Slovenian People

Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Slovenian people are a peaceful nation, made almost entirely by Slovenians and some small ethnic groups (Hungarians and Italians mostly). 

Sharing history both with Western Europeinfo-icon and Eastern Europeinfo-icon, Slovenian people managed to get the best from all of them. Despite a long Socialist period, they succeeded in becoming a modern nation. 

Why were the Slovenian people successful? 

Education in Slovenia is making place for a positive change.

Maybe it was their kind nature, their preference for arts and education, or their complete embrace of sustainability. Perhaps it was the focus on essential things and their endless love for nature.

Maybe it was their respect for traditions and history, their constant care for historical monuments, and their investments in development. 

While walking on Slovenian streets, let yourself get inspired by people’s serenity and smiling faces. The general impression of living with an open heart is present in every café or university.

People enjoy walking, cycling, going for picnics, anything that keeps them outdoor.

Slovenian people are patient and welcoming. So welcoming and patient that sometimes you really have to eat or drink what they are offering to you. 

They have enough patience to convince you. They also have enough patience to give you directions, to help if you are lost. Be respectful and try not to mention the Soviet period. Nobody likes to discuss that. 

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Sloveniainfo-icon is clean and protected areas are treated like sacred places. And even if they are patient and kind and polite, they will not tolerate if you leave garbage behind you.

Culture and Tourism in Slovenia 

Wine in Slovenia starts its production process from vineyards like these.

With three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Slovenian people can be proud of its architectural legacy. Castles, churches, fortresses, from different historical times and with different architectural styles attract tourists year after year. 

They are very well preserved, and their picturesque potential is wisely exploited. Slovenian people are careful and tender. Visual arts, music, performing arts find the sensibility they need. 

Universities bring a new modern life. Young culture blossoms. Cultural events and manifestations are encouraged and supported by the state.

Slovenian people are also careful with their food and wines. They mix Hungarian and Austrian cuisine with Mediterranean flavors and Balkan influences. Tradition is still present in Slovenian food, especially around holidays. 

Unique dishes are prepared for Christmas and celebrations. Family and religion are important in their life. Slovenian people may just found the recipe of happiness: kindness, love, peace, arts, and good food. 

Nature and Geography of Slovenia

Slovenia has a special relationship with its forest.

Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europeinfo-icon. It has a little bit of the Alps and a little bit of the Adriatic Sea coastline. It has karst topography, with gorges and caves that make any geologist dream come true. 

Natural parks are typical here. Almost 40% of Slovenia's land is part of a protected area. Slovenian people love nature, and you can see this in the countryside and urban areas. Sustainability is a real way of life in this country.

Slovenia has a temperate climate, influenced by the regional relief (alpine in the North and Mediterranean in the South). This means four good seasons to plan a journey, seaside resorts, winter sports resorts, and a high biological diversity. 

Plants, animals, and humans live in harmony.

Traveling in Slovenia

Lake Bled can really look like it was torn out from a fairytale book during December and the winter months.

It's really hard to decide what to see in Slovenia if you don't have enough time for everything.

Romantic castles, medieval cities, stunning landscapes, Slovenia has them all. But, if you have to choose, visit Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

It is a green city that embraces nature and peaceful life. Ljubljana has an old town and a castle that seems designed for fairy tales. It also has many places to walk or to cycle, cafes and bistros, museums and parks. 

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You will understand how the Slovenian people live by taking long walks, take part in festivals, and feel the city life. They have a certain serenity and purity that must be felt.

Another must-see place is the only island in Slovenia. Situated on Lake Bled, an oasis in the heart of Julian Alps, the island is home only for a church. 

Traditional wooden boats will take you there. If you walk around the lake, you'll come across a castle and beaches. 

The general impression on Slovenia is calmness and happiness. Slovenian people can make anyone feel welcomed. They have artistic natures, strong education, and a lot of common sense. It isn’t impossible to upset them, but it really difficult to do it. Life can be better, so why can’t we be happier? Learn the recipe from the Slovenian people. Live outdoor as much as possible, be healthy and open-minded, respect nature and try to live sustainable are just some of the Slovenian criteria. And if you see how beautiful their country is, how clean and well maintained and how smart managed it is, you’ll see that their recipe gives results.

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