Places to Visit in Moldova

Saturday, January 27, 2018

You are interested in Eastern Europeinfo-icon but have no idea what places to visit in Moldovainfo-icon?

Let’s start with the country’s history. Moldova is an Eastern European country that celebrated its independence from the Soviets on 27th of August 1991. Before being a part of URSS, Moldova was a region of Romaniainfo-icon with which it shares the language, traditions, and a very long history. Today, Moldova is a mix of ethnic groups trying to build a European country.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Moldova, the country in a shape of a bunch of grapes. Actually, wine is probably the best product of Moldova and you can find it worldwide. On the low Moldavian hills, there are a lot of forests and wineries where you can spend a lovely time. Besides wine, you can enjoy cities loaded with history, friendly and welcoming people, and great pies and sweets. Try some special candies called “Bucuria” (the joy) and the joy will come to you for sure.

Chisinau, the capital of Moldova


Chisinau is the first place to visit in Moldova. It is the capital and the largest city in the country. Chisinau is the 3rd green city in Europeinfo-icon due to its large parks and forests. In terms of architecture, Chisinau is a new city. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1977, the city was rebuilt in the Soviet style. Since its independence, the constructions have followed a modern style and in the forests of Chisinau steel, concrete, and glass buildings have risen.

Take advantage of the green part of the city and visit some of the parks here. Start with the Cathedral Park, the most famous and central one. It is surrounded by the Triumph arch, built in 1841, the Government House, Stefan cel Mare Monument, and the city's biggest flower market. Next is Rose Valley, a 9 ha park, with 3 lakes and many restaurants, then Riscani Park, 32 ha of wooded park, Botanica Park, the largest and the most beautiful of all, Valea Morilor Park, Dendrariu Park, Alunelul Park, with a memorial to the pogroms, Memorial Park, with its eternal flame in memory of unknown soldiers of World War II.

Besides parks and monuments, you can visit museums that teach you about life and history of the country. At the Chisinau City Museum, the beautiful city panorama is a bonus. Go to the observatory room from the former water tower and enjoy the view.

Bender, the border city

Bender, alias Tighina, appears in the documents from the 14th century. This old fortress and city was a rayah of the Ottomans in the 14th century and later on belonged to the Russian Empire. But the Moldavians always tried to retake it and they succeeded in 1918. Today, Bender is again separated. Since 1992, although the city belongs to Moldova, Bender has been under the administrative control of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistriainfo-icon). The city is situated just between the two entities and was witness to the heaviest fight of the war that separated Moldova and Transnistria.

Bender is one of the controversial places to visit in Moldova. But it is full of history and has plenty to see. Visit Bender Fortress, an impressive Ottoman fortress built in the 16th century. Several museums will tell you all about the history of this place. And the beautiful panorama of Dniestr River will make the day even better. You can visit the fortress by yourself or in an organized trip from Chisinau.

Orhei, the international hub

Places to visit in Moldova

People have been here since 1300 BC. Orhei has very old roots. Migratory peoples have given this place an oriental style. For many years, Orhei was a commercial hub, attracting people from all over Asiainfo-icon and Europe. Today, its glory has faded out, but there are still many ethnic groups living here. Russians, Ukrainians, Gypsies, Bulgarians, Jews, Gagauz are some of them.

At 20 km from the city, there is Orheiul Vechi, a museum complex known for its various archeological sites. Between the IXth and the XIIIth centuries, at Orheiul Vechi hermitages caved in stone appeared. Today, the site has around 100 stone rooms made by monks. Two of them are monasteries, with underground churches, galleries, and sanctums. The area is full of karst phenomena that encouraged this type of sacral manifestations. Orheiul Vechi is a unique place on the list of places to visit in Moldova.    

Authentic places to visit in Moldova

Moldova is struggling to regain its glory. On the list of places to visit in Moldova, there are natural landscapes, secular forests, ancient historical places, and pleasures of the modern life. The people here will always invite you to get to know them at a glass of wine. They are proud of their land and besides all internal and external battles, they are enjoying life. Countryside seems to be frozen in past ages. Seeing the hills covered in vineyards, you can only imagine how their life would have been if instead of Moldova this place's name would have been Sicily.

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