Thinking Of Quitting Your Job And Traveling?

Friday, May 7, 2021

Here Is What You Need To Do

Plan Your Leap Towards Your Big Adventure Beforehand

As impulsive as the decision of quitting your monotonous 9 to 5 routine job and traveling the world could be, the preparation will have to be done with care and focus. While the ideas of where you will travel and what you will do may be whizzing in your mind, you will need to plan not just the trip you are taking but also your return. After all, you want to return to your normal life in the same place to help you settle back in.

With the job pressures getting higher and more demanding, it is natural that at a point in time you will want to just break free and take the leap. You are at the point sure of only one thing and that is you are no longer satisfied with the 9 to 5 routine and are now aching for an adventure. The adventure to travel and see some other parts of the world. We have put together a list of things that can help you be prepared for this fun travel. Though the biggest part of this adventure is to be in an unknown state and be surprised, it is better to take care of a few things before you leave to make this dream a reality. 

Buy That Ticket

Surprising as that may sound, but that is the first step towards your traveling plan. Sometimes many of us are frustrated for a very long time, and feel the need to break free. Eventually, we back out giving ourselves excuses and postpone our relaxation time. This not only keeps us frustrated but never really gives us that final push to go ahead and travel. So to make sure you begin your journey, the first thing you should do is buy your tickets. That way you are mentally prepared for what is to come. What more, with a quick research on travel websites, you might even enjoy an early bird discount. Make that commitment to yourself, take a deep breath, and click on the buy button for your ticket!

Get Your Budget In Place

Even if the idea behind your travel is to break free from the normal grind towards a more carefree one, budgeting your finances is one necessary evil you will have to plan in advance. Traveling to any country without money in your pocket can change your fun trip into a dreary one. Get an idea of the costs of living in the countries you plan to travel to. You can use Numbeo to get to know the cost of different things and compare it with your current costs. You can also look for cheaper places to live while you are on your journey. However, cutting down corners in every aspect of your travel will not really be all that relaxing but rather like survival tasks. You can cut down all the unnecessary expenses that you are incurring currently and won’t use during your trip like subscriptions like Amazon prime videos, Netflix, etc. After you know what is the amount of money you have at hand, fix a daily budget to spend for yourself and try to stick to it. Buy only those things that you think you will absolutely need for the trip. 

Start Packing Up

There are two aspects to packing here. One is to pack up the belongings in your current place of living and the other is to pack for your trip. For the things at your house currently, you can sell all unnecessary and unused items to make some money out of it. You can sell them on online portals, have a garage sale or even sell it directly to a secondhand goods dealer. The things which are of value and you would like to use once you are back can be kept in a self storage facility. This way all the things will be safe and the chances of them being stolen when you are gone are eliminated. As for packing for the trip, remember that the initial idea is for you to quit your job and experience traveling the world. You must look at packing essentials that can fit into something as small as a rug sack. Dragging an ensemble of suitcases up the mountain top is not exactly a pleasurable task.  

Be Mentally And Physically Prepared

It is good to give yourself some time before the trip to be mentally and physically prepared. While you are at home, you may be used to your regularly scheduled life revolving around work, home, and weekends. However, when you go on a trip, time moves at a different pace. You will be experiencing more in weeks than you normally do in months. It could be exhilarating in the beginning but can eventually make you tired and exhausted. You may also start missing your friends, family, and other companions. If you think of all these aspects before leaving you will be more prepared to deal with them when it dawns upon you. 

Though all this may appear daunting, you will certainly thank yourself when you are relaxing on a mountain top overlooking beautiful scenery with no time constraints.