Top Places to See When Visiting Northern and Western Europe

Monday, February 14, 2022

Traveling through Europeinfo-icon is a dream most people have. With stunning landscapes and rich culture,  it is no wonder that the continent and its countries attract so much interest, whether it be for a casual visitor to settle down. Overland travel through Europe can take you from the North Cape to Greeceinfo-icon and from Portugalinfo-icon to Russiainfo-icon, giving you countless opportunities to experience so many different cultures and traditions.

Northern and Western Europeinfo-icon are two areas of the continent that boast some of the world's most popular tourist destinations. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best places you must visit on a Western and Northern European trip.

Irish Countryside

Irelandinfo-icon is a land full of mysteries, myths, and legends, it's also where you can find some of the best hiking trails in Europe. It's best to book an Irish cottage out in the country for your trip - enjoy local cuisine prepared by your host (who will likely be a local farmer) and get a good night's sleep surrounded by rolling hills and endless greenery. Make sure you also have your guide to castles in Ireland at hand - there are plenty of them scattered all across the country. If you're traveling with children, stop off at Ashford Castle in Cong - this medieval castle was used as a set for movies like Excalibur and Braveheart and will leave both you and your kids speechless.

The French Riviera

The French Riviera is full of beautiful coastline and amazing sunsets, making it a popular destination for travelers. The area boasts several interesting cities including Nice, one of the largest metropolises in Franceinfo-icon with endless beaches, beautiful gardens, museums, and other attractions to explore. Monacoinfo-icon is also an interesting city to visit, being the second smallest country in the world, and a hotspot for luxurious shopping. If you like to party, Cannes is the place for you - it's lively during summertime and full of nightclubs. Whatever your reason for visiting, the French Riviera is full of attractions that you can enjoy.

German Romantic Road

Following the course of the river Romantic, this road is one of Germanyinfo-icon's most scenic routes. It winds through some of Germany's most important cities such as Wurzburg and Nuremberg, while also providing travelers with lots of opportunities to explore traditional German architecture and culture. Don't miss out on Rothenburg ob der Tauber on your trip. This city embodies everything that people love about Germany: cute little houses with flower boxes on windowsills, narrow cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered buildings, and a medieval castle towering overhead all make for a wonderful experience you won't soon forget.

The Rocky Mountains in Switzerlandinfo-icon

The Alps are not only stunning to look at, but also offer great opportunities for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. Weather in the Swiss Alps can get very cold, so prepare for your trip with the best ski gloves. If you fancy yourself an adventurous person who likes to go on trips where they push themselves, this is the destination for you. If skiing is not something that interests you, there are plenty of other things to see in Switzerland's alpine region. The city of Geneva, located by the shores of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), is an unusual yet interesting place to visit - modern-day Europe meets old-world charm with a thriving business district next to centuries-old landmarks and gorgeous architecture. While in this part of Europe, make sure you also check out Berne - it's worth spending some time exploring Bernkastel Kues, an ancient Roman settlement just 7km from Trier that still has parts dating back to the 1st century AD.

Faroe Islands

The Faeroe Islands are an archipelago located between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Scotlandinfo-icon and Icelandinfo-icon. This tiny island country has a population of fewer than 50,000 people but it is home to an amazing landscape full of mountains, valleys, glaciers, lava fields, and other natural attractions. It is also known for its birdlife and local delicacies like seabirds and dried fish. Make sure you visit the capital - Torshavn - which is surrounded by eight mountains making up part of a continuous ridge along the northern edge of the island. The Faroe Islands are also the only place in the world where you can see the Atlantic puffin, so if you love birds this is the place you shouldn't skip.

Amalfi Coast, Italyinfo-icon

Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe, and with good reason. The country's beauty is unmatched, its landscape truly unique - there are few places you can visit that will make you feel like you're on another planet. One of these special destinations is the Amalfi Coast. With its jagged cliffs plunging into the blue waters below and barely-habitable land that's teeming with vegetation, it's a place where dreams come true for some while others find themselves prey to nightmares. Don't miss out on Sorrento on your journey here. This city has something to offer everyone: breathtaking scenery, fresh seafood served at restaurants along with the port or cafes near Piazza Tasso square, shopping opportunities on Via Sanjulian, and lots of cultural activities like concerts at the Music Theater of San Pietro a Majella or presentations by the famous Nuovo Teatro di Sorrento. 

Visiting any or all of these places is sure to make your trip to northern and western Europe something you'll never forget. Learning about the local culture, immersing yourself in the local atmosphere, and exploring the country's beautiful landscapes are all part of what makes traveling such a rewarding experience. As you can see, Europe is full of incredible destinations that everyone should consider visiting at least once in their lifetime. Who knows, you might even decide to stay. 

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