Places to Visit in Estonia

Monday, January 15, 2018

Estoniainfo-icon is a Baltic country in Northern Europeinfo-icon with plenty of islands, lakes, old forests, castles, and more. On a holiday in Estonia, you will not run out of places to visit. Estonia is a member of the European Union and Schengen area, so traveling here is not a problem for most people. Small but daring, Estonia finds its way in digital technology and is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union.

Discover Estonia with its Finno-Ugric legacy, medieval architecture, and bright future. Here you can get lost in wild forests and admire a 314 meters high TV tower. Contrasting forces awaits you to build up a perfect holiday.

Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia

Places to visit in Estonia

Pole position on the list of places to visit in Estonia is Tallinn, the capital. Tallinn has been mentioned in documents since the XIIIth century. Its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Tallinn maintained influences from Scandinavians and Germans, but the city was governed even by Teutonic Order and Russians. You have to visit St. Olaf's Church built in the XIIIth century.

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For some part of the XVIth century, it was the tallest building in the world, with its Gothic spire. Today, its total height is 123 meters. Visit also Toompea Castle, a IXth century building that hosts the Estonian Parliament. Medieval legacy is all over Tallinn. Gothic elements, colorful houses, overwhelming churches (St. Olav’s, St. Nicholas’, Holy Spirit Church, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin to mention just a few of them), guard towers, parks, everything you need for a lovely long walk.

Fun Things to Do in Tallinn

Tallin is the culture capital of Europe

Furthermore, Tallinn is the heart of culture in Estonia. Festivals, museums, theaters, concerts, and many other cultural events happen here all year long. In 2011, Tallinn was European Capital of Culture.

But Tallinn is a very modern city too. Tallinn has more startups a head of a citizen than anywhere in the worlds. And if you want fancy names, Skype is one of them. Modern glass buildings are the landmark of business quarters. Information Technology made Tallinn “The Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea”. A cosmopolitan halo that developed a new way of life gives this city a different touristic approach. Old and new come together perfectly in Tallinn. Bohemian bistros and state-of-the-art restaurants, cafes and WiFi everywhere complete the scenery.

Lahemaa National Park

Stunning nature in Lahemaa National Park

A day trip out of Tallinn will get you to another great place to visit in Estonia. Lahemaa National Park is situated only 70 km away from the capital. Established in 1971, Lahemaa National Park is a conservation area and is known especially for its population of large mammals. With a bit of luck, you can see here moose, lynxes, brown bears, boars, and many others.

Lahemaa is a great place for hiking and nature watching. It is one of the largest natural parks in Europe and its diversity attracts a lot of tourists. Among many activities, at Lahemaa you can enjoy horse riding on the seaside, night trips, forest walking, and special treats at one of the manors here (there are four of them: Palmse, Vihula, Kolga, and Sagadi). Picturesque views and beautiful landscapes, adventure and relaxation, Lahemaa National Park has them all.

Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle is looking absolutely historic and amazing

If you want to experience Middle Age, on the list of places to visit in Estonia there is something for you. Rakvere Castle has everything you need: a torture chamber, a death room, a notorious red street, an alchemist, a barber. It has even a hell. Do not be afraid, the castle also has a wine cellar.

Rakvere Castle was first mentioned in the XIIIth century. It was an important part of the defense system of the area. Throughout the ages, the castle belonged to Teutonic Order, Danish, Livonian Order, Polish, and Swedeninfo-icon states. It was destroyed in the XVIth century and deleted from the list of fortresses.

Today, Rakvere Castle has restored its glory. For educating and entertainment purposes, at the castle are organized many events that allow the public to discover the Middle Age. You can wear the clothes and the armors, take part in tournaments, see alchemists at work.

Sookalduse Daffodil Field

Among the many great places to visit in Estonia, there is a special one. It shows its beauty only in springtime, but it deserves a visit. Sookalduse daffodil field is one of the few places where daffodils grow naturally. Imagine an entire field full of yellow delicate flowers. The field can be found in Vara Rural Municipality and has become the symbol of the region. It is believed that the flowers originate from a bulb planted in the XIXth century. The daffodils are protected and loved in Vara Rural Municipality.

More places to visit in Estonia

The list of places to visit in Estonia is far longer than this. Estonia is a small country with a big heart and nature loves it. Smart and hard working people built here a country with respect for the past and ambitious ideas for the future.

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