The Best Cities for Solo Travel in Italy

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Italyinfo-icon is one of the world's best destinations for solo adventures. The country has many incredible places you can explore solo, from bustling cities to historic towns and incredibly stunning countryside. And being one of Europeinfo-icon's most visited destinations, there's a good chance you'll meet a fellow traveller who will be happy to join in your adventures. 

To help you plan your trip, here are some of the best cities for solo travel in Italy.

1. Bergamo, Lombardy

Bergamo is a picturesque small town in the Lombardy region and a fantastic destination for those taking a solo holiday to Italy. Located close to Milan, it can make for an easy day trip from the fashion capital. The city's picturesque old town is a delight to explore on foot, with quaint cobblestone streets lined with small shops and restaurants.

Take a leisurely stroll through the city's famous Piazza Vecchia. Its charming ambiance, dating back to the 15th century, is peppered with several restaurants and cafes that provide a great backdrop for relaxation after a day of touring.

Explore the Campanone Tower, a 12th-century landmark, and ascend its more than 200 steps to enjoy panoramic views of the city. You can enjoy more incredible views at Rocca di Bergamo, a 14th-century castle in Citta Alta that now serves as a museum. It also boasts marvellous views of the park on the front, perfect for relaxing and soaking up the scenery.

Don't miss visiting the Colleoni Chapel on Piazza Duomo, which dates back to the 15th century and now serves as the city's main church. It has a pretty facade featuring red and white marble in Italian Renaissance style.

2. Cefalù, Sicily

Cefalu is a charming city in Sicily with a historic old centre and picturesque cobblestone streets full of character. If you're looking to travel solo to Italy, Cefalu is an ideal destination. Here, you'll find many things to keep you entertained, even when alone.

Head to the town's central square, where you'll find the magnificent Cefalù Cathedral with the majestic mountain in the background. It towers above the city's many buildings, surrounded by lively terraces, shops, restaurants, and a gelateria. Make your way towards the promenade and venture into small alleyways, where you'll discover plenty of hidden gems.

Head to the scenic Molo di Cefalu pier, one of the best places to soak up the town's natural charms. From here, you can marvel at the iconic fishermen's houses and enjoy a refreshing dip at a small beach.

If you're into museums, the Mandralisca Museum is a must-visit. It features the fascinating collection of the Mandralisca family, including ceramics and pottery. 

One of Cefalu's biggest draws is its beautiful beaches. It boasts 1.6-km-long golden sand with pebbled beaches hugging the shoreline. Visit Spiaggia del Porto Vecchio in the city's historic centre, surrounded by orange-roofed houses, making it an ideal spot to relax after sightseeing.

3. Tropea, Calabria

When planning your solo trip, it's worth considering booking some fascinating luxury tours around Italy, an excellent way for solo travellers to explore the country. You can customise them to include places you want to see. For instance, if you prefer to venture into Italy's lesser-visited region, consider visiting Tropea in Calabria. 

Surrounded by the spectacular blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the picturesque clifftop town is renowned for its charming town centre and fantastic beaches. Solo travellers will find plenty to enjoy here. Visit Grotta dell'Isola, one of Tropea's most photographed sites. Nature's powers carved this hidden jewel into the rocky environment, which is nestled on a quiet stretch of sand and presents a stunning sight to behold.

If you want to spend your day at the beach, head to La Spiaggia Della Rotonda, Tropea's most famous beach. You will love swimming and soaking up its calm waters. The beach looks even more beautiful with the pastel-coloured buildings of the old town as its backdrop.

Joining a boat tour is a fun way to discover Tropea's incredible charms, where you stop for swims and snorkels, sunbathing on the deck, and relaxing on a secluded beach. You will find companies that can put you in a group of other tourists for a boat tour.

4. Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna is one of Italy's most beautiful regions, boasting remarkably varied landscapes, sun-soaked Adriatic beaches, and picturesque cities like Bologna. While Bologna may be known as Italy's food capital, it offers many other things for solo travellers to explore. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere with fascinating historical and cultural attractions.

A stroll through Piazza Maggiore, the heart of the city, is enough to appreciate the beauty of this fascinating city. Wander around the piazza and admire its centuries-old medieval buildings, including the City Hall and the main cathedral, the Basilica di San Petronio. Have a break at one of the cafes, order a cup of espresso, and soak up the lively atmosphere as you watch locals and tourists go out and about.

As Italy's food capital, you will have a wonderful time discovering Bologna's gastronomic scene. Only a few steps from Piazza Maggiore, you'll find Quadrilatero, the city's oldest market, which offers the perfect spot for discovering authentic Bolognese dishes. You'll find a line of stalls selling everything, including delectable local wine, perfect with Lasagna Bolognese and Tortellini al Brodo.

5. Verona, Veneto

Solo travellers who are big fans of Romeo and Juliet will be familiar with Verona, the setting of the famous Shakespeare's play. The UNESCO World Heritage City is rich in history, culture, arts, and architecture. The Romans occupied the city for millennia, and you'll find vestiges of its past across the city.

The Arena di Verona is one of Verona's finest examples of Roman architecture. The Roman amphitheatre dates back to 30 CE and can seat up to 30,000 spectators. Next, wander around the city's main square, Piazza Bra. When you need a break, you'll find great cafes in the area, perfect for enjoying a cappuccino and people-watching.

No visit to Verona is complete without seeing Casa di Giulietta, believed to be the home of Juliet and the setting of the film Letters to Juliet. It's a fascinating place to explore, especially if you're a big Romeo and Juliet fan.

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