Top 8 Best Places to Visit in North Carolina

Thursday, October 22, 2020

North Carolina is among the most popular tourist destinations in the US. From destination wedding spots to happening beach vacation ideas, North Carolina has something for everyone. But if you don’t know enough about the state and its top attractions, you may miss out on the best parts.

With this blog post, we are trying to make our readers aware of the eight best places to visit in North Carolina. So, if you are planning an exciting vacation to North Carolina, buckle up and read on. This post is for you!

1. Morehead Planetarium

Anyone who thinks that planetariums are for kids hasn’t paid a visit to the Morehead Planetarium. Inaugurated in 1949, the Morehead Planetarium and Science Centre entertains and educates several hundred guests each day.

Whether you are traveling with your family or with your friends, the Morehead Planetarium at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill is a great spot for a great time.

2. The NASCAR Hall of Fame

Are you a racing enthusiast? If yes, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is waiting to entertain you. If no, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is waiting to reward you with your new interest.

An absolute gem for anyone who loves cars, history, or car history.

Experience for yourself by visiting this place in Charlotte, NC. Apart from the hall of fame, the hall also has a High Octane Theatre with a large screen showing exciting highlights from the car racing sports events of the past and present.

3. Jockey’s Ridge

Are you an adventure lover? Jockey’s Ridge is a tourist spot in Nags Head where sand meets the sky.

It’s a natural wonder with the highest sand dune on the East Coast. From kite flying to paragliding, Jockey’s Ridge is the perfect spot for all the windy adventures that one can enjoy in Nags Head.

Apart from this, Jockey’s Ridge is a state adventure park spread over a large area of 426 acres. Yes, that’s a lot of space and makes the perfect treat for adventure lovers.

4. Carova Beach in a 4X4 Vehicle

One of the most attractive and relaxing beaches in North Carolina is the Carova beach in Corolla.

The best thing about this place is that many people don’t know about it. Also, getting to the Carova beach may seem like a challenge to many people, because it’s located in one of those areas which can only be accessed in a 4X4 vehicle.

So, if you are a fan of peace, privacy, and solitude, rent out a 4X4 and reach the beach for a great time.

Apart from the beach, Corolla is also a great place to stay. You can explore through the available beachfront vacation rentals in Corolla to make the most out of your trip.

Bonus: Carova beach is one of the few places where you can find the wild horses of the OBX. Good luck!

5. Sliding Rock Waterfall

Located near Brevard, the Sliding Rock Waterfall is an ultimate joyride for a large number of kids and adults traveling to this place every year.

The waterfall allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views and offers an exciting rock sliding experience that one would always cherish. Visit with your friends or family to have fun.

6. Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Do you like scenic views? Would you like to visit a place so beautiful that your eyes just keep gazing?

Cape Hatteras National Seashore is nothing less than a natural miracle. It’s the first National Seashore of the country, and hence it holds great historical significance. But that’s not all.

Spread across a stretch of 70 miles, the seashore crosses and connects the following three islands:

  • Bodie
  • Hatteras
  • Ocracoke

7. Jennette's Pier

If you are anywhere near Nags Head and if you like fishing, you wouldn’t want to skip Jennette’s Pier.

This is a place that offers unmatched views of the sunrise and sunset, and apart from that, it allows visitors to have a great fishing experience for the following prices:

For adults:

  • Fishing pass: $14
  • Walk-out pass: $2

For children below 12 years old:

  • Fishing pass: $7
  • Walk-out pass: $1

Apart from that, if you want to take a long sweet walk with your peers, Jennette’s Pier has a 1,000 foot-long concrete & wood structure with water on both sides.

8. Looking Glass Falls

Located near Brevard in the Western Northern Carolina, Looking Glass Falls is a beautiful tourist attraction that offers scenic views and water adventure opportunities.

Apart from that, it’s important to keep yourself safe while under the waterfall. The rocks can often be slippery, so wear shoes with a strong grip.

Planning your next trip to North Carolina? Make the most out of your vacation by considering the exciting attractions mentioned in this blog post. Hopefully, this was helpful.