Highlights along the Garden Route

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Garden Route is a 300-kilometer stretch famed for its natural bounty offers an incredible variety of holidays and vacation activities. From wildlife sanctuaries, marine reserves, forests, secluded lagoons and much more.   We have narrowed down a few fun things for you that will make your stay memorable.  Be ready for some exploration tour as we uncover the Garden Route;

Mossel Bay

This coastal village is known for its rich history and great adventure activities.  The Indian ocean refreshing waters offer visitors a variety of water-related activities such as diving, snorkeling, power boating, and even wild ones like bungee jump, shipwreck diving, and shark cage diving. A visit to one of the museums is a must to experience the culture as this is one of the places where many of their ancestors are said to have originated from.  Other things to do are, shop, whale watch, hike on the historic walk or visit a pottery house.


Knysna is a town that enjoys a pleasant climate most of the year.  It is famous for the Oyster festival which takes place in June for a week and hypes up the city for the entire period with live music, wine festival, marathons, night markets and more.   You also have to check out the lagoon, kite surf, tour a winery, kayak or head to Margaret’s viewpoint which gives you a perfect view of Knysna. Accommodation in the city is plenty of hotels and guesthouses, but the coolest thing to do is to rent either a boathouse or a tree house for an out of the norm experience.  

Knysna along the Garden Route
Knysna along the Garden Route

Wild Spirit

As the name speaks for itself, this is for the wild free-spirited people who would want to spend some time in the wilderness and truly connect with nature. Just picture being in the middle of some forest, living in a hostel with only essential amenities and no worry in the world.  No traffic, no malls, generally no hustle and bustle of the city life, just you the trees, the ocean and the crazy people around you. The evenings are spent around the bonfire socializing with other travelers over a meal and drinks as you listen to tales.   During the day you can take short walks that may lead you to a waterfall, farms or just a simple nature walk.  Curious? Then check out the Wild Spirit Backpackers Resort to experience the Garden Route adventure you asked for.

Wild Spirit along the Garden Route
Wild Spirit along the Garden Route

Nature’s Valley

This is a peaceful valley that lies in the heart of the Tsitsikamma forest, and its few residents have managed to keep it unspoiled by minimizing any major developments. The forest here is dense and so calm in the night as you sit by the bonfires and gaze at the stars.  The famous Otter trail walk event which ends here at the shoe tree attracts many tourists too.  Interestingly the shoe tree name came about when the walkers finish the race they then hang their shoes on the tree, now that must be quite a site!  Apart from enjoying this glorious nature, you can also canoe in the river, hike, mountain bike, view the lagoons or just a walk by the beach.

Tenikwa Wildlife

This wildlife Centre’s core value is to raise awareness about indigenous South African cats though it is also home to other wildlife. The passionate staff holds various tours in a day which are very informative and cater for both the kids and adults too.   The “walk with our cheetahs” tour is one you would not want to miss; this entails a stroll with the big cats assisted by the guides of course.  They will enlighten you on more about them and why they are on the verge of distinction and what is being done to save them.  Yes, you can touch the animals but only under supervision.  Sounds like a fun way to spend the day with the big cats.   Only a few guests per day are allowed to take this walk so better book your spot well in advance.   

Cango Caves

These picturesque caves that existed millions of years ago are a must see to believe they are real.  Only a small section of the caves is open to the public with one normal tour and another extensive tour that consist of literally crawling through the small passages and ascending some rock formations.  The rocks are so sculptured by nature they even have nicknames like a child, bile, Cleopatra’s needle and Madonna. No shocker these caves on the Garden Route made it to the natural wonder of the world.

Experience the Garden Route yourself

Everything speaks for itself; you just need time, an adventurous spirit, some energy and you are ready to hit the road to the Southern part of Africainfo-icon and no better place to stop than the Garden Route.