Royal Holiday Vacation: Helping With Vacation Jitters

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Traveling for vacation provides an exciting opportunity to go to new places, try new foods and take in different cultures. Vacations can provide a tremendous amount of fun and exciting adventures to explore. Getting away on a dream vacation could be just what you need to rest, relax and recharge your mind and body.

Unfortunately, some individuals become so nervous about taking a vacation because of the stress of flying or other issues. That they could end up having vacation jitters that are difficult to escape. These nerves could even prevent individuals from traveling and exploring remarkable places around the world. 

Vacation or travel jitters could impact an individual in small ways, such as difficulty falling asleep or having an upset stomach. Other individuals can be drastically impacted, even crippling their capacity to book a flight. Thankfully, concentrating on appropriate travel planning and discovering some useful calming techniques can assist most individuals in easing jitters. Some of these techniques are outlined below:

Identify Your Triggers

Different sources contribute to the fear of flying. For some, flying makes them feel claustrophobic. Some individuals experience stress because of a lack of control while flying. Other individuals would be just fine if turbulence was never a factor. Some find that the flight is actually more dreadful than the flight itself. When the cause of the travel jitters is established, you will find techniques to assist with preventing it.

Do Deep Breathing Exercises

Once your flight is booked, start the process of learning soothing breathing techniques. The more these exercises are practiced, the easier it will be to use them when travel jitters show up. For beginners, abdominal breathing is a good exercise. Each day, practice for ten minutes; when you wake up, and your mind is still calm, is an excellent time to start.

Create a Pre-travel Checklist

After packing, go through the contents and double-check that all the necessities are there. You do not want to be en route to the airport before realizing you forgot something important. The list will be affected by the location and duration of your vacation. Some necessities include passport and money, wallet/purse, phone charger, appropriate clothes, footwear, medications, and your plane ticket if you're not checking in online. 

Create an Airplane Bag

Search for the travel time and plan to remain distracted throughout the flight. Doing puzzles, watching a movie, or reading a book are all ways of staying busy. Ensure you think about times during take-off and landing when electronics cannot be used. These are typically the most worrying moments during the flight.

Set the alarm

If your flight leaves early, allow plenty of time to get up, get dressed, organize, and head to the airport. If the flight is later an alarm can be used to remind you when it is time to get ready to leave.  

For most domestic flights, getting to the airport at least 60 minutes before departure is recommended. Arriving 90 minutes before departure is wise if you are checking baggage. Arrive a minimum of 2 hours early for international flights. If you're driving yourself, add 30 minutes more to your travel time; parking is typically a shuttle ride away from the departure lounge.

Follow Your Regular Morning Regimen

Make your bed, drink a cup of tea, or do some stretches. Whatever your regular morning regimen, the more you stick to it, the less worrying the day will appear. Try avoiding additional caffeine as it amplifies feelings of anxiety.

Finalize Your Ride to the Airport

Text or call to confirm the time if a friend is driving you. If you are taking a cab, call the night before and book one. If you are driving yourself, ensure enough gas is in the car.

Use the Restroom: Approximately 10 minutes before boarding, you should attempt to use the restroom. After boarding, there will be about 30 minutes before you are free to move around the cabin. If your travel jitters come from a fear of enclosed spaces, not using the cramped aircraft restroom will help.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership

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All in all, these vacation clubs do their utmost to create the finest experience for a customer. To ensure that they do not have to be concerned about their travel jitters.