Plan My Gap Year Platform Review

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Are you planning on taking a break from your regular routine for a while? Then you have considered taking a gap year to give yourself a rest and experience the world in a different perspective. PlanMyGapYear is a great platform to get you started on your plan.

Volunteering is an excellent choice to start your gap year with. You get a chance to travel to many different countries which will immerse you in their own distinct culture. Many of countries where you will go to volunteer face some social problems and PlanMyGapYear works to solve these issues.

The Internet is a great platform to connect like-minded people that work towards long-term social improvement. That's why this platform is great if you want to work with these people and ensure that more people live the life they deserve.

What Kind of Volunteer Projects Can I Enroll Into?

Feeding animals is just one volunteering project

There are volunteer opportunities in more than 15 countries that face social problems.

You can visit:

Africainfo-iconGhanainfo-icon, Madagascar, Moroccoinfo-icon, South Africainfo-icon and Tanzaniainfo-icon

Asiainfo-icon and Pacific – Bali, Cambodiainfo-icon, Fijiinfo-icon, Indiainfo-icon, the Maldivesinfo-icon, Nepalinfo-icon, Sri Lankainfo-icon, Thailandinfo-icon, Vietnaminfo-icon

South Americainfo-iconCosta Ricainfo-icon, Ecuadorinfo-icon, Peruinfo-icon

That is a large selection of places to travel to with this platform. Well, the whole goal of this platform is to offer a different travel experience to its volunteers. The good news is, there are a lot of program choices to choose from:

Childcare projects – you don't need any experience, your enthusiasm and commitment to the goal is the main thing that will help in making a difference in children lives. Visit orphanages across the world and help children achieve their dreams!

Community projects – these projects are a challenge, but they are extremely rewarding! You will help vulnerable people facing problems such as poverty, poor nutrition, and sanitation, the common issues that developing countries face. Your full commitment is needed to make this a success!

English Teaching projects – use your language skills as well as your social skills to spread knowledge across the world! You don't even need to have a TEFL certificate; you can work towards it while developing the necessary skill by teaching children in schools.

Medical Volunteer projects – you can gain valuable medical experience and more insight into it by enrolling in one of these programs. These projects are working to improve the healthcare systems in impoverished countries, in turn helping a lot of people.

Wildlife Conservation projects – travel to exotic natural locations and look after the endangered animal species. That is a perfect project category for animal lovers, as you will spend a lot of time with majestic animals like elephants and lions and work to stop their extinction.

We believe that the platform has a lot to offer to fellow volunteers for affordable prices. Most projects are priced in a range from 300$ - 2500$, depending on how long you want to stay (2 – 24 weeks). That means that you have flexibility included with this platform so that it is easier to plan ahead before stepping into the experience.

Accommodation in the form of volunteer house and three meals per day are incorporated into that price. You'll still need some extra costs for flights, travel insurance, and visa.

What Makes This Volunteer Platform Unique?

The reason this platform is unique

The first thing that comes to mind is that PlanMyGapYear offers all the specified opportunities for people under 18! Well, you need to be 17 years old to enroll in one of these programs. That means that PlanMyGapYear offers volunteer opportunities to adults and future adults alike.

After all, why shouldn't everyone have an opportunity to experience the world, just from a different perspective?

Their flexibility is also one of the primary attributes, and you can do all that tricky work online! The platform itself is founded by experienced volunteers who will try their best to make your stay worth it.

PlanMyGapYear is also strong on social media where they provide more insight into their programs. You can also connect with like-minded volunteers who will share their experiences with you.

PlanMyGapYear - What Do the Participants Think About the Platform?

Most volunteers that have done a project with PlanMyGapYear platform praise their care of volunteers. They offer 24/7 support for all their volunteers, which helps with overwhelming feelings or anxiety. The pre-departure support ensures that every volunteer feels at ease when going on the big trip!

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Even though the volunteer house rooms are basic, they are fit for all everyday needs. Of course, not every country is developed equally, so there may be some cases (for example Tanzania) where there won't be Wi-Fi, so you need to research a bit before embarking.

All things considered, the volunteers who have cooperated with PlanMyGapYear praise it for offering them something different and empowering. The potential connections that you can make with this platform is also a thing to consider.

How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved

If you have decided that you want to experience a different travel experience with PlanMyGapYear, it's good to know that the involvement process is quite straightforward:

  1. Apply to one of the programs
  2. Pick the duration of your stay and select any extras (arranged flight)
  3. Share your personal details
  4. Confirm your application and pay the registration fee

The pre-departure support we mentioned before will be here with you at all times if you have any questions or uncertainties. Before starting with this life-changing experience, you have to be entirely sure.

You aren't going there to have fun 24/7. Of course, there will be a lot of fun times, but the essence of this experience is to help people who need it and be repaid at large.

That's why it's your turn to shift your attention to this platform and start making changes!

David Gabric freelance content writer at
Traveling is a powerful tool to change yourself and the world around you, use it responsibly for a good cause!