Swiss People

Sunday, December 17, 2017

According to the recent Quality of Life report, Switzerlandinfo-icon and Swiss people rank atop the list of the Best Places to Live. I can tell you first hand, as a Swiss, out of all of the many countries I have visited and stayed in, Switzerland has it all. There’s no question about the happiness and unity of these 8 million people even though one-quarter of the population is foreign born – a real testament to what a fantastic place Switzerland is.

All walks of life, whether it be close neighbors of bordering countries or the adventurers from halfway around the world, Switzerland has always found a new and exciting way to captivate people into calling it home.

Meet the Swiss People

Swiss people are very friendly and hospital

It’s the little things that matter, and lucky for you, the Swiss never seem to disappoint. They’re some of the most genuine, warm, mathematic savvy, and friendly people you'll ever meet. The smiles never seem to leave their faces, and if they do, it’s probably because you invaded their personal space.

Want to know why the Swiss people have the second longest life expectancy (live on an average of 83 years) in the world? They don’t invade each other's personal space.

You’ll come to find how considerate they are for others, despite some bad eggs who may blow smoke in your face – some of which could be marijuana (over 120 tons smoked each year). Marijuana is legal here to grow and smoke, but don’t try to sell it because you’ll go straight to jail.

Although over 25% of the people smoke, as unhealthy as it may be, the Swiss people are incredibly fit and active people. They even don’t mind showing off their bodies any time they like – after all, Switzerland has many public nudity locations, and even some places like spas have an entire nudist appointed area.

The Wonderful Nature and Geography of Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the most unique landscapes!

You cannot possibly get closer to what heaven may be like that the tremendous geography of Switzerland. The views are truly magnificent—over 200 scenic mountains (20% of Switzerland are The Alps) call Switzerland home, giving way to the breathtaking Alpine Passes lined with glaciers.

However, mountains are not the only thing in abundant supply here. You are never more than 15 kilometers from a lake or river at any one place in Switzerland. It’s also in this wondrous land that you can journey down three separate rivers and end up in three different bodies of water in and around Europeinfo-icon.

Switzerland is a truly beautiful place to visit no matter the time of year. Spring comes with its dramatic switching of temperature and a lot of rain. The summer months tend to be downright brutal, reaching temperatures of 35 ̊C. Although the Alps do act as a climate buffer for most of Switzerland, higher elevations in the Alps, especially during winter can expect sub-zero temperatures and what seems like endless snowfall. It's the perfect place to be in winter if you love winter sports like skiing and tobogganing (created in Switzerland).

The Culture of the Swiss People

Swiss people has a rich culture and interesting traditions

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that the Swiss people are masters of being process-oriented. Some of the best inventions of all time have come from the great minds of the Swiss-born. These inventions include Velcro, X-ray machines, Aluminum foil, Milk Chocolate (Nestle), Nescafe (instant coffee), the World Wide Web, Swiss Army Knife, and the Bobsleigh.

The Swiss are governed by a council of seven leaders, unlike a majority of the rest of the world who are regulated by a single leader. It’s these leaders who planned for all worst-case scenarios to have their country prepared for any threat, attack, or Nuclear War. Switzerland has precautions in place that will blow every exit and entrance into their land in case of an attack, and have enough Nuclear Shelters to fit the entire country’s population and then some.

The Swiss are in love with chocolate and consume more chocolate per year than any other country. Not to mention, Nestlé (Swiss Chocolate Company) buys 20% of the world's cocoa beans every year, that alone should prove their love for the gooey deliciousness of the cocoa bean.

Switzerland has one of the largest average annual salaries per person in the world, with teachers being one of the higher wages. Also, in Switzerland, it’s illegal to own only one social pet, like a dog or guineainfo-icon pig. It’s required you have to own at least two because animals are prone to loneliness.

Interesting Facts About Switzerland

Landscape in Switzerland is simply amazing!

Travelling brings out the best of you and often opens your eyes to a new way of life. However, sometimes a country’s way of life just may leave you with a bewildering and shocked look.

For some, it may be surprising to hear that Assisted Suicide is perfectly legal here in Switzerland.  Also, all men here are required to complete mandatory Military service for their country. Women do not hold that same requirement, although equality of genders is still an evolving system, as women weren’t given the complete right to vote until 1990.

Lastly, over 45% of Swiss people own at least one gun, yet there is almost zero-gun violence. Other countries like the USAinfo-icon may be going through a prominent issue with loose gun regulations, but here in Switzerland, it’s not for protection or intimidation but rather an emergency tool if some of those worst-case scenarios like I listed before began a reality.

Like the old adage goes, “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

Traveling in Switzerland

Travel switzerland

You can expect nothing but pure joy when you finally convince yourself to visit my charming home of Switzerland. Everywhere you go this fantastic place will captivate you, displaying scenic views that are unlike anything you could ever imagine.

Grab your boots, pack a hearty lunch equipped with some of Switzerland’s most famous cheese (Emmentaler, Sbrinz, Gruyère and Appenzeller – over 100 variations from hard to soft cheeses), and climb your way to the top of Mt. Pilatus. Feel the rush of pure joy gazing out over the world in a little piece of heaven all for you.

The excitement doesn’t stop there though. Switzerland is home to amazing cities and even more enchanting sights. Witness first hand Spring Carnival in Basel, bask in the electricity of the crowds and the liveliness of the streets. Hop on a boat or cruise and drift down the Rhine River, all the way to gaze in wonderment at the beauty of the spectacular waterfall of the Rhine Falls.

Switzerland is perfect for long or short hikes. With plenty of mountains, lakes, rivers, and Alpine Pass's at your disposal, you just cannot pass on the opportunity. Not to mention, spring to autumn are great times for cycling, extreme sports like Paragliding off cliffs or mountain climbing the steep faces of high peaks and tennis. Of course, the winter season brings with it winter sports like skiing, Luge, bobsleighing, ice skating, and hockey. Zermatt and St. Moritz are only two of many villages for ski lovers and fans of snowcapped mountains. Also, if you're looking for hiking around the Swiss Alps, don't forget to get details about Zermatt hiking trails and plan your hiking adventure. 

Cities like Bern, Lucerne, Geneva, Montreux, and the old Village of Appenzell will certainly have your head over heels with staying in this country forever. Lastly, no trip can be called a journey without heading to Zurich.

Although it’s not the capital (Bern is), Zurich is by far the most exciting and lively cities in the world. An intoxicating nightlife and annual street parades throughout this urban jungle, all the while keeping its historical roots with many heritage and historical sights (the original town at its core) including the Grossmünster Church.

Switzerland in the End!

Switzerland is one of the best countries you could possibly visit

When it comes down to it, traveling is only about one thing, experience. You can go anywhere in the world, and yet something calls to you in Switzerland. I don’t blame you at all, Switzerland from the top of the Alps to the world’s longest tunnel under the Alps, Gotthard Tunnel, has something for everyone.

However, the sights and landscapes are what draw us all in. The sheer beauty entices us to want more, and when you finally give in and get here, you realized how amazing this country and the Swiss people are.

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