How to Start Your Own Solo Travel Blog

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Okay, you thought about writing your solo travel blog, but you don’t know where to start and don’t have any technical skills? As we’re living in a globalized world where internet access is becoming a standard in most places, people create more and more personal blogs. Blogs are the platforms for sharing your personal story or exciting and valuable content that can improve the lives of their readers. Globalization enables more people to travel around the world alone, as most countries become more accessible and safe. So it’s not a strange thing that more people started to write their personal travel blogs, sharing their journey. If you’re passionate about traveling and writing is your hobby, what could be a better way than starting a solo travel blog? If you think you need a lot of money and knowledge, don’t worry as all necessary information can be found online. In this article, I will explain the crucial steps to start your own personal travel blog. Believe me, it’s not hard at all even if you don’t have technical knowledge.

Pick a Sound Blog Name

Before starting a solo travel blog, you need to brainstorm a name for your blog. It shouldn’t be something long as people won’t remember that. You should aim to make your blog name short and memorable, so you could create a brand around that name in the future if needed. If you think you found the best name, don’t rush as it’s probably not the best or suitable name. Ask your friends or travel partners for advice and include them in a brainstorm session. That way, you’ll get more ideas and suggestions to pick from. I advise you to take at least seven days for brainstorming as the blog name is something crucial as it will represent your story in front of potentially millions of readers.

Choose Hosting and Install Wordpress

When you’ve found a sound blog name, and you decided to use it after a long brainstorming period, it’s time to register that domain name. Once you registered a domain name, you need to host it somewhere so your solo travel blog can become live on the internet. You will do it by choosing a hosting provider for your blog. There are many cheap but high-quality hosting providers around the internet, and it will be a necessary investment. The great news is that it will cost you only a few bucks per month which will be even more reduced if you take it annually. I advise you to check BlueHost, HostGator or GoDaddy as these are very reliable hosting companies that offer outstanding customer service. When you choose a hosting provider, and you set up the domain, it’s time to install Wordpress on the site. All of the mentioned hosting companies offer one-click-installation of Wordpress which makes things so easy.

Solo Travel Blog using Wordpress
Solo Travel Blog using Wordpress

Learn to Use Wordpress

There are hundreds of tutorials available online for free that will show you how to use Wordpress. It will take you around one week to learn basic things and start using the platform the right way. After you become knowledgeable on how to write your first post, make menus and pages, you can start with a bit more technical things. First, you need to pick a right theme design for you solo travel blog. There are many free designs available which can serve you pretty well, but if you want your blog to look more professional, I recommend checking ThemeForest for premium themes. You won’t pay much money for the theme, but it can improve user experience drastically which will make your travel blog more attractive to interested readers. Also, when you picked and installed the theme, you should add some plugins and customize the theme to meet your needs. It’s not hard as Wordpress doesn’t require any coding skills and you can do everything using intuitive menus and drag-and-drop.

Write Content and Share It with Travelers

Once you got everything set up and your blog is live, then you should think about the content to write. If you’re a long-term solo traveler, I guess you had so many interesting experiences from the road which would be great for readers. Just start with writing and sharing your stories from the road, experiences, different cultures and perspectives of people, attractions, you got the idea. It’s impossible to run out of ideas if you’re a passionate traveler. For travelers who don’t have a proper writing skills or time to write content regularly, they can invest money in content writing. There are so many experienced travel writers that are offering their writing services on different platforms like UpworkText Broker, or Airtasker. Once you have a good amount of articles on your blog, it’s time to make it social. Create social profiles on most popular social media networks, connect with other travelers and share your content with them. That way, you will make the possibility of your content going viral while connecting with like-minded people in traveling niche.

solo travel blog with friends
solo travel blog with friends

Did you plan to start a solo travel blog soon? You just read necessary steps of doing it and believe me, it’s relatively easy to set up your own site. Of course, it requires skills, but after some time, your writing and marketing skills will become better, and your solo travel blog will become more popular and profitable.  Also, don't forget to go into details and read an ultimate guide on starting a travel blog.