dogs.

If you are a dog lover you will enjoy seeing the wild dogs which are an endangered species and have similar behaviors to the normal dogs, please do not even think of petting them they are still wild and not your regular “home dog”. But remember the ability to see animals depends on the season and the flow of food and water.

Be sure to also enjoy a little bird watching, especially around the Lake Ngami area.

Moremi Game Drive

Moremi Game Drive

For a spectacular African game drive, this is the place to be, a drive through the Moremi Game Reserve offers that experience you would only imagine of. The area is part of the Okavango Delta. The wildlife consists of elephants, lions, antelopes, giraffe, cheetahs, impala, black rhino and the red lechwe.

Accommodation is out of this world with beautiful tented camps as you enjoy your meals or a just a rest at the pool area. Not to be missed is the Chief’s island camp which is a private area and undisturbed, as the name suggests, the local chief gave away this land to become part of the reserve. Take your time to tour and see amazing lagoons, rivers, and many campsites.

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

It is the second largest desert in Africa and covers almost 70% of Botswana. Two other countries share a bit of it which are South Africainfo-icon and Namibiainfo-icon. It is not a normal desert passé because it receives some rainfall and most places though harsh are still habitable for both humans and animals.

It has extremes where the temperatures can get over 45 degrees and can also fall to zero degrees. Mineral resources such as diamonds, copper, and coal are also found here. The San people who are majority tribe here are often referred to as “Bushmen” and still live an ancient kind of way in that they are hunters and gatherers. The oryx gazelle which is known to survive in rough circumstances will be found roaming around.

Other animals include lions, cheetahs and a variety of plants and trees. Another cool thing that makes this one of the best places to visit in Botswana is that it became famous years back when the movie “the Gods must be crazy” was shot here

Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo Hills

These sacred hills which are known to have a religious effect on the ethnic groups living there is indeed a site to see. They believe the ancestral spirits lie within the hills and treat this very seriously offering prayers and sacrifices. People come from all over to meditate and take advantage of the healing powers they believe can be found here. Deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the artwork found on the rocks printed mostly by red ochre brings out such a nice aura around them.

Small animals and birds are to be seen but particularly look out for the nocturnal colorful striped Tsodillo gecko. Some of the designs are known to date back many thousands of years ago, therefore, make it a point to be one of the places to visit in Botswana; you never know you might just get some spiritual nourishment.

Three Chief’s Statues

history lovers pop in into this monument area and see these well-carved statues of the three chiefs who helped gain independence from the British for Botswana, namely Khama III, Sebel I and Bathoen. Found in the capital city Gaborone this monument is swamped with tourists and is a popular area for events.

The guides will give you a proper illustration of the achievements of each helping you learn a little bit history about the nation. Sometimes such knowledge can help you piece together a lot of things about a particular place.

Great places to visit in Botswana

Amazing places in Botswana

You can see this not very well known country has great game safaris and wildlife to view. You also have a choice of staying in lodges, tented camps or just being adventurous and camping in real nature but be cautious when in the wild; we want you to get back home as whole as you arrived.

Don't forget to check out the postcards from my journey in Botswana to learn more about this country!

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