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Friday, August 31, 2018

Slovakiainfo-icon is a beautiful place in Central Europeinfo-icon, blessed by nature and by people's hearts. It is a peaceful place, where people dedicate their time to arts, nature, and wellbeing.

That doesn't mean that Slovak people are not good at technology or business. Slovaks share their time between jobs and family like any other nation. 

It means that every aspect of their life is packed under a joyful and respectful attitude.

Culture of Slovakia

The creativity of the street art scene in Bratislava really is blossoming, as it is supported by the local people and the government.

In Slovakia, culture and education are at high standards. Open minded and smart, Slovak people embraced a sustainable life. Their cities are based on a clean environment, on green principles, and on aesthetics. 

Nothing is left behind, and this love for the environment can be seen everywhere. Slovak art blossomed, with state approval and people's encouragement. 

Slovak universities bring learners from all over the world. 

People will tell you that their ancestors loved this land and that love is their legacy. Their natural habitats are organized and regulated as natural parks, with laws to protect them. 

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Stories speak about their great culture of men and women who always come back to their birthplaces. It's like a spell. Slovak people are sensitive souls, with artistic talents, and a peaceful life.

Slovak Cuisine

Slovak beer is known to be one of the most delicious in all of Europe!

Slovak food and drinks are subject to multiple influences. They vary from region to region, as the Slovak people are loyal to their traditions and family recipes. 

Slovaks are used to have gardens and farms, so the ingredients depend on what people grow around the house. It's a tradition of slow cooking, with care and attention. 

Their cuisine can satisfy any desire. From dumplings to potatoes, from all kinds of meat to sausages, from soup to pastry, everything is tasty and appetizing. 

Slovak traditional food includes krvavničky (blood sausage), Fazuľová (bean soup), and Skalický trdelník (sweet pastry baked on a cylindrical spit).

Talking about Slovak beer will take a while, mainly because they love to make craft beer. They also love to drink it and to talk while they drink. 

Sometimes people say the Slovaks drink too much and with every occasion possible. But when the beer is one of your most durable traditions, you probably are used to it, and you call it food or moisturizing. 

You shouldn't talk before trying. Every region has its own beer; you'll have a lot to try.

Places to visit in Slovakia

Bratislava is a perfect contender for the most beautiful capital in Europe.

You cannot plan a journey to Slovakia without including Bratislava on your list of things to do. Bratislava is situated on the Danube River, like Vienna and Budapest, and it is equally beautiful among the most visited European capitals. 

The old town has a medieval flair. The flair that feels like time has stopped centuries ago. Brick roofs and peaceful life urge you to walk, discover, and admire. 

Once called “the town of fountains” ,Bratislava offers castles, churches, legends, history, and architecture. It is a place for arts and admiration.

You cannot leave Slovakia without meeting the high Tatra Mountains. With peaks over 2,000 meters, natural parks, and wildlife, the Tatra Mountains are a dream for every nature lover. 

Trekking and hiking are some kind of national sports. That can explain why are Slovaks so beautiful. Clean air and healthy life, challenging mountains and a preference for outdoor activities are some of the reasons that keep this nation happy. 

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Tatra Mountains are also a winter destination, having some of the prettiest ski resorts in Europe.

Slovak Mentality

Pub culture has established itself as one of the most prominent traditions in Slovakia.

Slovak people have a strong bond with nature. That helps them to be clean and open-minded, to take care of the environment, and to live a healthy life. 

They like to eat, drink, and party, but they also love to stay outdoors, to cycle, to be close to nature. A peaceful glow is on their faces. 

Nothing seems to upset them. They have a beautiful country, a green spirit, and an inner joy. 

The stress can be huge in a European capital. Not in Slovakia. People of Bratislava seem to have found the key to happiness.

Their mentality leads them to education and arts and helps them to understand that life can be beautiful if you know how to live it. They like to have a beer with friends, to use a bicycle as much as possible, and to walk just for fun.

If you are willing to discover more about the Slovak people, pay them a visit. They are warm and welcoming people and will treat you like royalty. They enjoy a good life with respect to the environment, and you should learn this from them. They know to cook and make beer, love to tell stories, and build their towns mostly for people and then for cars. Slovakia is a great country, with fairytale landscapes and friendly people, where you'll feel spoiled and charmed. It is a place to come back to, always with pleasure.

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