Stop overthinking and start living the life you want

Friday, November 10, 2017

I hope, you wonder why I want you to stop overthinking. Maybe you pause and think a few minutes about it… People’s imagination seems to be limitless. Our wonderful mind is a subject scientists have been studying for ages and have only accomplished a small part of their analysis. Our mind is both, a mystery and a powerful tool, as well as a machine that is capable of producing a masterpiece. Our mind is always busy. Thinking, planning, imagining things. However, we are the ones who can give direction to our thoughts, because we are the ones who have a choice. When we need to take a decision, especially an important one, it takes a lot of courage and thinking. Self-evaluation and critical thinking are important, of course. However, it is also vital to stop overthinking and call for action.

Always think, but do more!

There are some things we cannot change. We have to accept that. Thinking about them over and over will not help. The sooner you realize it, the better. It is pointless to think endlessly about things you cannot control. Overthinking is not going to lead you anywhere, so it is better to focus on something you can change after thinking about it. Someone wise once said, “If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude to it”. This is a great piece of advice. You should think, analyze, and then act. Thinking is an important stage in this process, but it must not take too much time, because whatever is considered as “over” is not healthy. It means you are not going to benefit from it. That is why you should stop overthinking and start living a happy life.

What effect does overthinking have on you

Why overthinking can be dangerous? Mainly, because it steals your precious time and gets you further from making your dreams come true. If you do not take action promptly, you will start thinking about it again and again, developing all the possible scenarios and imagining all the “what if” situations. On the energetic level overthinking is also not doing much help. Spending your energy on overthinking, you are not going to benefit. It is much better to use that energy to start creating things, act and enjoy the results of those actions. I am not saying that it is a good idea to take rash decisions. Of course, you should think about the results of your actions ahead of time. You should anticipate possible consequences and have a clear picture of what your actions will most likely lead to. There will always be some unexpected circumstances involved, and you might end up with a different outcome. You cannot possibly predict those circumstances, no matter how hard you think of the issue you are trying to solve. So, the best decision is to act promptly and be flexible.

overthinking statue
thinking statues by Vigeland in Oslo, Norwayinfo-icon

Techniques which help you start living the life you want

If you have decided to stop overthinking and change your life, creating a plan of action which has to be taken, you are on the right track. However, remember to take time doing self-reflection and situation analysis. Critical thinking is also important, but what is even more meaningful is the ability to stop quickly to take action. Don’t get lost in those thoughts about possible consequences of your actions. The only way to check if your plan is going to work or not, simply calls it for action. There is no ideal formula for success, but there is a technique, which has proved to be working very well.

This scheme guarantees success and happiness in life. As you can see, it does involve thinking, but the key to the success is acting quickly and reflecting on your actions. This reflection will help you act more wisely next time, which will bring better results.

Say no to overthinking

Some people choose to live by today. Not thinking about your future and consequences of your deeds is irresponsible, you might say. True enough. However, when you are overthinking, it is no good, either. That is why, when you stop overthinking you open so many opportunities for yourself, you get to see the ways to deal with difficulties and find solutions to the issues. Keeping your mind sharp and your thoughts in order, you will reach your goals faster and more easily.

Letting your mind free and allowing yourself be positive and open-minded is a great way to start your new life. Mindful lifestyle does make a difference. There should be some golden middle in everything, so do not take radical sides. Thoughtless attitude is not going to provide you with the life you are dreaming of. Nor is overthinking. Those are two radical points. And somewhere in between lays your path to the life you want.

So, stop overthinking today, and tomorrow will be brighter and happier for sure.