Get a Real-Life Experience with a Small Group Tour

Friday, October 27, 2017

Small group tours are perfect for individuals who don’t have a travel partner, but still want to break from their comfort zone, meet new people and learn about the cultures around the world.

So, you want to start traveling and exploring the world, but it seems impossible to convince your friends to share the journey with you? Traveling alone seems very scary to some people because you’ll find yourself in an entirely different world known to you. Some people even give up the idea of traveling because they can’t find a partner to travel with.

Don’t limit yourself and stop with traveling plans because you didn’t find anyone who would travel with you as many organizations are bringing people with same interests together. Imagine you find yourself surrounded with like-minded people who share the same hobbies and values as you traveling and exploring the world. Do you want to avoid being just another regular tourist and for once not flow with an endless stream of visitors through the latest attraction? Do you seek for real-life experiences like hiking through jungles, connecting with locals learning about their tradition, language and blending in their culture?

If that idea sounds good to you, I would love to share some organizations that offer small group tours around the world, connecting people and making relationships that will last forever.

small group tour

Small Group Tours are Perfect for People Who Don’t Want to Travel Alone

There are hundreds of different organizations who are offering small group tours, but only a few offer a real-life experience where you can feel and touch the local lifestyle. Those small group tours are perfect for real travelers who are seeking something different than a boring exploration with the mass of other tourists. Intrepid Travel, G adventures, and Geckos Adventures are perfect organizations to explore the world through entirely different perspective.

  • Intrepid Travel was established in 1988 by two adventures and now organizes real-life adventures for more than 100,000 people each year. Small group tours as these are perfect for people who want to connect with like-minded people and learn about different cultures around the world more effectively. Depending on your travel style, you can choose to have an uncommon travel experience like cycling through the countries, trying traditional food around the world, sail the most beautiful seas, trek through the nature, experience wildlife or even go to Antarctica. Also, if you want to bring your family to share the experience with you, there are many options available for families. You can choose your travel style, a country of your taste, then read their itineraries and book a great journey. Intrepid Travel is taking care of all the logistics, from transportation over accommodation up to local visits and experiences.
  • Another interesting organization that offers unforgettable and uncommon travel experiences is called G adventures. They organize your adventure that is supporting local communities, and their official mission is to make the world a better place. If you want to meet new positive people who’re on the mission of changing the world while learning about different cultures and places, this organization may be perfect for you. You know that booking process and planning the whole trip can be exhaustive, but you don’t worry as G Adventures takes care of it. It’s up to you to choose the destination and your preferences, and they will take care of the rest. They are offering different types of adventures like local living, national geographic journeys, water trips, active and YOLO journeys. Depending on your current fitness level and preferences, you can find a real-life experience journey in a small group that will suit you the best.
  • Geckos Adventures is the perfect organization for people who want to have a lasting impact on the world and communities around it. Their trips mainly focus on experiencing the life in local communities, blending in their culture and helping their communities in solving the problems. Every continent is covered with exciting trips, and their special offer is a festival trip. If you want to visit a particular festival so hard, it’s the perfect time to check what they have to offer. Oh, they also offer last minute deals where you can find exciting trips for a reduced price.


Have a meaningful and lasting real-life experience now

If you always thought about having a different travel experience and have a positive impact on the world, now you’re aware that there are many great options available. For real travelers who want to explore the world through different lenses and have a real-life experience, the organizations listed above are the perfect gateways to live life with full lungs.

To get involved with local communities, learning their tradition, language, cooking process and make the world a better place, I encourage you to do further research about the listed organizations.

What’s your travel style and have you ever took a trip that offered a real-life experience in a small group of people who’re sharing the same values as you?