Reasons to Build a Solo Travel Blog

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

If traveling and collecting mesmerizing experiences is your big passion, you must have thought about starting a solo travel blog? I know from my own experience that solo traveling is full of interesting experiences, people you meet along the way and exciting sightseeing you capture. What would be a better way to share your experiences from the road with your family and friends than writing a personal travel blog? Also, many travelers are documenting their trips through diaries, but blogging will be a more convenient way to do it. This way your experiences and feelings from the road will be documented on the Internet reaching thousands of interested readers. You can also help people who just decided to go on a trip to a destination you’ve already visited with your tips and advice. If you travel a lot, then it’s a logical sequence to build a travel blog and provide other travelers with valuable information. In this article, I will show you the reasons to create a solo travel blog today.

Share Your Journey with Other Travelers

Many people decide to start traveling alone as it may be hard to find a travel buddy. If you’re waiting for someone to start traveling with you, then you may end up being stuck at home for many years. Don’t be scared and start traveling alone if you need to. The journey and experience you will have during your travels will make you a better person from many aspects. You will see so many things, experience different activities and cultures, talk in a different language, meet beautiful and positive people and have so many stories to tell. As I already mentioned, we’re living in an information era, so what could be a better way to share your stories and journey with people than starting a personal traveling blog? That way, you can reach millions of passionate travelers around the world and help them with your content. Who knows, you may end up finding new interesting friends who may become your traveling partners in the future.

Have a Hobby That Can Become Profitable

Yes, in these ages, many people are living off their online income. There are thousands of ways to make money online, but what could be a better way to earn money than combining your passion and work? If you’re passionate traveler who have a solo travel blog, then you probably have many hobbies where blogging or writing is one of them. If you treat your travel blog as a hobby completely and not stressing your head about financial things, then you’re on the right track to make money. Many people started travel blogs with the goal of making money from the beginning. It's not a right approach as people will notice you’re not writing and interacting with them with passion. If you love to share your story with other people through blogging platforms, people will notice that, and they will follow and share your journey with other people. That way you can make a good living with blogging, but I need to tell you it’s not an easy or fast way to make money. Only passionate people who love to write and blog can make an earning that way.

Learn New Profitable Skills

Starting a solo traveling blog may seem like an easy thing, but there are so many technical things you need to know. You need to set up a proper looking website that will be suitable for travel content. Then you need to set up social media profiles, write a compelling and interesting content and find the ways to reach a targeted audience with the content. It may seem like it’s not hard work, but to become proficient in these things, you’ll need many hours of practice and experimenting with ideas. Also, if you’re passionate about travel writing, which I assume as you plan to start a personal travel blog, then you can score interesting projects as a freelancer. There is a huge market for freelance writers that can write a compelling text which can help you to support yourself on travels while your solo travel blog isn’t profitable yet.

Connect with Like-Minded People

Travel blogs are focused on people who’re passionate about traveling just like you. Blogging is an online mean of interaction about specific topics. If you do everything right, you can expect to have many interactions with like-minded people about your journeys. That can build lasting relationships and great friendships. Also, you may find a traveling buddy that will start traveling extensively with you. Who knows what to future holds?

Starting a solo travel blog is a whole journey that can give you and other people many benefits. If you’re traveling alone around the world, my advice is to create a travel blog where you’ll be sharing the stories from your journey. Be patient and provide people with interesting and high-quality content and in the meantime, you will start earning a good sum of money.