Places to Visit in Serbia

Thursday, February 15, 2018

You want to explore the Balkan Peninsula but don’t know what places to visit in Serbiainfo-icon?

Serbia is an Eastern European country, situated in the Balkans, an ex-Yugoslavian state, and an interesting place in Europeinfo-icon. A long and agitated history is the engine that made people here proud and dignified, joyful and full of life. They build up their democracy and look forward to the Occident, without denying any of their traditions and habits.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Serbia and the country is welcoming its tourists with friendship and enthusiasm. Serbia has great cities, with both old and new architecture, national parks to enjoy wild nature, ski resorts for the adventurous, the Danube River, and many other special places.


Overlooking Belgrade

Begin your journey to the places to visit in Serbia from its capital and largest city, Belgrade. Situated on the confluence of Sava River and Danube River, the city offers multiple choices for entertainment and cultural visits.  Belgrade has a long history which began in the IVth century BC with the Celtic tribes.

The history was continued by the Romans, the Kingdom of Hungaryinfo-icon and the Serbian Despotate, the Ottomans, the Habsburg Empire. Like all the cities in the Balkans, Belgrade preserved influences from all its visitors. Moreover, the Soviet legacy can still be seen in architecture. Visit the New Belgrade neighborhood to have an idea. You’ll find there a mix of Soviet-style and modern architecture, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the tallest building in Serbia.

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The old part of the city is dominated by Kalemegdan – Belgrade Fortress, which is situated in the largest park of the city, with a beautiful view over the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers. A boat trip is an excellent idea to explore the rivers. Don’t miss the palaces, the old churches, and the museums of Belgrade. Nikola Tesla Museum is dedicated to the Serb that contributed to the change of energy world.

Everybody says that the Serbs like to party, that nightlife in Belgrade is animated and that locally brewed beer is as good as any. Try to taste the local life, to enjoy their gastronomy, to understand how they live. Belgrade is full of wonders and stories.

Novi Sad

Places to visit in Serbia

Novi Sad will be European Capital of Culture in 2021 and European Youth Capital in 2019. Serbia is a candidate for European Union, but Novi Sad is a step in front of its own country. The city is full of cultural events, festivals, jazz, and art galleries. It definitely deserves a good place on the list of places to visit in Serbia.

Novi Sad is situated on the Danube River, just 80 km away from Belgrade. Its main landmark is Petrovaradin Fortress, often called “The Gibraltarinfo-icon of the Danube”. The fortress was built in the XVIth century and has an impressive underground system of tunnels. It had changed governments between Turkish and Austrians until after the World War I when it became a Yugoslavian territory.

Petrovaradin has a special clock tower, with reversed hands for hours and minutes. It is designed by a fisherman who wanted to see the hours from far away.

If you plan a summer journey to Novi Sad, don’t miss the EXIT Music Festival that takes place in the fortress.



On the list of places to visit in Serbia, there is one dedicated to those who love winter sports. Kopaonik is one of the best ski resorts in Eastern Europeinfo-icon. Two peaks over 2, 000 meters high, pine forests, modern chairs and drag-lifts, and almost 60 km of slopes invite you to the best winter holiday of your life. The slopes are for everyone, beginners, and experts.

There is a terrain park and a lot of fun. A little heaven for snowboarding is happening here. Off-piste runs, untouched Serbian powder, and a cheap ski pass for an amazing feeling.

Tara National Park

Tara canyon is an amazing gateway to stunning nature

220 km of forests make from Tara National Park a place for nature lovers. Declared national park in 1981, Tara National Park has a surface of 192 km2. Over 1, 000 species of plants, 130 species of birds, and some endangered species (like the brown bear) have a home here. The main attraction is Drina River canyon, the third world’s largest of its kind. There are also two artificial lakes which invite you to kayak and relaxation.

Among the activities in Tara National Park, there are hiking (you’ll find maps and marked trails in a total length of 260 km), fishing, kayaking, and cycling. There is no entrance fee and you can get here easily from Belgrade. The park is only 170 km away from Serbia’s capital.

So many places to visit in Serbia

There is no spot in the world without beauty. Serbia has a lot to offer to its visitors. Through their complicated history, the Serbs developed a strong connection with their lands, with their traditions. This is making them strong and proud. Serbia is blessed with beautiful mountains and the reign of the Danube River. It has a rich cultural development and is becoming a modern country day by day.  

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