Places to Visit Outside Bangkok

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bangkok is a top destination for tourists because it is packed with adventure and beauty. However, stray away from the city sometime and look for interesting places to visit outside Bangkok. 

There are lots of amazing things for anyone who is willing to explore its true essence and find unusual things beautiful. The rampant nature, historical artifacts, grand temples and the alluring culture of this city will surely fascinate you. 

So, here are some of the remarkable places outside Bangkok that remain hidden to the common eye. They are quite easily accessible from the city and will not require a lot of time.

Koh Lanta Beach

Koh Lanta has many a beach for you to explore, and you can also rent huts near the beach.

Let’s admit it! Nobody prefers beaches that are too crowded and exploited as it won’t let you enjoy well. So, you can head to this serene beach instead of heading to Koh Phi Phi or any other popular beaches. 

This is one of the perfect places to visit outside Bangkok with your loved ones. You will find the ambiance is tranquil and remains fresh and pristine as you spot crystal clear waters, white sandy shores, and perfectly lined mangroves. 

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You can enjoy diving or snorkeling and come across beautiful coral reefs too. 

Erawan National Park

You can easily get to the natural paradise that is Erawan Waterfall from Bangkok.

People who have visited this place call it a natural paradise for adventure and excitement. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or an ordinary traveler, you will feel entertained continuously here. 

Admittedly, this is one of the places to visit outside Bangkok as there are many things you can do here. There are small caves to explore and different types of exotic birds here. 

However, the iconic attraction in the park is the multi-tiered Erawan falls which are an enthralling sight. If you want to make your visit more adventurous, get into the natural water slide found here. 

Siriraj Medical Museum

Siriraj Medical Museum is definitely the most unusual museum in Thailand

Many travelers head to museums of history, culture or art when they visit different countries. However, if you seek for something that is unusual and exciting, this museum is perfect for you. 

This museum actually consists of six different museums where pathology, forensics, and anatomy, are considered to be the main attractions. 

A curious traveler like you might find it morbidly interesting even though it is especially important for medical professionals and students. It is located opposite to the Grand Palace and is quite easy to get there.

A Floating Ride at Amphawa

The Amphawa Floating Market is just a 20-minute ride away from Bangkok.

If you want some places to visit outside Bangkok to make your tour unforgettable, this is ideal for you. Head to the floating village in Amphawa and get to enjoy some of the best Thai seafood meals. 

The best way to savor these delights is by sitting on a boat tied to the central bridge because you get to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. Even though it is the second most popular floating market, it is packed with many interesting things to do.

You can explore the surrounding areas and then take a boat ride along the canal.

Erawan Museum

The entrance fee to the magnificent Erawan Museum interior is very low!

You will see the three-headed elephant statue welcoming you with grandiose on the entrance of the museum. However, the interior is what will capture your heart as the structure portrays extraordinary architecture.

This is exactly one of the places to visit outside Bangkok if you are hunting for its hidden treasures. The museum houses rich antiquities, religious monuments and unmatched decorations in different materials. 

Looking for exploring hidden destinations around Bangkok? That's awesome since there are so many locations you can explore while avoiding tourist crowds. 

Sadly, this 29 metered towering building is overlooked by many travelers as they are unaware of what it consists. 

Samutprakarn Zoo

The crocodile farm is the main attraction of the Samutprakarn Zoo.

This zoo mainly holds a crocodile farm that is focused on performing research and rehabilitation of crocodiles. It holds around 100,000 crocodiles and also owns the world’s largest crocodile known as Yai. 

Even though the main attraction is crocodiles, you will also see a wide range of animals like elephants, hippos, monkeys, and tigers. Get thrilled as you watch trained performers showcase dangerous acts with crocodiles.

How will you feel putting your head or your hand into a deadly crocodile’s mouth?

Wat Sampran Dragon Temple

Wat Sampran Dragon Temple is an amazing structure that is completely off the beaten path in Thailand.

This massive 17-storeyed temple has a dragon scaling around its wall. You will see that the interior, as well as the exterior, is painted in bright colors giving an attractive look to the temple. 

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Even though only a part of the temple is open to visitors, you will come across few shrines and statues in there. 

You can also get to know about the rituals and ceremonies held here if you seek the assistance of a good tour guide. So, you should definitely visit this magnificent temple on your tour.

Bangkok is a city full of places that are strangely beautiful and therefore is a top destination for tourists. If you choose to travel a bit and visit the suburbs of this city, you will come across fascinating sights. You will enjoy everything from its mouth-watering cuisine to historical artifacts here. These are the best places to visit outside Bangkok and are easily accessible from the city. So, add these best-kept secrets to your travel list and set out to explore them soon!

Raeesha Ikram freelance content writer for aSabbatical
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