5 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Luxembourg

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sometimes you may wonder if there is enough to do when you visit a small country, but don’t worry we have listed some of the best places to visit in Luxembourginfo-icon just for you. This landlocked country in Western Europeinfo-icon is one of the smallest countries in the world.

Known as a tax haven due to its low tax rates and laws, it attracts huge numbers of investors and is deemed as one of the richest countries too. On the flip side, there is a lot do as a tourist, from visiting the cultural sites like fortresses, museums monuments, to enjoying the lovely nature and outdoor activities.   

#1 Luxembourg City

Luxembourg city is filled with amazing street food and its known as a cultural hub of the country.

Luxembourg City is the capital city of Luxembourg, as odd as that may sound, yes it is a capital city with the same name as the country. Something interesting about it is that major parts of the city are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You are bound to find a charming mix of an ancient and modern vibe in Luxembourg City. It is a Multi-cultured city with 60% of the population foreigners and over 100,000 of the workforce coming in daily to work from neighboring countries. If this sounds intriguing, then tick it off as one of the places to visit in Luxembourg.

There is an abundance of museums and old style buildings with great architecture for you to explore. The Casemates du Bock which was part of the Luxembourg fortress, with underground tunnels is one of the places you would want to check out.

The Grand Ducal Palace constructed in 1572 acted as the town hall then but today it’s used for the head of state affairs. The palace organizes tours and gets ready to be in awe of the architecture. Finally, if you are a night owl then you are in the right place as the nightlife in the city is known to be very alive.   

#2 Bourscheid


Based in the northeastern part of Luxembourg, Bourscheid is a quaint small town with a rich history. Though you will find several castles, Bourscheid castle which is the largest and one of the oldest in the country is a must see. This castle sits 150 meters above the roaring Sauer River and is surrounded by a stone wall with 11 watch towers. You will need time to go around this castle.

You can take one of the guided walk tours that will stop by various attractions. For some outdoor fun, you can camp at any of the dedicated camping site spots and enjoy nature. You can also arrange for some outdoor fun like mountain biking, swimming, horse riding, and hiking.

#3 Diekirch


Situated along the Sauer River, Diekirch which means “peoples church” got its name in the 8th century when Charlemagne, built a church in order to convert the Saxons to Christianity. The church which is today known as St. Laurent Church is a historical monument, open to the public and worth a visit.

Visit the pedestrian zone, which was the first of its kind to be established in 1977 in Luxembourg. At the zone, you will find shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and street performances. If you are more into history you have a choice of several museums, monuments, and castles.

Another exciting place to see is the Diekirch Brewery Museum, which showcases artifacts that tell the history of the brewery.  Even though you cannot sample a beer here, make sure you visit one of the local bars around town, cheers!

#4 Schiessentumpel Waterfall

Schiessentumpel Waterfall

Enjoy an excursion to this picturesque waterfall on the Black Ernz River. There are different trails that lead to this area, and regardless whichever you use, the surroundings are so green and refreshing, you will love the scenery.

Once you get to the waterfall, go up the wooden bridge mounted over the ravine, for different views and enjoy the splashy sounds of the waterfall.

#5 Ronn’s Bikes and Kayaks

Ronn’s Bikes and Kayaks

How about some water experience with a kayak adventure along the river as you paddle and work out those muscles a little bit? You do not have to be an expert, even beginners have a chance to be part of this day trip.  You will find various picnic stops to rest as you get a snack to regain your energy.

The atmosphere here is very refreshing as the river is surrounded by such lush greenery, it’s a feeling out of this world away from the hassles of city life.  As you wade through the waters you get the feeling of what really getting in touch with nature is.  For the adventurous ones, the campsite is open for you to pitch your tent and unwind the night away.  

Never judge a book by its cover; this would very much appeal to many who may think what a tiny country like this would have to offer.  You cannot run out of places to visit in Luxembourg.  From cultural trips to sight-seeing or just a relaxed walk around the city, the choice is yours.

What are your favorite places to visit in Luxembourg?