Places to Visit in Norway

Friday, December 29, 2017

So you think about traveling to Scandinavia but don’t know what places to visit in Norwayinfo-icon? Check out the following list of spectacular places to explore when traveling to this beautiful nation. Norway is a very stable country and the discovery of oil in the 1960s has largely contributed to its economic prosperity.

Its rugged landscape, mountainous terrain and a long coastline, Norway trumps with beautiful and pristine nature. You will feel the presence of its rich culture because of the numerous museums and art galleries.   

Alesund: the historic art nouveau town

Alesund is a small town with amazing vibe.

Alesund is based on the West Coast of Norway and it would be right to call it the “port town” since it is based at the seaport of Romsdal. It had an unfortunate incident in 1904 when the city was completely burned down and had to be rebuilt from then on. The buildings are really eye catching and have been constructed in sort of an Art Nouveau style. It occupies several islands and most of them are connected by underwater tunnels.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and other areas from the Aksla View Point, which can be accessed by either driving or walking up some 418 stairs. Now that’s quite a workout!  Take a wildlife sea safari which entails seeing a seal colony, birds, and other species. Get a treat of contemporary art at the Art Nouveau Center and other museums too. Additional stuff that you may want to include on your list of things to do is skiing and hiking.

Sognefjord: the most spectacular of all fjords

Sogne Fjord
Sogne Fjord is in my humble opinion one of the most breathtaking landscapes I've ever seen.

Though Norway has many fjords, Sognefjord is special because it is the longest and the deepest, stretching at about 204 kilometers. In simple terms, a Fjord is a narrow inlet that looks like a lake but is surrounded by steep cliffs. It has such a serene environment that makes its one the great places to visit in Norway.

If you are up to a thrilling experience by doing physically challenging activities, then you can hike, cycle, ride the kayaks or do a glacier walk. For other more relaxed tours, visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum, the Flam Railway Museum or the Breheimsenteret Glacier Centre. Walk around and discover other sights as you enjoy nature at its best, but make sure you stop by at one of the waterfalls.

Museums to visit in Oslo

Viking Ship
Viking ship in a museum

This vibrant modern city with a population of about 600,000 people is the capital city of Norway. Despite it having other attractions, the number of museums which amount to over 50, makes it a unique town. Gone are the days, when museums were deemed as boring with the same storyline.  The modern museums are fun and interactive and there is something for everyone depending on what your interests are. Tourists are especially attracted by their beautiful architecture, making them extraordinary scenic places to visit in Norway.

Just to mention a few of the museums like the Norwegian Folk, the Viking Ship, Kon-Tiki, Museum of Oslo, Armed Forces, Holmenkollen Ski and the sculpture park at Vigeland Park. Another great advantage is that most of them are close to each other, so if you feel like a “museum marathon” then things just got easier for you!

Polar Park: meet the arctic wildlife

Polar park

Opened in 1994 the Polar Park is home to Norway’s wildlife such as wolves, foxes, moose, bears deer, reindeers and a few others. Their motto is that the animals’ welfare comes first, and big emphasis has been put on the large areas the animals are housed to make them comfortable. Guided tours are recommended, as the guides are aware of where to best spot the different kinds of animals. The surprising thing is that even in the winters, different tours are still arranged, and some animals actually enjoy themselves more during this season.

Apart from the seeing the animals, other activities also take place like zip lining, hiking, and camping.  You can also try out the night tours and spend an exciting night in the wolf cabins, but remember wolves can be beautiful to bond with but unpredictable too! So watch out!

Lofoten: mountains raging out of the ocean

This archipelago found in the northern part of Norway is one of the most scenic places to visit in Norway. You can visit the Lofoten all year round, but depending on what your interests are, check the weather patterns before.


The majestic mountains, long beaches, and deep fjords are among the attractions this island has to offer. For unforgettable experiences, the diverse landscape will allow you to ski, ocean raft, hike and scuba dive too.  For surfers, this superb location is known to offer one of the best surf locations in the country. Keep your rods ready for some fishing fun and probably sample some fresh seafood.

North Cape: the northern end of Europeinfo-icon

North Cape will provide you with amazing views

Discover this cape, a haven somewhere on the island of Mageroya up in the north of Norway. A trip here is assured to give you an out of this world experience and memories to last forever. One outstanding fact to note is that in the summers the sun is out and bright till as late as midnight, so you can imagine what delightful views await you.  But do not worry about the winters as they also have their special sights too.

Uncover the other surprises this island has to offer, like ice fishing in the winters, crab fishing, snowshoeing, the bird cliff tour or just a hike in one of the designated areas. Watching the Northern lights is your ultimate highlight and you will get to see what kind of beauty “Mother Nature” can decide to unleash.

Great places to visit in Norway

Whether it is summer or winter nothing should stop you from exploring and falling in love with Norway. With the above-listed options, you have a good idea what to expect in this Scandinavian country. Their excellent infrastructure helps less experienced travelers to find their way around easily. Whether it is a day trip or a longer excursion, you are assured of an enjoyable trip.