What To Do in Singapore to Make An Unforgettable Tour

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Singaporeinfo-icon is a fascinating paradise for tourists from all around the world. Yet, many visitors don’t know what to do in Singapore when they first arrive. 

There are countless activities one could partake in to make the tour very memorable. As the most advanced city-state in Southeast Asiainfo-icon, Singapore has lots of modern attractions. 

However, it hasn’t forgotten to retain its heritage and cultural values. Another thing that will fascinate you is the ethnically diverse population and their different traditions. 

So, here are some the best places you shouldn’t miss when you are in Singapore!

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by The Bay is a great promotion for Singaporean creativity and artistic visions.

Singapore is very popular for its iconic humanmade creations because they are unique in design and function. Gardens by the Bay is such a modern concept where Super Trees, greenhouses and other structures will simply stupefy you. 

This 101-hectare garden holds an exotic and a very precious collection of flowers and plants from around the world. Head to the Super Tree Grove and explore the garden through a skywalk for an unforgettable experience. 

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are two massive greenhouses that will amaze you even more. The interior of these has not only an artificial climate but also a natural setting for the plants there. So, this should definitely be on top of your what to do in Singapore list.

Clarke Quay 

Clarke Quay is the place in Singapore where the nightlife thrives.

If you are a party animal who loves nightlife, this should definitely be in your what to do in Singapore list. 

This historical riverside jetty is a dazzling sight at night. Here, you will most likely come across some of the best restaurants in Singapore offering delicious meals and pubs for drinks and fun. 

But, that’s not all because you can also get on a boat tour and enjoy the scenic view of the city. If you're visiting Singapore for the first time, be sure to check 5 days in Singapore itinerary and plan your visit accordingly.

If you want something cultural to fascinate you instead of nightclubs, head to the 100-year-old Hong San See Temple which is just a quick walk from Clarke Quay. You can also visit the Asian Civilizations Museum which is located 3km from the place.

ArtScience Museum

Inside the Art Science Museum, there are numerous customized galleries, one of the most popular is the Future World.

If you are thinking what to do in Singapore in a useful manner, this is ideal. ArtScience Museum is another modern attraction that will amaze both adults and children alike. It’s a great place to explore both art and science artifacts in the same place. 

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The museum has up to 21 gallery spaces that can be modified according to the type of exhibitions that occur here. There are also some permanent exhibitions that are divided into galleries of different names. 

Enter the ‘Curiosity’ through a floating staircase and find out facts that connect art and science. You will also find ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Expression’ on your tour in this gigantic structure. 

In addition to these galleries, there are also world-class touring exhibitions that occur here from time to time.

Masjid Sultan

Masjid Sultan is the most iconic mosque in Singapore due to its unique blend of different architectural styles.

As one of the iconic religious buildings in Singapore, you will find this golden-domed mosque dominating the Kampong Glam area. 

The architecture of this place itself is very interesting as it is a blend of Arabic, Mogul and Indian styles. Being the largest mosque in the state, it is the symbol of the entire Muslim community living there. 

If you have never stepped into a mosque before, include this in your what to do in Singapore list. You will be led by friendly guides who will fill you in with details of the mosque's past and its religious activities. 

Afterward, enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants nearby. The area is known to have some of the nicest and famous restaurants in Singapore.

National Gallery, Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is a great way to experience the visual arts of the Southeast Asia.

If you are interested to know about Southeast Asia through an array of visuals, head to this art institution in Singapore. The place holds a wide range of unique arts that portray the heritage and important events that occurred from the 19th century to date. 

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Even though the gallery mainly focuses on Singapore, it also houses some of the valuable paintings of Southeast Asia. While there are around 8000 pieces of art here, many of them are masterpieces of renowned Southeast Asian artists. 

The gallery is focused on educating the visitors about the importance of this city-state and its surrounding region. You will surely be fascinated by these arts as they exhibit both skill and informative facts.

Singapore is a destination that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. That is because it is a great example of a country that advances day by day while preserving its historical value. Even though the list definitely doesn't end here, these are the ideal places to get an insight into its history, culture, and people. So, these places will aptly answer your question about what to do in Singapore. Also, it is important to note that litter-free environment is a top priority in Singapore. So, remember to adopt an environmentally friendly tour and enjoy your time spent here. 

Raeesha Ikram freelance content writer for aSabbatical
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