Places to Visit in Denmark

Sunday, January 7, 2018

If you are looking for fun, adventure or just a getaway, then the places to visit in Denmarkinfo-icon that we have selected below are for you. This Kingdom which has the oldest monarchy in Europeinfo-icon has a rich history dating back many centuries ago. The country has evolved into a modern nation but many historical sites have been saved so as to restore its culture. It is also known to have over 400 islands and plenty of lovely beaches too.  Come let’s go discover what makes Denmark what it is!


Copenhagen from the top

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Now an urban city, it started off as a fishing village in the 10th century and officially became the capital city in the 15th century.  Though it went through tough times, like the plague and fire in the 18th century, the redevelopment of this city over the years been nothing but the best. Like many major cities in the Nordic region, Copenhagen is modern, clean and safe. Quite a large number of people use bicycles, which plays a major role in keeping the city eco-friendly.

The Nyhavn harbor dating back to the 17th century, along the waterfront canal is a must see. It has a great ambiance, combined with colorful buildings, entertainment spots, and many activities. The Tivoli Gardens is a popular theme park ideal for both adults and kids. Check out the amazing Botanical Gardens, home to over 10,000 species. Get down to the Stroget shopping area, one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe, shop away or just stroll around.

Freetown Christiania

Christiania town

The controversy that surrounded this district which was established in 1971 is what makes Christiana one of the top places to visit in Denmark. It was an abandoned military barracks that was taken over by a group of people, who developed the place with their own societal rules independent from the Danish government, which was against that kind of set up.  As expected after years of push and pull, both parties came to a cordial agreement in 2012. With only about 1000 permanent inhabitants, you will be amazed at how Christiania attracts huge numbers of curious travelers all year round.

Since it is a car-free zone area, you can stroll down the streets or hire a bicycle or even join the regular walking tours. A stop by one of the museums would be a plus as you get to learn the history of this rather interesting city. Visit Krudthuset the oldest building since 1665, now a protected area that offers daily activities. Another interesting place is the Loppen building run by local artists. Here you will find art galleries, restaurants, bars and check the calendar for various concerts and gigs that happen throughout the year.


Places to visit in Denmark

Legoland is Denmark’s most popular amusement park built with such an artistic touch that makes it the perfect outing for the whole family. Seated on 45 acres, it has nine themed areas, giving its visitors a wide range of choices of things to do. The Mini-Land area is one of the coolest places with many major buildings and landscapes within Denmark and all over the world mimicked using Lego bricks. For a thrilling experience get into one of the rides depending on what kind of adventure you are looking for. There is even a 600 seat modern 4d theatre if you want to take a break and just watch a movie.


Ribe is the oldest city in Denmark

Established in the early 8th century, Ribe is known to be the oldest city in Denmark. One outstanding feature is that the city has well managed to keep its culture with many historical buildings preserved as protected natural heritage. Make a point of making Ribe one of the places to visit in Denmark to have a feel of this old town.   

As you wander and look for things to do around the city, visit the various museums or cathedrals. Another must-see is the Ribe Vikinge Center, a beautiful heritage center that will take you back in time with the detailed history of this town. While you are here you can participate in the hands-on activities related to the Vikings lifestyle that will give you an insight into the ancient happenings of this city. Another fun outdoor activity is the Ribe Night Watchman’s tour that will fascinate you, with the concept behind it.    

Mando Island

Mando island will provide you with stunning nature on every step.

Mando is one the Island’s in the Wadden Sea on the coast of Jutland, which is a part of the North Sea. It is a nature’s paradise covering an area of about 7 sq. km, with crispy fresh air and stunning views. Mando is best accessible during the low tides, so it’s wise to check the tidal chart before your travel.

Some of the things that would be nice to experience are the seal safari, Wadden Sea National Park, Oyster Safari, bird tours and the Mando Museum. A look at the Mando Exhibition Centre is worth a try because while here you will find detailed information about the island and its surroundings.

Great places to visit in Denmark

Denmark has a mix of things to do catering for all kinds of trips, whether a relaxed one, outdoor activities, family trips or culture trips, you will always find something worthwhile. Get your booking ready and be prepared for an astounding experience!

What are your favorite places in Denmark?