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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Do you ever wonder what you can do as an individual for the improvement of the global community? Majority of people don’t believe they can make a lasting impact as individuals, so they often give up the idea. VolunteerHQ is a fantastic volunteering platform that offers various project around the world with the support of a strong and active community of open-minded people.

There are too many tourists today who are giving the wrong picture of travelers. People must realize there is a huge difference between tourists and mindful travelers. If you recognize yourself in the second group, keep reading as I’m going to provide you with exciting information on how you can make your travels even more meaningful.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to make your travels memorable, not only to yourself but to local people and communities around the world. It’s one of the kindest ways to invest your time and energy to give back to people who’re in need.

What could be a better way of learning about the world than working on a volunteering project in a local community that is facing a serious problem?

Many companies and organizations are offering amazing volunteering projects for everyone, but it became hard to find a reliable one. In this article, I’m going to provide you with crucial information and genuine review of one of the leading volunteering platforms called VolunteerHQ.

Keep reading as I’m going to answer to the most common questions people who’re interested in volunteering face. Let’s start!

What Kind of Volunteer Projects Can I Enroll Into?

English teaching class

VolunteerHQ is a renowned organization that provides volunteers around the world with amazing projects since 2007. They believe in mindful and responsible traveling, so they asked themselves one game-changing question.

Why don’t we travel around the world to make a lasting impact and difference in the community we’re in?

Think about it for a moment! What do you think about it and what’s your answer?

If you agree with their core idea, then you’ll definitely like their projects!

They currently have the projects across 40 countries around the world, and the majority of projects focuses on third-world and developing countries. It means that your stay will definitely make a lasting impact on local communities wherever you decide to go.

There are currently 12 categories of volunteering projects you can participate in, and it’s up to you to choose. Here are the categories:

  • Childcare
  • Teaching
  • Medical and health
  • Wildlife and animal care
  • Environment and conservation
  • Construction and renovation
  • Arts and music
  • Sports
  • NGO support
  • Community development
  • Elderly care
  • Special needs care

I believe there is something for everyone. No matter which category or project you choose, you can expect to see a huge change and improvement in the community during your help.

People who’re curious by nature and love to learn about the world around them, find volunteering very attractive as it’s the activity where you actively help local people and live like one.

What Makes This Volunteer Platform Unique?

Plastic waste is a serious problem

This platform is a unique one because of its reliability and a huge network of volunteers. Like I already mentioned, the platform and the organization were started by a man from New Zealandinfo-icon who decided to quit his corporate job only after three days in office. Soon after, he decided to volunteer in Africainfo-icon, but he realized there were only a few too expensive options. After returning home, he decided to start his own volunteering organization.

Since 2007, they built a trusted volunteer network with more than 82,000 volunteers, 40 destinations around the world and more than 200 diverse projects.

The platform has a really huge network of volunteers who help each other, meaning there is a huge community that shares feedback about its projects and locations.

To enroll the project as a volunteer, you should check the costs of the particular program, and the lowest cost starts from $180 per week. Depending on your travel style and budget, it may be a bit expensive as the cost is related to the time of your stay. Each program has different fees and length you can pick, so don’t forget to check the program fees and things the fee covers. It could be a bit expensive as the costs can easily reach few thousands of dollars when you want to stay on the program for longer periods.

You only need to apply for a certain program and VolunteerHQ team does the rest. They will provide you with all details, guide you through visa application, help you to find the cheapest flight ticket, find you a local host family and much more.

This platform stands out from all other platforms because of it’s strong and active community. Also, if you’re looking to find an answer to any of your questions, there is a huge chance you’ll find it on the platform without reaching anyone.

Applying and having a meaningful travel experience where you live like a local and make a lasting impact on communities have never been so easy!

International VolunteerHQ Reviews - What Do the Participants Think About the Platform?

VolunteerHQ stands out from other platforms because of one thing - an outstanding community of positive people who’re working hard together to make the platform more useful. Everything, from feedback system to photo competition is done pretty well, so I must say they did an awesome work on connecting people all around the world!

You can check the feedback of people who’ve already volunteered on the projects around the world. It’s easy to pick the location and type of the project when looking for a review.

The majority of feedbacks are genuinely written and are pretty detailed, so you can easily get the idea how it is to spend some time volunteering in this place.

For instance, a 22 years old Isabella taught English lessons to kids who don’t have the access or resources to educate themselves in New Delhi. She was amazed at the experience, so she wrote touching feedback on her experience: “My placement in Delhi was extremely rewarding and wonderfully exciting! I made so many like-minded friends that I’m sure will last a lifetime and my experience in my placement in a slum school in outer Delhi I cannot even begin to describe; it was profound and undeniably changed my outlook on life.”

The platform is filled with positive reviews, and it’s easy to connect with these volunteers as their personal information is widely available. That way, you can quickly gather all the details before going to make a change in the world.

The only thing that I personally don’t like about the platform is the price of the programs. Yes, they do an outstanding job organizing and arranging everything for you, but $180 is the minimum weekly fee excluding the plane ticket and administration costs. Isn’t it a bit too much?

How Can I Get Involved?

Invest your time and energy to improve communities around the world!

It’s pretty straightforward to apply for the international volunteer programs on this platform. In the following text, you can read about a short process of applying for the desired project.

  • Create a profile on the platform and fill in all required information
  • Become a valuable member of VolunteerHQ community
  • Pick the location and project category
  • Pick the project you’d like to volunteer on
  • Read all the details and follow the guidelines of the program
  • Talk with the responsible person who will guide you through your application

That’s it! It’s straightforward to apply for the project as the community, and the organization is constructive and giving their best so everyone would have an outstanding experience. You will get guided through all the process.

Do you want to make more from your travels than being just another tourist? Do you want to live like a local and help their communities grow? Check out the VolunteerHQ and have an experience of your lifetime!

Antonio Gabric a freelance content writer for aSabbatical.com
Traveling is the best way to learn about the world and cultures. It changes your mindset and you see possibilities everywhere.