Thailand Destinations You Have Not Heard Before

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thailandinfo-icon is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. Top Thailand destinations include Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and many more. Most people who have traveled to Thailand have been to or even just heard about many of the tourist favorites. 

Thailand is a fantastic country to explore. It has a mix of major cities as well as remote tropical islands. It’s also a place with a vibrant cultural heritage. Many of the landmarks and must-see places in Thailand are from historic influence on the nation.

The cities more frequently visited by tourists have large industries developed around them. Visiting some places that you may not have heard about will give you an authentic local experience.

Suphan Buri

The Gate City Pillar Shrine in Suphan Buri.

Suphan Buri is a very significant place in Thailand that you may not have heard about. It’s actually a well-known tourist place to visit for locals in the central region of Thailand. 

A significant portion of the tourism in Suphan Buri focuses on sightseeing the abundance of temples, statues, and other landmarks. It’s a large city with places to visit almost everywhere.

The most famous attraction to Suphan Buri is Wat Phra Rup, the reclining Buddha statue. Out of all the best Thailand destinations, this statue is said to have the most beautiful face in the country. 

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In addition to the landmarks here, the entire region is filled with ancient towns that have their own unique characteristics. You can take a day trip tour to see original architecture and ruins.

You can learn more about Suphan Buri at the National Museum. The museum hosts exhibitions that chronicle the development of the city. You can stop by to see a variety of historical sites still standing. 

One of the best times to visit Suphan Buri is during a festival. There are annual and monthly festivals that celebrate different occasions. Some of the festivals let you party all night.


Another one of the lesser known Thailand Destinations is Chachoengsao. It will give a large contrast to the major cities since it’s only a small town in central Thailand. 

You can arrive via a short train ride from Bangkok. Day trips are common to a destination like this.

The best attribute of the town is the riverside location along the Bang Pakong River. This town was developed along the river, and it still plays a huge part today.

The most iconic landmark in Chachoengsao is the Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan temple. This temple holds the most important Buddha image in the region. Visitors are allowed to enter the temple. Perhaps the best part of the temple is the rooftop that is open to guests. The riverside temple gives you panoramic views of the entire town.

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Other places of interest include one of the largest Pink Reclining Ganesha idols in Thailand. Boat cruises are prevalent along the river while the Ban Mai Riverside Market will let you experience a small town local market.

Pak Nam

The official name of this province is Samut Prakan. Pak Nam is the most common name for the area. The name comes from its position in the Gulf of Thailand at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. 

You can visit while being nearby to other places in Krabi and Bangkok. It’s definitely a great place to explore because of its proximity to them. 

A lot of the city has developed into an industrial center along the river’s coastline. There are a lot of notable buildings to discover while visiting Pak Nam. The temples definitely stand out with their traditional architecture. 

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You can also find a museum, a rare venue for the area. This entire region is known for its beautiful landscape, so many of the attractions are found outside of the city. 

Pak Nam makes it convenient for seeing the sights and enjoying the most in the city. Pak Nam boasts a fun nightlife. A large night market can be found here with people always flowing between the bars and restaurants that surround it.

Chiang Dao

The Chiang Dao mountain is a part of Pha Daeng National Park.

Chiang Dao is a mountain town located in northern Thailand. It will be one of the highest Thailand destinations that you ever visit. The Chiang Dao mountain is the third highest mountain in Thailand. 

The entire mountain and its surrounding area are part of the Chiang Dao National Park. This park was set up for tourism and preservation of the area. 

Many tourists come to climb the mountain. Hiking is very popular here. Treks up the mountain can extend for multiple days while camping each night. 

You can imagine some of the best viewpoints in Thailand are here. The highest peak of the mountain, Doi Luang Chiang Dao, will give you impressive views over the mountain valleys.

The Chiang Dao caves are also a favorite tourist place to see. This intricate cave system is open for visitors to explore. You can hike through the dark caverns and chambers.


Wat Phra That Hariphunchai temple at night.

Lamphun is also located in northern Thailand. This destination is excellent if you want to see a local city with very little tourism from foreigners. The only means of getting here is by bus or rented car from one of the nearby major cities.

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The main attraction to this city is Wat Phra That Hariphunchai. This temple is known for its gilded towers. It’s also on the back of one of the Thai coins. 

Other places to visit here include national parks, temples, etc. Lamphun is an example of an ancient Thai city.

There are many Thailand destinations still untouched by a lot of tourism. The great thing about these lesser known places to visit is that they allow you to see the true Thailand. It’s a place with rich culture and an exciting history. There are landmarks to be seen all around the country. Other places are hidden gems that mainly locals visit. If you were to ask them, they may say it’s one of the most popular Thailand destinations. You can find resorts, restaurants, and things to do in almost any large city in Thailand. The towns and small villages are places to go to see the local way of life.

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