Visit Taj Mahal and Other Temples in India

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Many tourists who travel to Indiainfo-icon make sure to visit Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is one of the most iconic landmarks in India. It’s recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as one of the wonders of the world.

This mausoleum was built as a tomb for a former emperor’s wife. The scale of the Taj Mahal is a representation of her importance to him. The entire building is made from white marble and decorated with detailed carving made right into the stone.

These carvings are of inscriptions made with local carving techniques. The Taj Mahal is impressive all around so it’s no wonder that this site attracts millions of visitors every year. India is a large country with many other landmarks to discover.

After you visit the Taj Mahal, there are many large temples around the country that are worth the visit.

#1: Sri Ranganathaswami Temple

Sri Ranganathaswami temple

The Sri Ranganathaswami Temple is the largest temple in India. In fact, it’s the largest active Hindu temple in the world, its size only second to Angkor Wat in Cambodiainfo-icon. The temple is comprised of large towers, shrines, a hall of pillars, and other structures that form the entire site.

This temple is located in Tamil Nadu, India and has been around since the early centuries. There are many urban myths that surround the origins of the temple.

Since this temple is still used today as a religious site, non-Hindus are only allowed up to a certain point in the temple. Many devotees of this faith come to the temple every year to take part in the many festivals that are held here.

The biggest festival at the Sri Ranganathaswami temple lasts for 21 days and attracts over a million people to the site.

#2: Konark Sun Temple

konark sun temple

Konark Sun Temple is another great temple to stop by after you visit Taj Mahal. It’s one of the top tourist sites in India and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s located along the coast of India in Odisha. The Konark Sun Temple was built in the 13th Century and used up until the late 18th Century. Now it’s another attraction that draws visitors from around the country.

The Konark Sun Temple was dedicated to the Sun God, with the temple being designed to resemble a chariot for the god. Many of the features on this temple correspond to the sun. A major portion of the original temple was destroyed over the years and in ruins.

The remaining structure was considered the audience hall. Special wheels are built into the temple that are actually sundials. You are able to accurately tell the time using these dials.

In addition to being a popular tourist site, there are several events that happen at the Konark Sun Temple. The Konark Dance Festival is the largest dance festival in India and. Dancers from all around the country come to perform at the temple. The also periodically put on light shows at the temple.

#3: Brihadeeswarar Temple

Brihadeeswarar Temple

Another popular temple in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the Brihadeeswarar, or more commonly called the “Big Temple”. This is also recognized as one of the largest temples in the country. It’s a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are many murals etched into the temple walls that showcase various religious stories surrounding the temple.

The temple is constructed out of granite. There is a moat around the temple that was developed from the river bank on which the temple was built. There are several smaller temple structures that make up the larger structure. Each has their own religious significance and one of the main temples can only be entered by priests.

A trend that you’ll notice when you visit the Big Temple just as when you visit Taj Mahal is the symbolism behind such large structures. The Big Temple was built by the emperor as a means to showcase his power and relationship to the gods. It was used as a cultural center and was the site of lots of art, music, and dance performances.

#4: Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Sri Harmandir Sahib, or the Golden Temple, is the most important temple to the Sikh religion. It is the site for pilgrimages to India for followers of the faith. This temple’s prominent comes from its early involvement with the religion. It was the site of numerous conflicts within the country.

It was originally built in the 16th Century. It’s been destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout its history. Prior materials used for construction have been marble, copper, until finally gold.

The Golden Temple is still very active. In addition to being a major landmark for tourists, it also draws over 100,000 people to its shrines for prayer every day. Everyone is welcome to enter and pray in the temple.

The temple has several features that make it more than just a religious site. At one of the entrances is a museum. This museum holds many paintings and artifacts that detail the history of the Sikh religion. The temple also has a local community kitchen that provides meals for those in need.

The Golden Temple is a site for many Sikh festivals and religious holidays that are celebrated here.

#5: Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple is located in Kerala, India. It’s definitely worth checking out before or after your trip to visit Taj Mahal. It’s a very religious site that only allows followers of the Hindu faith to enter and even imposes a strict dress code. Several structures are built into this temple.

The main shrine holds many depictions of deities. There are also two interior shrines with their own dedications.

Not so much into exploring temples? Don't worry as India is such a huge and diverse country with many things to offer. If you're an adventurous soul then you'll find a lot of fun skiing in the Indian mountains!

This temple hosts several festivals spanning different time periods. There are bi-annual festivals, annual festivals, and its largest festivals are only held every six years.

Wealth has always been associated with this temple, both in its history and even modern day. The exterior of the temple is constructed of gold. Inside the temple are numerous vaults, some of which have never been opened. It’s rumored that the treasure found in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple may be worth over $1 Billion.

India is a country with landmarks scattered around the entire country. You can plan to visit Taj Mahal as well as many other temples to really experience all that India has to offer. The Taj Mahal is definitely the most iconic destination for tourists internationally.

Many of the temples hold religious importance and are a common destination for local tourists or pilgrimages. The architecture is stunning enough even without entering some of the temples in India. Festivals are a great time to see the temple grounds come to life.

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