Romanian People

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Romanian people come from Getae and Dacians, who were conquered by the Romans at the beginning of the 2nd century. The Romanian language is the closest language to Latin, together with Rumantsch, one of the 4 official languages of Switzerlandinfo-icon.

The wars with the Romans were so tough that the Romans dedicated a monument to depict them. After the victory, of course. Some say that Latin peoples look alike, but that's not true.

You won't see Italian or Spanish features in Romaniainfo-icon. There is some influence from the French modern architecture. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, was once called “The Little Paris”. But that's all.

Romania was and still is very close to the border of Europeinfo-icon and Asiainfo-icon. This made it very important for people who wanted to conquer Europe.

Migratory people came as well. The Ottomans fought for centuries to conquer the Romanian people. The Austrians occupied a region for many years also.

From all this mix of cultures and wars, Romanian people picked habits, traditions, cuisine styles, language, and many good or bad influences. Ethnic groups are still present in Romania. Hungarians, Saxons, Greeks, Macedonians, Turks, Russians, Bulgarians, and Romas are just some of them.

Culture in Romania

romanian culture

Romanian culture sometimes developed under certain political restriction. The Classics were influenced by the French culture, the Romantics by the German culture, the modern Communists by the Soviet culture, and today culture by the English-speaking cultures.

Romanian people is known for arts and music, for literature and dramatic arts. They are artistic people, ready to sing and dance, to perform and be admired. And if they are not giving the show, they enjoy it. Parties with music and dance are very popular. Weddings usually have live music and a lot of dancing. Traditional folk music is present for events, TV shows, and festivals.

Romanian cuisine has also many influences, from German to Oriental, from Slavic to Balkan. This made it full of flavors, flexible, and very tasty. It's not always easy to guess what you are eating, but it's good anyway.

Romanian people are generous and welcoming. Here you can eat well, sleep well, and party well.

Nature and Geography of Romania

Nature in Romania is simply stunning

Romania has a temperate continental climate, with 4 seasons. Snowy winters and hot summers blossomed springs and golden autumns offer a good time for a journey all year long.

The country is blessed with a beautiful terrain. Carpathians mountains, the Danube, the Black Sea, the Danube Delta, forested hills, and rich plains cover almost any kind of landscape you wish. If you search very well you will find a little desert also.

The Carpathians are still wild and alive. Endless trekking paths are waiting to be discovered. Sometimes only a compass and a map will guide you, but the view is spectacular and deserves it. Ski resorts and seaside resorts are dedicated to the comfort zone.

Travel Ideas for Romania

Bran Castle is a must visit place

Begin your journey in Bucharest, to be amazed by the Parliament Palace, by 18th and 19th-century architecture, by a vivid Old City, and a rich cultural life. Go to the Carpathians and say hello. Brașov is a city that smiles directly to the mountains. It has many Saxons influences, a medieval Old Town, a modern ski resort, and probably the best beer and pies in the area.

If you want to be scared by vampires, but not bitten by one, go to Bran Castle. This castle has little to do with Dracula, but an American writer made a connection and now everybody is convinced that the castle and the Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler are behind this Dracula legend. Actually, there is no legend.

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And no vampires. But you can buy a souvenir with Dracula from the Bran Castle. Just for fun. Besides, the castle is beautiful and situated in a gorgeous mountainous area.

Don't miss the Danube Delta, unique in Europe, a diverse ecosystem declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and a natural park. Here people live by nature's laws. The last remaining wild horses of Europe can be spotted in the Danube Delta.

Final Words About Romanian People

Romanian people during their traditional dance

Romania is a beautiful country, no wonder about that. Nature is so delightful that you will forgive bad roads or anything else. Rich food and party people will make sure you have a wonderful journey. Romanian people are warm, joyful, and easy-going.

They enjoy the good life and are always ready to tell you stories, legends, and jokes. In almost 50 years of Communism, the humor was all that kept them alive. They weren't allowed to speak bad about the Dictator, but the number of jokes that were invented in that period will take years to be told.

It may seem that Romanians don't take life seriously, but this is a defend mode that was practiced for years. Romanian people love to host guests and to spoil them. And the landscape around them seems to be made just for spoiling you as well.

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