How Should You Plan Your First Tibet Trip?

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Traveling Tibetinfo-icon is a trip unlike any other. But, there is a lot to sort out before you set off. Whether to travel to Tibet by train or airplane, where to go and when, and how to obtain travel documents are just a few considerations.

There are many other things to know when planning a Tibet tour. Moreover, few first-time visitors are even aware of most of those. In this article, our travel experts share tips for planning your first visit to the Land of Snows.

Decide What You Want to Visit in Tibet

Autonomous Region of Tibet is vast. And you will find tourist points of interest spread throughout the Tibetan plateau.

Lhasa, the capital of the Land of Snows, and Shigatse are the main cities, featuring noteworthy attractions. Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street are top tourist attractions of Lhasa. Shigatse prides on Tashilhunpo Monastery, Shigatse Dzong, and Summer Palace of Panchen Lamas, in particular.

Allocate several days for a meaningful visit to both destinations. If you arrive straight from lower parts of our planet, add a few more days to acclimatize to the altitude difference.

Best Time To Visit Tibet

Sacred lakes of Namtso, Yamdrok, and Manasarovar, Mount Kailash, and Everest Base Camp are some other key tourist destinations. There are also many historic Tibetan monasteries located around the cities and farther away.

Also, trekking throughout the countryside reveals diverse scenery and unique flora and fauna. Wherever you go, the world's highest region will surprise you with something.

Therefore, careful time management is essential for making the most of your Tibet trip. For a classical tour including Lhasa, Shigatse, and Everest Base Camp, plan around a week. When proceeding from EBC to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar for a trek, add several days at least.

Travelers remaining in Lhasa and visiting Namtso and Yamdrok lakes typically need up to a week. In general, the best times for a trip to Tibetan plateau are the second half of spring and the first part of autumn.

Schedule a Tibet Tour With a Tibetan Travel Agency

Local regulations prevent individual travels in the Tibetan plateau. Hence, you need to book a group or private tour via a travel agency. Before getting in touch with a local tour operator, most tourists need to secure a Chinese visa.

The next step is acquiring the Tibet Travel Permit through Tibetan agency. We strongly advise that you hire a reputable tour operator, such as Tibet Vista. There are many agencies in the market whose professionalism is questionable.

Therefore, do research, determine which agencies are long in business, and evaluate their clients' overall satisfaction. With the right agency, you receive valuable insights, both general and personal, when discussing the details.

Best Way to Get to Tibet: Train vs Flight vs Overland

By many, traveling by Tibet train is the best way of arriving in the Land of Snows. Trains commuting from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and other main cities of Chinainfo-icon to Lhasa feature oxygen supply. Also, travelers can plan breaks along the way to adapt to the elevation gradually.

Flights offer short travel times when compared to Tibet train. However, most travelers need to deal with altitude sickness symptoms upon arrival when choosing this option. You can board airplanes flying to the Tibetan capital in Kathmandu, Nepalinfo-icon, and major Chinese cities.

Traveling overland from Nepal is a scenic trip. Still, taking this route requires careful planning due to different time zones and road conditions on Nepalese and Chinese sides. Plus, you will traverse higher regions of the autonomous region before arriving in lower, quite the opposite from traveling by Tibet train.

Have Some Ideas for Accommodation and Dining

When discussing the details of your Tibet tour with an agency, you should have a few things in mind. Since most places are far above the line where the level of oxygen drops, you should book accommodation in lower parts of your destination. Even booking a room at the lowest level of a hotel makes a difference.

Lhasa and Shigatse have hotels with rooms suitable for various types of travelers. In the countryside, accommodation units are more on the basic side, including those in Everest Base Camp.

Also, the local diet typically evolves around highland barley and dietary products and meat of yak. You may find these quite different from what you usually eat. Nepalese, Indian, and western foods are available in Lhasa.

Pack the Right Gear for Your Trip to Tibet

The region features higher solar radiation from lower parts of the world, so you should bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and garments suitable for protection. Furthermore, bring medicaments helping with altitude sickness, whose main symptoms are headache and nausea among others. Also, bring a high-quality sleeping bag and layered clothing since different regions feature various climates.

All you need to know about Your first Tibet Trip

Visiting Tibet is a rewarding experience introducing a unique culture, nature, and gastronomy. Many travelers arrive in Tibet by train, which, if planned right, allows more convenient accommodating to elevation compared to other options. By taking care of the essentials mentioned in this article, you will have a great Tibet tour you would wish to repeat soon.