Places to Visit in Finland

Saturday, January 13, 2018

If this country is a white spot on your travel map, it is time to learn more about great places to visit in Finland!

Finland is a Scandinavian nation that became part of the European Union in 1995. It is occasionally referred to as the land of a thousand lakes, as it has over 180,000 lakes and thousands of islands too. It’s vast and unspoiled nature makes it very appealing to tourists.  The government has gone an extra mile in improving accessibility to national parks and many wilderness areas. Many historical and contemporary museums can be found throughout the country and are worth a visit. Do not let the harsh winters put you off, as there are many outdoor activities put in place to help you enjoy as you gape at the magical nature. Check out some places to visit in Finland below:


Places to visit in Finland

Not only is it the capital city of Finland but also the largest of them all.  Built in 1950 by King Gustav of Sweden, this city has appealing highlights like art galleries, great architecture, museums and a modern city with a touch of culture in it.  One fascinating fact about Helsinki is that it possesses about 300 islands! You can easily imagine all the scenic views you can get from a boat ride in summer or winter.  

Visit Helsinki Cathedral and awe at its great architecture. Take a ferry to the Suomenlinna and witness one of the biggest sea fortresses in the world, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Helsinki zoo which is situated on one of the islands is not to be missed too. In case you travel with children, don’t miss out the Linnanmaki amusement park. You can also take a peek at the Market Square near the Baltic Sea, where you can enjoy the view, try some fresh fish or grab a souvenir.

Easily find your way around the city with the convenient transport system either by using the trams, buses, kayaks or a simple bicycle ride and see what makes Helsinki one of the best places to visit in Finland.

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

This village tucked away about 8km northeast of Rovaniemi is a popular tourist destination all year round, where people visit the “real Santa” in his hometown. Experience an unforgettable tour of the Santa Park, which is located just underneath the Arctic Circle and graced with a marvelous Christmas theme. At the park you get to see Santa’s office, the Post Office, an elf show, ice gallery or you can even take a baking class.

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And then you can jump over the Arctic Circle, the magical line that limits the natural phenomena where the sun can stay for 24 hours above or below the horizon. This is the only place where you can jump a line and get a certificate for doing so.  For adults, there is even an Ice bar to explore. Apparently, almost everything is made of ice, but you can be sure the people and the booze are real!



Tampere is located in the southern part of Finland and is surrounded by two lakes, known as Nasijarvi and Pyhajarvi. It is known for its industrial past having been founded as a marketplace in 1775. Nature lovers are bound to have a treat with the presence of various national parks, forests, and beaches. Go to the Pyynikki Observation Tower which stands at about 26 meters high, and catch a glimpse of the city. While at the tower make sure you sample the famous doughnuts too.

The Sarkanniemi amusement park is another place to visit, though there is a lot to see, the main attraction is the dolphinarium, where you can watch the dolphins perform their gigs.  If you are interested in history, you should visit the Lenin museum or Moomin museum and learn a more about Tampere’s past. Pop into one of the food markets and sample the local cuisine with a variety of different menus. With so many smaller lakes within, you can enjoy some snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and many other water-related activities.

Northern Lapland – the Northern Lights

Spectacular Northern Lights

Of all the places to visit in Finland, the Northern Lights are one of those unique experiences that will leave you breathless. These lights in simple terms are auroras caused by electronically charged particles that originate from the sun and then into the earth’s atmosphere.

Make your way to the Northern Lapland area away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city and be ready to enjoy some peace in the wilderness. The lights are best seen between September and March. You can view the lights outdoors, or get into one of the cabins purposely built for this and avoid the chilly weather if need be.

Great places to visit in Finland

It does not matter what time of the year you visit, during summer or winter, there are plenty of fun activities. Discover this scenic country and make memories that will last. With the above exciting list, you are mentally ready for an adventurous journey to discover this country called Finland!