Planning a Friends Getaway: A Guide

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

As children, most people get to spend quality time with their friends on a day-to-day basis, whether at school or just in their spare time socializing. Unfortunately, as adults, a lot of people don’t get to enjoy that luxury anymore, and it can be difficult to carve out any real time to spend with your friends.

Thankfully, planning a friend’s getaway offers people the opportunity to escape from normality for a little while, so that everyone can get the chance to catch up in a fun and relaxing environment. If you and your friends are thinking of planning a holiday, but aren’t sure where to begin, then here is a short guide that you might find useful.

Deciding on your style

Before you book anything, it is important that you and your friends decide on the type of holiday you would like to take. Everyone has different ideas of what the perfect trip should involve, and you might find that you and your friends have conflicting expectations. Once you know for sure exactly what everyone wants, you can find ways to compromise so that everyone is happy, and then start planning your trip from there.

Sharing planning responsibilities

Being the one person that plans the entire trip isn’t only a stressful experience, but it is also a lot of pressure to put on yourself to ensure that the holiday runs smoothly. No one person should have to deal with the stress of booking everything, so it is important to share different responsibilities between your group when it comes to planning the holiday. However, it might be worth putting one friend in charge to coordinate, just to make sure nothing gets missed off of the to-do list.

Deciding a budget

Deciding on a budget can be a difficult situation for groups who earn different amounts of money, but it is important to talk about these financial aspects of your holiday in advance so that you don’t run into conflicts later; after all, everyone needs to feel comfortable with the overall cost of your holiday in order for it to be fair. Luckily, in many respects travelling with a larger group can actually save you money if you plan in advance; for example, if you were to share a luxury villa from le collectionist, instead of paying for multiple hotel rooms, splitting the cost would allow you to afford your own private space to enjoy for the entirety of your trip.

Choosing the best destination

Once you have a budget secured, you can then start looking for the right destination that will meet everyone’s expectations. Your best bet is to choose a location that will offer something for everyone; for example, somewhere such as Ibiza would offer a cultural and tranquil atmosphere in local communities for those who prefer to kick back and relax on holiday. Once you have chosen your destination, you can then start thinking about finding the best affordable accommodation, as well as looking for deals on flights and activities to do during your stay.