Unique places for going out in Nairobi with style

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kenyainfo-icon’s capital is extremely lively and you might consider breaking the rule and going out in Nairobi even if you normally do not include nightlife into your travel plans. You will find an amazing fusion of African and western in the atmosphere and maybe you will even discover something more. Whether you just stay with your friends, other expats or locals, I want to give you a hand by introducing the places I enjoyed the most. I chose three established by locals and two shielded by foreign institutes. They all have a common aim to support the multiculturalism of the metropolis.

The Alchemist is having a diverse evening program

One of the most vibrant clubs connecting western and local culture is The Alchemist. Its outdoorsy execution makes the time spent very pleasant and does not let the rain stop any party. Alternative artistic happenings take over any routine discos and the program never gets stiff thanks to a wide scale of DJs, extreme sports exhibitions or other happenings. It is equally known among locals and foreigners and I would pick it for a crazy Friday night out with a group of friends. You cannot be wrong just stumbling in there, but I strongly recommend checking the monthly program ahead in order not to miss anything.

Carnivore is serving you all-you-can-meat

If you are all crazy about meat, you should not leave Nairobi without dropping by to Carnivore. You actually should not miss it under any circumstances, unless, obviously, you do not eat meat at all. This cosy and calm dinner can offer more than 10 different kinds of meat prepared in front of you on a huge roast. Atmosphere and service are both excellent, a real rarity for all-you-can-eat restaurants. Carnivore is a perfect fit for a romantic dinner or a special evening with friends. Good news, I learned in here prove that Kenyans think ahead and value their nature more than money from tourists. For that most of the game, like gazelles or antelopes, is illegal to be hunted for meat.

Habesha offers a heavenly Ethiopian retreat

This is one of the best restaurants for going out in Nairobi. If you are feeling adventurous and want to get real Ethiopian food, you should do so in Habesha without any fear. The food is amazing – my favourite was a mixed platter, because this way you get to try more. Be ready to eat the food with your hands, grabbing it with the spongy injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread. To complete the authenticity of your visit, they perform a coffee ritual. There is a lot of similarities between this and the North African tea ritual, they are both about pouring and appreciating the beverage. The only issue might be the struggle to find the place all hidden behind high walls and gates. Once you enter, you can forget all the hustle of the busy streets. You can sit inside or on the patio shaded by trees.

Cold Stone and the art of throwing ice cream

This place can compete with any Italian gelato shop whatsoever. The highlight is not only the great quality of their products seasoned by fresh fruits, but also their show. Each of the sellers has incredible ice-cream juggling skills to perform a series of banters on their customers. They can throw a ball of ice-cream around themselves using only two small shovels. And putting extra condiments just on the top of our sundae might be considered amateurism, so do not be surprised that they mix it inside your portion of ice-cream. The atmosphere there is always cheerful and it would be foolish to think that only children can enjoy it. You can drop by with your spouse, group of friends or just by yourself to get your daily dose of refreshment.

Going out in Nairobi
Selection of Ice Cream at Cold Stone, Nairobi

Goethe Institut and Alliance Francaise

The way Goethe Institut and Alliance Francaise chose to promote the foreign languages and their national cultures matches the local lifestyle perfectly – through art and events. Their efforts really pays off. The audience of concerts and theatre performances comes from the rows of interested locals and foreigners, the feedback is mostly positive and people participate actively. Many of the happenings are free and you can even go alone and make new friends. As foreign objects on the scene, it makes older people unsure about it and some of the contemporary art can be misunderstood, as they perceive it as an attack on the traditional.

From all the cities, Nairobi is one from little to brim over with combination of liveliness, openness and international cultural influences. I endorse with planning to go out ahead. If you are keen on some very specific genre, you miss during your travels, going out in Nairobi helps you to catch up with African culture.

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