Why you should travel solo once in your life

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Do you, like most people, love to travel with your friends or partner - do you avoid to travel solo all by yourself? Many people find the idea of traveling solo too extreme as they have an unfounded point of views on that. Travelers often explore the world with their partner or travel buddies as they don’t want to feel lonely, scared, lost or even bored on the road. Are these feelings common for solo travelers and what it is like to explore the world solo? The majority of travelers has the same questions raising in their minds when preparing for the first trip alone, but after that experience, they will definitely change their minds. Solo traveling will definitely change you on a personal level and it can be a spiritual experience worth having once in your lifetime. In this article, I would love to write about the reasons to travel solo once in your life.

#1 Your Planning and Preparation Skills Will Skyrocket

You know that traveling isn’t the only exploration of beautiful and breathtaking places. As much as we would love the traveling is that, we need to face reality. Planning and organization process is something that takes a lot of energy and time before a trip takes place. If you travel solo, then you’re your own boss regarding planning and organizing things. There are so many things to arrange before each trip including flight tickets, accommodation, tours and much more. If you plan to take a solo trip, then you’re in charge of these things, which means you’ll need to think alone what will work the best for you and your traveling style. After one solo trip, you will notice your organizational skills are far better and everything regarding planning won’t be struggling to you anymore. These skills won’t be beneficial only to traveling, but also it will help you in your regular life drastically.

#2 Achieve the Ultimate Freedom

People are the happiest when they have complete freedom over their lives. If you travel solo, then you will have complete control and freedom over your choices and actions during the trip. You don’t need to agree with your traveling buddies about events, activities or sightseeing to visit as you’re your boss. I know it could be a struggle to find a compromise with traveling buddies about the things you want to visit or explore. It’s entirely up to you to plan what you want to visit and you can set your own pace of exploration. Solo traveling will definitely provide you with an ultimate freedom that will reflect your energy and happiness levels enabling you to have the most of your travels.

solo travel freedom

#3 Connecting with Amazing People

Traveling solo can be a frightening idea for travelers who’re thinking about their first solo trip as they may encounter many problems. The first thing that flies through the minds of most people is intolerable loneliness and boredom. The thing with solo traveling is that you’re forced to connect with other people because you don’t want to end up in your room not talking to anyone. Connecting with different amazing personalities is the crucial part of whole traveling experience and if you’re alone on the trip, this thing becomes natural. Always force yourself to meet and talk with new people, even if that’s outside your comfort zone. You never know what people you will meet along the way or relationships you will form, right? Connecting with new people will make your solo travel more colorful and exciting.

#4 Growing Up and Develop Self-Confidence

If you decided to travel solo for the first time, then it’s a big leap from your comfort zone. Congratulations on that! This decision will make you a better and more confident person as you will face constant challenges on the way. You will realize that the obstacles you once faced weren't anything compared to the current ones. That way, you will become more confident in your abilities and you’ll be able to do amazing things. Imagine yourself alone in the new place that has entirely different culture your home has. It doesn’t leave you with any other choice than learning and adjusting to new things. That will teach you many practical skills that will have a tremendous impact on your personal and professional life.

#5 Learn More About Yourself

When you travel solo, you have the opportunity to observe things around you and think about your life on a deeper level. It’s lot harder to learn more about yourself when you’re always surrounded with other people who’re traveling with you. You will be more focused on different cultures and perspectives, food, people, things you see which will have a positive impact on your personal development. Also, solo traveling can teach you about the things you want from your life which will develop your intuition to another level. In general, solo traveling will give you more time for yourself which is an ideal chance to learn more about yourself.

Have you ever had a solo traveling experience in your lifetime? What was it like to travel solo and experience all these world’s beauty?