Places to Visit in Poland

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Poland is a vast Central European country, with a long coastline to the Baltic Sea. Most places to visit in Poland are related to history, music, literature, wonders of nature, and a very powerful cultural mark. 

Poland knew glory and disaster. It was a conqueror and was conquered. It was a kingdom and an annex. But its entire history stands on fertile lands, rough weather, and brave people.

Poland is the European Union and a Schengen area member. It is a touristic destination, and you shouldn't worry about traveling conditions. Don't worry about the language either. Most of the Polish speak English and German. 

To visit Poland, you need time. Historical cities with beautiful architecture will be an important step on your list of places to visit in Poland. Museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks will not let you leave too soon. 

There are also more than 20 natural parks to see. A visit to Baltic Sea is a must, as well as one to the Tatra Mountains. When it comes to castles, a long and rich medieval history will complete your journey.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland

An example of different architecture styles in Warsaw.

A list of places to visit in Poland begins with its capital, Warsaw. Due to its tumultuous history, Warsaw is not a compact city, but a mix of different styles. It has Gothic architecture, Soviet architecture, and modern steel and glass areas.

There are also a lot of history related museums, beautiful parks where you can listen to classical music concerts (like Łazienki Park where every Sunday there are Chopin concerts), and, of course, palaces. Don't miss Wilanów Palace, a 17th-century royal summer residence. King Jan III Sobieski was relaxing in this Italian Baroque villa, with its Grand Dining Room and Gallery of Polish Portraits.

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For an exotic feeling, admire Warsaw from the river Vistula by taking a boat trip. If you like it more adventurous, you can go sightseeing in a kayak.

Another way to see the world is by going to Heavens of Copernicus, a modern and original planetarium. Lectures, movies, special events, and a large sky display are waiting for you here.

Krakow, an architectural masterpiece

The magnificent Old Town in Krakow is UNESCO protected and attracts people by its outlandish vibe and architecture.

Maybe the most beautiful city in Poland is Krakow. Situated on Vistula river, the city has an incredible architecture and many legends to share. Cathedrals, museums, castles, an underground medieval route, and a fairy tale atmosphere will charm its visitors.

Don't miss Kościuszko Mound if you want to experience a different memorial. The mound was built in the memory of Tadeusz Kościuszko (1746 - 1817), a military hero. The 34 meters high hill is made of soil from the Polish and American battlefields where Kościuszko fought. 

But the most important thing to do in Krakow is walking around in the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just admire everything.

Wroclaw, a cultural hotspot

One of the numerous festivals that give Wroclaw a distinct, lively vibe.

Small, but precious Wroclaw deserves its place on the list of places to visit in Poland. Situated on the Odra river in Lower Silesia, Wroclaw is a cultural hub full of festivals and events. 

Built in the same architecture as Krakow, Wroclaw attracted people from its very first beginning. Austrians, Prussians, and Polish desired this place, and you can still see their legacy here.

If you don't have plans yet, try to arrange your journey around a local holiday. The Christmas market in Wroclaw is famous for its glow and abundance of traditional foods and drinks.

Lodz, an industrial leftover

A deserted city center of Lodz.

Lodz is an industrial city, known for its textile industry, and at first sight, might not attract too many tourists. But the city is quickly developing its natural charm and becoming a reference for film festivals and cultural events.

To learn the history of Lodz, visit the Central Museum of Textiles. And if you want a glimpse of the future, visit the Cinematography Museum which is hosted by Karol Scheibler's Palace, one of the most important palaces in Lodz at its time.

Bialowieza Forest

Bialowieza is a lush forest, the last remnant of the old European primeval forest, where the last European bison dwell.

The last one of places to visit in Poland is Bialowieza Forest, one of the largest primeval forests remaining in Europe. It is part of a national park and protected area and covers over 1, 500 km2. 

Here live some of the last European bison, the heaviest land animal in Europe. Poland shares Bialowieza Forest with Belarus, and the border is available for hikers and cyclists.

In Bialowieza Forest you can find centuries old Oak, Elm, and Lime, rare species of birds, with untouched wild habitat. There is wildlife watching festivals and events all year long. We recommend hiking and cycling, but be careful to stay on marked paths.

Many more places to visit in Poland

Poland is a vast territory, with a diverse landscape. From ancient forests to exquisite cultural cities, from a rich culinary tradition to people that make history in cinematography, Poland is proud of its world heritage.

Today, the lost or won wars don't matter anymore. We remember and forgive, learn and respect. Poland is the best example for that.

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