Why Should You Visit Coorg for a Holiday?

Sunday, November 14, 2021

It has been a tough time in last year and this year. Of course, the COVID19 pandemic hit really hard. You might have had a boring and really frustrating time at home. Since things are getting normal now, it is better if you get some breathing of air. You must plan out a holiday or a vacation. How about going to a place that is naturally rich and really wonderful for tourists? You must check out Coorg for your next trip.

And if you have never been to this place, you can look for rooms in the Tamara Coorg for your comfortable and indulging stay. You know this Coorg underlines the southern end of the Western Ghats and is correctly known as the Scotlandinfo-icon of Indiainfo-icon. The striking and charming beauty of this region makes everyone feel loved and relaxed. Once you are in this area of the country, you would come across extensive coffee plantations, perennial timber forests, attractive peaks, hazy hills, lush green valleys, and even that an endless stretch of peace. 

Moreover, you are going to love the old-world glory and laidback setting of this quaint region. The cool climate of this place along with scenic attractions and adventurous terrain of this region of Coorg make everyone fall for it. Here are some splendid and amazing spots you must not skip when you are in Coorg.

Iruppu Falls

Inserted in the Brahmagiri mountain range, Iruppu Falls appear completely remarkable falling down from an altitude of one hundred feet in two different stages. Folks come here not just to bask in natural beauty but even to bathe in the unspoiled water of the fall that is considered to be consecrated. The spiritual significance of this waterfall and its name, Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, has roots in the classic Ramayana. Once you are there, you can feel the magical ambiance of this spot. You would have a good time there. You may have to spend fifty rupees to visit this spot but that would be worth it. You would definitely have some precious moments created at this spot.

Cauvery Nisargadhama

Cauvery Nisargadhama, even known as Kaveri Nisargadhama, is a cherished picnic spot situated only two kilometers away from Kushalnagar town. It is located on the banks of River Kaveri, and it promises you a wonderful time. It is a sixty-four km-long river island that gets you the perfect setting to unwind in the lap of nature. You would also come across the rich forests, luxurious bamboo groves, chirping birds, energetic rabbits, deer, peacocks, and much more. The chief fascination of this island is the droopy rope bridge that links up the outer world to this fine location concealed amidst profuse foliage.

Moreover, once you are here, you can do different activities here. Some of the activities are like pedal boating, then the wonderful elephant rides, you can spot deer and you can even do restricted swimming. So, apart from natural charm, you would get a good time indulging in different activities here.

The Splendid Abbey Falls 

Pouring down from an altitude of 70 feet, splendid Abbey Falls is really a sight to enjoy. During the realm of the British, this place was known as Jessy Falls as named by the first British chaplain of this region in the memory of his gorgeous daughter. Once you are here, you are surely going to be captivated by the charm and loveliness of this sizzling white stream of water flowing amidst lush green coffee as well as spice plantations. The sites of this spot are really breathtaking.

Harangi Dam

Once you are around Coorg, make sure that you do not really skip the gorgeous Harangi Dam. It is one of engineering marvels and it is a reservoir that stands against the Harangi river, which is a branch of River Kaveri that emerges from the Pushpagiri Hills.  The point is, this is a place that attained popularity over time as a must-visit spot in Coorg for its charming natural locale and even, proximity to the rather well-known Nisargadhama river island. You must halt at this spot and you would find the ambiance really enthralling. And yes, one thing is a must for adventure lovers. If you like adventure and thrill then you can even try your hands on kayaking and camping at this place. You would have a thrilling experience once you try it.

Raja’s Seat

Do you look forward to spending your leisure time the way royals used to? You must visit this Raja’s Seat as it is one of the most wonderful Coorg tourist spots. The wonderful sprawling garden, balanced on a hillock, is considered to have been the preferred spot of Kodava kings to spend their relaxation time. Once you look at the vibrant sunset from this spot, you are going to feel amazing inside out. And not to miss that delightful experience. The natural lush green vibes and environs will be a bonus for you. You can have some really amazing shots here and make memorable pictures. Whether alone, with friends, family members, or anyone else; this spot is going to get you a wonderful time. You can spend hours at this place and you can even take plenty of pictures here for your future delights.

Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

If you do not go to this Dubare Elephant Camp then your trip to Coorg might be incomplete.  A Karnataka Forest Department as well as Jungle Lodges and Resorts project, this eco-tourism spot will offer you a vision into the biology, ecology, and history of elephants and that is not really all. You are going to be in a position to enjoy an intimate experience with the huge creatures by not just observing them but even participating in activities such as feeding them, riding them, and even washing them. it would be an unusual yet interesting experience to interact with animals in a wonderful way.


So, when are you going to look for rooms in the Tamara Coorg for your trip to this place? This would be an unusual, refreshing, and memorable time for sure.