Places to Visit in Sweden

Monday, January 1, 2018

So, you plan a trip to Scandinavia but don’t know what places to visit in Swedeninfo-icon?

Situated in the Northern part of Europeinfo-icon, Sweden is a Scandinavian country with a population of almost 10 million people. The modernization of Sweden started between 1860 and 1910 when it migrated from what was a rural society to an industrial one. Now a modern nation, it currently possesses thousands of inland lakes and coastal islands, spread over different parts of the country. To help you narrow down on some places to visit in Sweden, the following are among the must-see.


Founded back in the 13th century, Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Though it has transitioned into a modern city, it has still managed to keep its rich culture and history. One outstanding point of interest is that 30% of the city’s area is made up of waterways, but comes as no surprise since the city consists of 14 islands.  With a population of just over one million residents, this vibrant city has all sorts of activities from historical sites like museums, palaces and old churches to outdoorsy fun like parks, islands, forests and lakes.

Things to Do in Stockholm

Stockholm is definitely a place you must visit during your stay in Sweden

Get a fabulous view of the city from the top of the popular Sky View Observatory building, which is built in a unique spherical shape. One special museum not to be missed is the Vasa Museum which has a display of a ship that was salvaged in the 17th century, now that is what you call a piece of history! Another place to go is the Riddarholmen church, which is one of the oldest buildings in Sweden and is a burial site for many of the ancient monarchs. If you are in a chilled out mood, look out for the signature meatball dish in one of the eateries around the city.


Uppsala, the fourth largest city in Sweden
Uppsala is a beautiful city full of amazing outdoor scenery. If you're an outdoor type, then you will definitely enjoy the exploration of the city.

Recognized as the 4th largest city in Sweden, Uppsala is generally known for the Uppsala University built in the 15th century. The original university is now a museum and also boasts a library stocked with millions of manuscripts, why not pay a visit and learn a thing or two. Away from the universities and various educational centers, Uppsala is filled with parks and gardens perfect for strolls or just relaxed outings. Other things to see are the Cathedrals, Museums and the art galleries.

Uppsala Gamla Stan

Head on to the Gamla Stan area, normally referred to as “Old Town” and experience the rustic colorful buildings dating back as early as the 1700s. You can also visit any of the beautiful churches or museums. Ensure you get a chance to see one of the largest palaces in the world, the Royal Palace. As you walk down the narrow streets you will be spoilt for choice with the numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Foteviken: Vikings

Foteviken Outdoor Museum
This outdoor museum will show you everything about Vikings.

Foteviken Museum is an open-air museum that was constructed in 1995, with a theme of depicting how the Vikings lived. Vikings were seafarers pirates who traded and raided areas of European settlements many centuries ago. The fascinating part is that you can become a Viking for a day by living in one of the rented cabins. Just like a typical Viking set up, you will find a pottery house, weaver’s house, guard tower, tannery, bakery and much more. Of all the places to visit in Sweden, this experience will put you into the Vikings shoes literally!

Moose Safari

Moose Safari
Moose safari is a stunning place where you can see mooses walking around breathtaking nature. It's definitely a perfect way to spend your afternoon.

A Moose is a wild herbivorous animal that is part of the deer family. Moose are generally known to be laid back, but can be aggressive when provoked. This exciting tour is one that can be done either by car, train or on water. Canoe or Kayak in the quiet waters of a remote pond as you scout for the moose. Hop onto one of the sleds on land and get your guided tour in the serene undeveloped terrain. Look out for some other creatures like the jumping trout, otters, and black bears. The experienced guides will take you on trails with a dense population of the moose regardless of the weather. Discover what makes the moose unique, as you enjoy the peaceful nature that comes along with it.

Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet Marine National Park was launched in 2009, as the first marine park in Sweden. Based on the west coast, this natural beauty with over 6000 species is definitely one of the top places to visit in Sweden.  

Snorkel or dive your way in the pristine waters of the sea or take a guided beach tour, with comprehensive briefings of the existence of the sea life. To learn more about the inhabitants of the seabed, stop by the Naturum center and watch self-explanatory videos which come in different languages.

Halle and Hunneberg

Hunnenberg National Park
If you're a type of person who simply loves nature, then visiting Hunnenberg national park is the must activity during your stay in Sweden.

When you think of nature, think Halle and Hunneberg Eco Park! These two are sometimes branded as “the Twin Mountains” though each has its own different history and nature. Learn about their fascinating geology and the mysterious caves as you head up to the lake Varnem. When it’s time for some fit fun, put on your hiking boots and explore the eco-park, where you will have the chance to see beavers, deer, elks and more.

Take an adventure trip to the Royal Hunt museum where you may be lucky to get the annual exhibitions, and if not there is a lot of useful information too in there. The forest here is so green and very well taken care of, you are in no doubt assured of a great bonding session with nature. Other stuff to do is rent a canoe, fish or do some exercise as you cycle around.

Great Places to Visit in Sweden

When you visit any country, you always want to explore and have a feel of what makes the place worth a trip. With the above, we just hope your bags are packed and ready to join us in this Swedish adventure!   

What are your favorite places in Sweden?