The Best Islands for Solo Travel in Greece

Saturday, September 30, 2023

There are many reasons why Greeceinfo-icon is a popular destination for solo travellers. Exploring the Greek islands alone can be daunting, but if you plan your adventures well, you'll gain wonderful travel experiences to treasure forever. Aside from being safe, the islands have well-established tourism infrastructures, perfect for even inexperienced solo travellers. And while all islands are beautiful - each has a distinct charm. But if you can only visit a few of them, refer below for a list of the best islands for solo travel in Greece.

1. Symi, Dodecanese

Symi may not be as famous as Santorini or Mykonos, but its unique charm can delight solo travellers visiting the island. It's Dodecanese's most beautiful island, home to beautiful villages with colourful architecture and postcard-like mansions. In addition, it has a pretty harbour that offers the perfect place for watching sunsets and enjoying al fresco dinners. 

Since the island is small, there's not much to do on Symi. However, its laidback appeal means you won't have to deal with big crowds. The island is best suited for solo travellers looking for relaxation at the beach or one of the restaurants and cafes in the villages.

You'll most likely spend your days swimming on the fantastic beaches of Symi. Head to Gialos, a small scenic bay with crystal waters. It's only a walking distance from the town and is protected from strong winds, making it safe to swim for beginners. The closest beach to the town centre is Nos Beach. It's a small area with amenities like sun beds and umbrellas. 

Simply wandering around the island is enough to enjoy your solo holiday in Symi. You can stumble upon many historical sites on your walk, such as the Holy Monastery of Panormitis, believed to be the island's protector. 

2. Ios, Cyclades

Known as Greece's budget party island, Ios is an ideal option for a solo adventure in the Greek Islands. It's a gorgeous island in the Cyclades, with many areas still relatively unspoiled. If you are looking for a quieter island to explore in the Cyclades, Ios is the place to be.

As expected, Ios has many gorgeous beaches where you can spend most of your time. And if you want to get active, you can enjoy many water sports on the island, such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and kitesurfing. Numerous establishments close to the beaches at Mylopotas and Gialos offer equipment rental for different sports, so check these out.

Be sure to check out the Chora or the Old Town of Ios. The lovely town features the quintessential Greek villages of whitewashed houses with blue-painted windows and doors. But unlike in the more famous Greek villages, the Chora of Ios is not very crowded. As you venture into its maze of alleyways with shops, bars, and cafes, you can find many quiet areas with hidden gems lurking in them. With over 300 churches on the island, you will most likely stumble upon many churches as you stroll through the Old Town.

3. Syros, Cyclades

Solo travellers will find many fantastic Greek small ship cruises to enjoy, a perfect way to explore many islands. Many of these cruises will take you to the Cyclades group of islands, including the small but charming island of Syros. It's a great place for solo adventurers to enjoy a tranquil holiday, where you will find many empty beaches and quiet villages. 

Explore the capital of Syros, home to some of Greece's most fascinating buildings, featuring unique Neoclassical architecture. These buildings stand along the promenade alongside delightful restaurants. Syros is renowned for its many excellent restaurants, so be sure to check one of them out. 

Like the other Greek islands, Syros has many beautiful beaches you can discover on your visit. You will love Galissas, with its pristine sandy shores and shallow waters. Agathopes Beach is much quieter, featuring unspoiled nature and a vast area for relaxing. Given its incredible marine life, it's also an ideal place for snorkelling.

If you want to go sightseeing, head to the town hall in Ermoupolis. Admire the Neoclassical building from 1898, with a magnificent facade featuring Bavarian architecture.

4. Paxos, Ionian islands

If you want to explore the Ionian Islands on your Greek adventure, don't forget to drop by the island of Paxos. The island is only a stone's throw from Corfu, with vast green areas and charming small towns. 

As one of the greenest islands in Greece, you will likely spend most of your time in Paxos discovering nature. Visit the unspoiled village of Lakka along the island's southern coast. It is a gorgeous village, especially along its coast. You will find many small beaches in the area, which are much quieter than the other beaches on the island. 

Another lovely village you'll love to explore in Paxos is Logos, a tiny settlement with magnificent villas featuring lavish facades. Logos has a beach, but it's small and not very organised. Still, it offers a quieter alternative to the other busy beaches.

5. Meganissi, Ionian islands

Another island in the Ionian that you should take the time to explore on your solo adventures is Meganisi, a tiny but picturesque island with beautiful beaches and lush green hills. It's one of the largest islands near the coast of Lefkada, home to picturesque villages with lovely cobblestone streets. 

Meganisi's biggest draw is its secluded coves,which you can only reach on foot or by boat. Except for the two villages and the small number of tourism facilities, the island is totally unspoiled. Swimming in the secluded coves of Meganisi is a delight. The island is perfect for relaxation, with many fantastic seaside taverns to enjoy a sumptuous lunch. At night, grab a drink at a lounge bar.

Meganisi is a haven for avid hikers. It has several nature trails taking you to the island's remote beaches and small villages with tiny churches. Some paths will take you to the hilltops with incredible viewpoints looking out to the stunning ocean.