Challenges and Benefits of Solo Traveling

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

So, you love to travel with your partner, travel buddies or family but never did solo traveling? Passionate travelers usually look for challenges each time they plan the new trip. What could be a better challenge than start solo traveling? I know that idea sounds crazy, especially for people who never traveled alone, but when you think about it, there are many benefits of traveling that way. It’s pointless to only talk about the benefits as there are many obstacles solo travelers will face along the way. These things will only strengthen and better you as a person as you’ll constantly be outside your comfort zone. In this article, I would talk about the benefits as well as challenges you’ll face once you hit the road alone.

What are the Challenges of Solo Traveling?

There are so many challenges solo travelers will face along the way. The first challenges show even before the trip takes place. You know the struggle of planning and organizing everything regarding accommodation, plane ticket and destination tours. If you never traveled alone, then you think the initial planning process might be easier when more people are involved. This time, you’ll do everything alone. Of course, it will give you the complete freedom when it comes to planning your trip, but it will take you more time, and it will cost you a bit more. For instance, when you’re traveling with friends, you’re splitting the expenses of accommodation and domestic transport which means solo traveling could hit your wallet harder. Also, feeling lonely can be a huge challenge for some people, especially if you go on a longer road trip. Solo travelers are spending a lot of time on their own which can naturally trigger loneliness.

The challenge and solution are to interact with more people than usually. Being on your own, you naturally have a higher desire to engage with strangers. This not only opens new opportunities but also opens your mind towards strangers. You will be surprised how helpful most people around the globe are! The biggest challenge of solo traveling is the level of safety. Some places aren’t the safest in the world by default, so when you’re traveling alone, you should know how to take extra care of yourself. Your luggage, belongings and even pockets are an easy target, and you can’t leave them unintended for a minute. If anything happens to your belongings, you will additionally struggle to take care of it. Although you will be facing many challenges and obstacles along the way, these events will strengthen you as a person as you’ll constantly be outside your comfort zone. Eventually, you will also learn how materialistic possessions are not as valuable as advertising makes us believe.

What are the Benefits of Solo Traveling?

Solo traveling provides you with the ultimate freedom that you can’t have if you’re traveling with someone. You can create your schedule and follow it without making compromises with other people. Imagine how much time and energy you will save by agreeing which places or things you want to visit and do. You’re your boss during the trip, and you can do whatever you want. Another interesting benefit is meeting new interesting and positive people. It’s a real challenge to force yourself to meet new people each day, but that’s a life of a solo traveler. The last thing you want to avoid is to isolate yourself in spend time in your hotel room checking sightseeing during the day. You need to have more interactions with people not to feel lonely or bored. It will be hard at first, especially if you’re not a natural extrovert, but after some time you’ll get used to speaking with many new people each day.

solo traveling

Imagine how many stories you’ll hear in a short period and how many new relationships you’ll form. That will definitely improve your confidence and talking skills to another level. Traveling alone has one exciting benefit that will enable you to become more comfortable with yourself. As you start to explore new locations, you genuinely want to see and make connections with people you really want to talk to. As an additional benefit, you will learn more about yourself too. You will have enough time to spend with yourself and observe things around you. That way, you will definitely learn more about people, places, and cultures which will give you an other perspectives on life.

The most significant challenge is to plan and organize everything by yourself, but believe me, it also can be a huge benefit. The reason for that is that you’ll become advanced in planning which is a great life skill not only for travelers but regular lifestyle too. Traveling solo means you’re entirely on your own, so you need to think of yourself regarding everything. That way, you will grow up as a person faster, and you have a chance to reach your real potential.

Have you ever traveled alone? What were the hardest challenges and benefits you experienced during your solo traveling expeditions?