Top 8 Reasons to Go to Greece

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Beautiful places, warm people, beautiful beaches, great weather, and unique flavors are just a few of the many reasons to go to Greeceinfo-icon. Throughout the year, the cradle of Western civilization is a wonderful destination. Visit this year and see with your own eyes!

1. The Greeks are known for their warm welcome

The Greek people are deeply rooted in the concept of hospitality. The Greek word for hospitality, "philoxenia," means "friend to a stranger," and it describes the act of welcoming and taking care of a stranger in one's own home. Since the ancient Greeks believed that the gods had sent them, welcoming and taking care of strangers in one's home was an act of virtue and an institution for them. For Greeks, hospitality is still a very important value. Adjusted to the cutting edge approach to everyday life, it actually exists when they cheerfully open their homes and welcome outsiders to a treat. The well known Greek friendliness will cause you to feel appreciated any place you go.

2. The Delectable Food

Greek cuisine alone is reason enough to travel to Greece. Greek food has areas of strength for an in the Mediterranean eating regimen, which numerous nutritionists advance as they think of it as wealthy in supplements. In addition, they are of the opinion that the Mediterranean diet is the one that will ensure longevity.

The most trademark and fundamental component of Greek cooking is olive oil, which is utilized in many dishes. Greek olives and oil are well-known all over the world, and there are numerous varieties to try. The majority of establishments that serve locals and tourists traditional Greek cuisine include taverns and some restaurants. In the style of street food, some traditional Greek dishes, like souvlaki and pita with gyros, are frequently served.

Eating in Greece is entwined with great organization and conversation, and thus it is viewed as a significant piece of the regular day-to-day existence of the Greeks. Greece is home to a wide variety of restaurants. There are a few well-known Greek dishes that are served in restaurants all over the world.

3. The Greek wine from Awesome

The drinks are so delicious! The nation has a lot of good wines, with Assyric, Retsina, Agiorgitiko, and Vinsanto assortments that stick out. Among Greek whites, the Assyrtiko from Santorini is by far the most popular. The extremely distinct characteristics of Greek wines can be attributed to the diversity of the country's landscape. Greek red wines have been extraordinarily improved while portraying the volcanic island of Santorini as the main wine-creating site in the Greek area. Robola is many times promoted as Greece's second noblest grape. Robola is a white grape assortment filled primarily in the Ionian islands, in spite of the fact that it is emphatically connected with the island of Kefalonia where its best articulations can be found.

Greece makes many drinks, but ouzo is the most well-known and should be tried. A glass of water and this potent Greek spirit with a licorice flavor are typically paired with meals. Drinking ouzo and eating mezedes with friends at a beach on one of the Greek islands is one of the best authentic Greek experiences. On the mainland as well as in the Peloponnese, powerful raki and tsipouro, moonshine made from winemaking leftovers, are well-liked beverages. Say "yamas" which is the Greek identical to "good health" prior to drinking.

4. The Coffee Culture

The majority of Greeks consider drinking coffee to be a favorite pastime and an essential daily ritual. The opportunity to meet their friends and most important companion is their first thought in the morning. Coffee's appeal to people of all ages remains. Because every Greek home exemplifies the welcoming atmosphere, the customary meal is always served there. The Greeks made an entire culture related with the utilization of espresso, which results from the overall lifestyle and considering individuals in Greece. It is trademark that a cup of the tasty dim beverage, whose fragrance entices the faculties, is certainly not a five-minute break during the day, yet rather a long stop for rest and a feeling of correspondence. Every kind of coffee has a time, place, and social aspect to it.

Coffee lovers can choose from Greek coffee, which is a strong, sweet sludge, instant coffee called "Ness," like Nescafé, and frappé, which is a frosty iced coffee that cools down in the summer.

5. The Noteworthy History

In Greece, it's harder to keep away from ruins than to track down them. They still exist in a wide range of importance, preservation quality, and overall impressiveness, with 18 must-see locations on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Parthenon's perfectly proportioned columns, the sun's beating rays, and the marble's brilliant gleam evoke the same awe in worshippers for centuries. The seaside Poseidon temple is on a 60-meter promontory overlooking the Aegean at Cape Sounion. An archaeological site that spans the entire island can be found if you catch the floating island of Delos, where Apollo and Artemis were born. Traveling through the Peloponnese will transport you to a time when nymphs, satyrs, and gods disguised existed. On the way to the original Olympic fields at Ancient Olympia, sprint across the well-preserved stadium, wander through watery, fresco-covered tunnels at Corinth, peek inside Agamemnon's tomb at Mycenae, or weep over an ancient tragedy at the ancient Theater of Epidaurus. Mystras, the former capital of Constantinople's rule in the Peloponnese, looks back on Byzantine times. Subsequent to navigating mountain streets, guests can look for astuteness at the old Prophet of Delphi.

For a very long time, sunbathers have flocked to the Greek islands. The islands offer ancient sites, fascinating museums, and tranquil small-town life in addition to the heavenly sands and turquoise waters. Santorini's black sand beaches in the Aegean take in the sun's rays and stay warm long after the stunning sunsets are over. On Mykonos, Paradise Beach has a lively, fun atmosphere, and you can find solace there or on a private stretch of sand.

6. The Shocking Sea shores

Sand, stones and rough sea shores, Greece has an ocean side for each taste. There are almost 160,000 kilometers of coastline and 380 Blue Flag-awarded beaches in the country, making it difficult to determine which ones are the best and most beautiful. Each has a unique beauty that distinguishes it from the others and makes it memorable for visitors. Unspoiled beaches and sparkling warm blue waters await to satisfy your every desire in this paradise!

7. A Financial plan Accommodating Objective

Greece has forever been popular at its great costs contrasted with other well known pieces of Europeinfo-icon. While the facts confirm that there are a ton of extravagant and costly foundations in Greece, investigating this different country on a careful spending plan is really conceivable. The beaches are open to everyone, and traditional tavernas and kafeneia are reasonably priced. Athens-Piraeus and Olympia-Katakolon joined tours from Travel Insiders are designed to cover all the highlights at a guaranteed low price.

8. A Protected Spot for Occasions

Greece is viewed as perhaps of the most secure country on the planet. In Greece, you always feel safe, no matter what time it is. However, travelers should take the same safety measures as they would in any other European nation. Avoid keeping your valuables in your back pocket and be wary of pickpockets. Additionally, avoid using unlicensed transfer services because of the possibility of being conned, especially when traveling from the Piraeus port or airport.