Visit More Countries with a Free Stopover Flight

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

So, you become experienced in traveling and airport process become just another routine for you? Do you want to explore more countries by taking a regular flight? The most renowned flight companies offer many things, including a free stopover flight. Imagine you have a booked flight from Paris to Bangkok, but with one stop in Doha and you’re able to explore that city on the expense of the company.

If you like that idea and you want to experience and visit more countries by taking a regular flight then keep reading.

What is a Stopover Flight and Different Available Options

There is one thing you should know before planning to visit another country, and that’s a difference between stopover and layover.

Layover is when you have an international flight with the stop, and you switch planes during the journey. Layover lasts for a few hours top, and there is no much time to explore as you have airport process in front of you.

At the other hand, a stopover is a layover that lasts more than 12 hours for international flights. This gives you an extra chance to visit more countries and have a quality break on long flights. There are many options regarding stopover flights, so the best thing is to check the offer with your airway company. Some companies offer a fully-inclusive stopover free of charge while other charges or even offer the option but at the extra cost while buying the ticket.

There is another fascinating option where you can combine layovers and stopovers to explore many countries – multi-city flights. It could be hard to book that ticket, but with the research, you can find the tickets that are passing through a few locations before reaching the destination. The thing is that you can combine the flights to have a few stopovers on the locations you’d like to visit. Imagine how many countries you can visit on the way to your final destination using multi-flights!

free stopover flight

How to Find a Free Stopover Flight and Explore More Places

Many airlines offer a free stopover, while some offer a stopover, but be ready to pay more for the initial ticket. I like to check the airlines that offer a free stopover flights before booking an international flight ticket. Why shouldn’t you take a chance to stay in a good hotel and explore the city without making changes in your budget?

Every airway has different stopover options, so it’s crucial to mention the best deals you can get for free.

  • Qatar Airways offers a free stopover flight if your international flight is going through Doha. You can stay in Doha up to 96 hours for free! The transit visa and booked hotel are included, and it’s free of cost! Your stay length in Doha depends on the class of the ticket, and so economy class passengers can stay up to 24 hours in the hotel, while business and first class have 48 hours stay included. Such a perfect way to visit more countries and explore Doha for free!
  • Emirates has a stopover offer if you’re flying through Milan or Dubai. International flights could be very exhaustive, so why not to spend a night in these two cities while on the way to the final destination? For example, you can stay in Milan on your way to the destination and spend a night in Dubai while going back home. That way, you can break the flight time and also explore two beautiful cities free of any cost.
  • China Southern offers a free stopover in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai if you plan to stay up to 72 hours in any of the cities. The great news is that you don’t need a visa for your visit if it doesn’t last more than 72 hours.
  • If you want to visit more countries in Scandinavia using a stopover, there is an option if you’re flying with Finnair to stay in Helsinki up to 5 days. The city offers something for everyone, from a crazy nightlife to interesting architecture and history.
  • If you fly to USAinfo-icon or Canadainfo-icon from Europeinfo-icon, there is an attractive option to stay in Reykjavik up to 7 days using Icelandair Airways. They even offer a free tourist guide that will help you during your exploration of the city. Also, if you’re nature lover, you may get a chance to see the northern lights there. Everything for free!
  • The interesting offer comes from Hawaiian Airlines if you’re flying from North Americainfo-icon to Asiainfo-icon or South Pacific. They offer an unlimited stay in Honolulu, so if you plan to relax during your flight, what could be better than spending few days in Hawaii?

free stopover flight
free stopover flight

Visit more countries using free stopover flights

Not many people know the free stopover options are available, but now you know that some airlines offer you the exploration of the cities around the world free of additional cost. You can even visit more countries for free with this little trick.

Have you ever used a free stopover flight when flying with some particular airlines? What’s your experience?