Places to Visit in Germany

Saturday, April 7, 2018

When you plan a journey to Germanyinfo-icon, you cannot just think of places to visit in Germany. You need a map, a land distribution, several tourist guides, and a lot of time.

Germany is many countries in one and deserves your special attention. The problem is that you cannot limit your journey to large cities, historical places or natural beauty. A small village can have enough charm and personality to fill a week of traveling.

So, here is a concise and structured list of places to visit in Germany. 


Berlin has amazing architecture known throughout Central Europe.

The capital and the emblem city is the first on the list of places to visit in Germany. Due to the World War II and the after-war division between East and West, Berlin has a dramatic aura even today.

A cosmopolite city, accommodating people from all over the world, Berlin is a popular touristic destination. More than to reconstructed architecture, they are attracted to history, to lessons of life and war.

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Visit what is left of the Berlin Wall with respect and emotion. Go to Brandenburg Gate built in the 18th century to remember the Prussian victories. Get lost in the modern Alexanderplatz to have a look at the current Berliners life. Visit the Pergamon Museum where ancient art founded a new home at the beginning of the 20th century. The famous Pergamon Altar is here, as well as the Ishtar Gate of Babylon.

In Berlin you come to feel the rebirth of a city, of culture, to see there is life after death.


Castle Neuschwanstein with idyllic Bavarian Alps in the background.

Bavaria is the largest German state. Located in the South-East of the country, Bavaria is a gateway to the Alps. Famous for its countryside full of traditions, music, and beer, Bavaria is an excellent destination for everybody.

If you like city breaks, visit Munich or Nuremberg. If you love fairytale castles, don't forget to visit Neuschwanstein castle which inspired Walt Disney for his princess’ castle.

If you enjoy the mountains, a trip to Bavarian Alps will offer you ski resorts, trekking and hiking routes, and a visit to Kehlsteinhaus or the Eagle’s Nest, a former Nazi secret place for gathering and discussions. Adolf Hitler was here several times, but he didn’t enjoy the spectacular view very much because he was afraid of heights.

Munich is the capital of the land. Known for Oktoberfest, Munich is a joyful city, where people proudly wear their national costume from time to time. Munich has beautiful cathedrals, large parks, an Olympic complex, Bavarian music and atmosphere, and beer. 

The best in the world, they say. 

The North Sea

Sunset on the North Sea coast is an absolutely wonderful experience!

Among the places to visit in Germany, the North Sea experience is a must. Cold and beautiful, the North Sea can be seen and touched at Flensburg, in the German Schleswig-Holstein land.

Take a walk at sunset in the harbor for a fantastic view. Visit the Naval Academy at Murwik, don’t miss the old town, Johanneskirche (a 12th-century church), and the local Flemish beer.

Germany also has islands on the North Sea. They are an experience of their own.


Elbe Valley is the strikingly beautiful part of Saxony.

The cultural capital of Germany is the Saxony land. Part of the Eastern block, Saxony’s glamour wasn’t shinning too much before 1990. But today, its cities, castles, and landscape attract more tourists than ever.

Take Dresden for example. Bombed at the end of World War II although it was not a fortified city (it was mainly used as a hospital and refugee shelter), Dresden was almost destroyed. You would be suprised how Dresden looked before and after the bombing! Nevertheless, the Germans rebuilt every single corner of it.

Today, you can enjoy the Frauenkirche and its tall tower, the Zwinger Palace and its art collections, Schloss und Grünes Gewölbe, and its treasure chamber, and the opera.

Although it is one of the only two UNESCO World Heritage Sites removed from the list, take a walk in Elbe Valley. It is still splendid.

Black Forest

This mill in the Black Forest looks like it was thrown in from a fairytale.

The Black Forest is a magical place, dark and green, thick and surprising. Here is placed the Hansel and Gretel story, the birthplace of the cuckoo clock, and the place from where rises the Danube River.

Situated in the South-West of Germany, Black Forest is a beautiful place for hiking and biking. Try the Black Forest cake in one of the small and picturesque towns in the area. 

Baden Baden, the famous spa town is nearby also. Take part in festivals and cultural events. You won’t regret it.

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt Am Main is a perfect mix of old and new.

Another great place on the list of places to visit in Germany is Frankfurt am Main, the financial hub of the country. Home of Goethe, the city had the same faith during the war as most of the German cities. However, the city was rebuilt using pictures and original designs, and today it has a beautiful Old Town. 

A modern new life also blossomed in Frankfurt. Many cultural and economic events take place here. Visit Römerberg, the center of the Old Town, the 14th century Dom, and the Old Opera. A long list of museums of all kind is waiting for you.

If you want to see the entire city in a glimpse, go to the Main Tower where you can climb to a platform at the height of 200 m. Don’t miss the Main bridges; they also give you an excellent perspective over the city.

Germany is a fantastic and authentic destination. There are many places to visit in Germany. It has its own style that influenced large parts of Europeinfo-icon. Germany has strong traditions that travel through history, and hard-working people, welcoming and well prepared to offer you the time of your life.

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